September 08, 2014

Essie - Strut Your stuff.

Essie Strut Your Stuff £7.99

So my obsession with Essie continues, since buying some on offer a couple months ago my collection has grown. Saying this I am so excited to let you know that this colour is one of my all time favourite colours, ever. I am so excited by this amazing aqua blue shade, its going to be a firm favourite of mine for years I tell you this now. 

The top coat I am loving at the moment, well all year really has to be this one by Sally Hansen called Cleard for take off. Its an amazing top coat, it helps my nail polish to look extra shiny and it lasts longer too. I am not the best at painting my nails, I always miss something or mess them up before they are even dry. This is why I am loving Essie so much lately, they dry super fast and the colours are perfect. I still cannot get over the blue of this nail polish, its so pretty.

I was on the hunt for some beautiful Autumn shades but I know I can wear this in the Winter. Every time I buy a blue shade like this one I am totally disappointed and leave them to the bottom of my collection but this blue is spot on. I love the brush on the Essie polishes, its big enough to cover your entire nail without mess, easy enough for me to try get the perfect nails. I am enjoying painting my nails recently, a nail care routine is what i have been loving. 

I love the formula of the Essie polishes, I am going to end up with a huge collection soon. I have my eye on so many more colours, I love how shiny and perfect they are. I change up my nail colour every week so having a big collection would be fun right?

What do you think of this shade by Essie?


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  1. such a gorgeous shade x


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