September 14, 2014

How to have the perfect Sunday pamper night.

On a Sunday I love to have a pamper night and watch my favourite tv series. I think its important to take a night out and relax, the perfect night to do this could be a Sunday. It gets you ready for the week ahead and relaxes you. I waned to go through what I do and hope that it inspires you to put one night aside to pamper yourself. 

Ingredients for a pamper night:
  • bubble bath / Lush 
  • candles
  • favourite bath products
  • A good book
  • TV series
  • comfy pj's
  • freshly washes bedding
  • comfy slippers
  • face mask
  • make up free skin
  • Your favourite tea (pizza)
  • a warm drink
  • cuddles from my dog and Rob.
  • duvet on the sofa watching TV.
  • X factor and made in Chelsea!
I love to watch Nashville on a Sunday night after X factor and Made in Chelsea. I love Sunday tv its great, I am really getting into Nashville at the moment, its perfect for Sunday night viewing. I love to get in from work and run a warm bubbly bath using my favourite Lush products, nothing beats a good bubble bar. I start with removing all my make up from the day, next its the face mask which is my favourite part. 

Having a pamper night can make you feel so much better, after a stressful day or week. I think candles are important when you want to relax in the bath. Using all your favourite products is a must, I will do a blog post to show you what products I use soon. After a good warm bath, the best part is putting on your newly washed pjs. I buy new pajamas nearly every Primark trip, I think its important to have a lovely pair waiting for you on your bed. 

I then go downstairs to make myself a hot drink/ cold water depends what I feel like and relax on the sofa with my dog Bella. Sometimes when Rob comes home from work we either have pizza for tea or something really lovely and home made. Nothing beats a pizza night though, right guys?

For me there is nothing better than a relaxing night, cuddled up on the sofa or reading a good book. The book I am reading at the moment is Gone Girl. It takes a while to get going but when it does you won't be able to put the book down. 

Let me know how you relax on a Sunday?
Do you have a pamper night? 



  1. You've just reminded that MIC is on tonight!! I'll be ticking off that, alongside candles, make up free face and a warm drink... and possibly the duvet, but on my bed instead. I love a good relaxing evening.
    Jennifer xx

    1. MIC is the best! shame its the last one tonight!!! boooo. Thank you for reading my post tonight. xxx

  2. i'm genuinely sat here in fresh bedding in my comfy primark pyjamas with galaxy chocolate waiting for made in chelsea to come on - perfect!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

    1. Fresh bedding is the perfect place to watch MIC! xxx

  3. Aah I miss having my weekly Sunday pamper nights! Think they will have to start back up again. Mine are always pretty similar to yours except with the addition of a glass of wine!

    Lauren |

    1. I think you should too. let me know if you do <3 thank you for reading this post xx

  4. I love doing nothing but relaxing on Sunday nights. Gets me ready for the busy week.

  5. This sounds like my perfect cozy night in! Nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with tv and some good food! I've read Gone Girl and I loved it! xx

    Kay | What Kay Does


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