September 20, 2014

Instagram catch Up.

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Fave drink Costa / Quotes / Care package / Exciting Invite for the Cosmo awards!! / 
Mile stone 2000 / Kemples in print / 
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Me / Nail collection / A big thank you!!

I am addicted to using Instagram, I think its a great idea and I use it nearly everyday. I love to get to know people through the use of images, almost a photo diary of our lives. I love to post photographs of food, my beautiful dog, make up, drinks, quotes and the odd selfie, we are all guilty of this right?

I wanted to catch up with you and share with you what I have been up to over on Instagram. I do love posting photographs of my beautiful pooch in my life, Isabella. She is a huge part of my life that I love to share with you who follow me on there. She is such a cheeky monkey, i love capturing our life together. I print out some of my Instagram photos and its a great way to keep up with making sure your memories are safe. Recently myself and Rob have discussed getting a little friend for Bell, by little we do mean a mini Dachshund....

There has been so many exciting things happening with my blog, firstly I am so happy I reached such an amazing mile stone for me on my blog. thank you for two thousand bloglovin followers, it honestly means the world to me. You are amazing, you let me do what I love, you give me so much lovely feedback. It makes my day when you enjoy my blog, I hope to run this blog for a very long time. Another exciting thing happened, my blog was printed in the City Life extra which is a magazine supplement to the Manchester evening newspaper. It was so exciting to see my little blog on a full page spread. When I get an office soon this is going in a frame, it makes me feel a little proud of myself. It reminds me how much I love my blog and how grateful I am to have you guys who read my blog. 

I am super, super, super, SUPER excited for the Cosmopolitan Blog awards, I am counting down the days. Myself and Rob have 3 days booked to stay in London, we have so many plans. Museums, shopping and amazing food and its his birthday a week before. I am so excited, I need to find an outfit, I am so excited to meet all the amazing, talented bloggers on the night. A big thank you for all your support during the voting and over the past two years, means the world to me!

I love to Instagram a lot of make up too, when I type up some blog posts I like to share some with you. I recently purchased some new foundations, which you can read if you want below this post. I also made a little care package for the Manchester dog home that was set on fire, I cried myself to sleep about this and the next day I headed straight to Pets at home to donate collars and food. <3

What have you been up to?


  1. I love this sort of post. It lets you reflect on all of the achievements / fun things you have done. You should definitely get a mini dachshund they are SO cute! Congratulations on 2000 bloglovin followers!x

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

    1. aw thank you lovely!! I love reading catch up/ instagram posts too :) thank you for reading mine hun xxx

  2. love your instagram pics, ahaa!

    go check out my blog -

  3. love these instagram posts! What do you use to create the collage with all your instagram pictures?

    1. Thank you for reading mine <3 I use Mosiac maker lovely xx


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