September 09, 2014

Living Room Decor ideas.

We are in the process of looking for a new home, which we are so excited to decorate with our own furniture. I went to a house viewing last night and got an idea of the space, fingers crossed all goes to plan and we will be able to move in. We have been on the Ikea site this morning looking at furniture for each room, its super exciting thinking about the decor. The lounge is a small cute space that we are excited to decorate. I would love to keep the decor to grey and blacks with the accessories doing the talking. Hints of colour via the pieces added to the furniture. 

If possible we would love a dark grey sofa, which is what we have been wanting for a while. I will have to try to not go over board with buying lots of cushions and bits and bobs. I want the space to feel fresh. The one think I am so excited to buy is plants, I would love them all over the house. My office will have so many in there too which will be fun to buy. I am excited to take a trip to Ikea to buy the furniture. 

In the lounge we want to buy a bookcase from Ikea to add in some cute pieces on it. I have seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest, this is going to be fun to create a space that is ours and our first home. I know its early but Christmas is something I am so excited for, buying our first tree etc. Keep your fingers crossed for us and when I do move in, I have an idea to document it and show you all the decoration ideas we do.

Let me know how you would decorate your home.



  1. These are all such beautiful images, I have a chair so similar to the one in the last image except in cream. I'm moving soon too so Pinterest is my best friend trying to get as inspired as possible!

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor

  2. I'm obsessed with posts like this! x

  3. Aww this is such a cute idea for a living room, I hope it pans out just the way you want!(:

  4. I love the tray in the top photo! Ikea is such a great place for finding cheap wee things like that.
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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