September 11, 2014

Meet The Blogger #1: Lilac Ghosts

I know I love to find new blogs to read, I am forever scrolling down the categories on Bloglovin searching for some amazing reads. I thought I would start a new blog post that I would like to do weekly, meeting the bloggers behind the blog. I love to find out more about the people behind the blogs, I hope you will too. Meet Cat Crawford behind the blog Lilac Ghosts!

1. Tell us about your blog? 
 My blog is Lilac Ghosts and it’s full of beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts. It’s pretty much a place for me to write about whatever is current in my life, my favourite beauty items, favourite fashion pieces or just topics that are personal to me.

2. What made you start your blog?
I was bored during the summer after my first year of University and I decided to put my film & video knowledge to the test and create a YouTube account. Once I’d done that I decided to create a blog to accompany it and promote my videos. Now I spend more time on my blog and I love how creative you can be with it, from the writing of the posts to the photography that accompanies the article.

3. where does your inspiration come from?
I’m a very visual person so I will use Tumblr and We Heart It a lot. I like to start with the photography and then the post usually just comes to me. 

4. What item of clothing or product could you not live with out and why?
Clothing wise it has to be my leather jacket, it goes with any outfit and because it’s never overly hot during the UK summer, I can wear it all year round. As for beauty products it would have to be the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I’ve always got blemishes so it’s an absolute essential!

5. What is your favourite part about blogging?
I love the photography side, I love setting up shots, figuring out lighting and then editing it all in Photoshop. It gives me such satisfaction to see an awesome looking image that I’ve brought to life. 

6. What type of blog post do you love reading?
 I love reading lifestyle posts, people talking about their lives (I’m very nosey) and showing what they’ve done with their days. I’m always at home or at work so I like to read about people who travel a lot and then live vicariously through them. 

7. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
 I would probably say, think about what style you want to portray, do you love a more minimalist style? Or are you  more of a pink and fluffy girly girl? Thinking of posts to write and how your images should look is a lot easier to do if you know what style you like. It also helps with consistency and showcasing your personality, which is always important when gaining a strong, loyal readership. 

8. How do you stay organised when blogging?
 I have about a billion notebooks with various blog and video ideas jotted down, but to be honest I’m still figuring the whole ‘blog organisation’ thing out. I always upload my images to blogger first and create empty draft posts so that I can just log on, write a post and publish straight away. It also gives me an idea of how many posts I have left to write when I do it that way, but that’s about as organised as I get. 

9. Where would you see your blog in 5 years time?
 I’m fairly happy with it at the moment, there’s not much I would change regarding style, but I do hope I have a larger readership. I’m pretty happy no matter how many followers I have, but it would be nice to have a bigger and stronger community to talk to. 

10. How has blogging changed your life?
 I’ve met a massive amount of people, both online and in real life. It’s also allowed me to go to meet ups and events and really get me socialising, which is something I didn’t do much of before. It’s also been an amazing creative outlet and has lead me to pursue a career in marketing, which I never thought I’d end up doing. It’s helped me to get every single internship I’ve had so far, so I guess it’s impacted on my life in a massive way! 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Cat more, make sure to check out her amazing blog here!

My personal favourite posts by Lilac Ghosts:

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  1. I think it's so lovely to get to know and relate to other bloggers. This is a great way to learn a little more about the blogs that you read!

    1. Thank you, yeah i really enjoyed doing this post and I have 10 more weeks of this planned. I got your email and I am just about to reply <3 xxxx

  2. This is a really interesting way to find new blogs and know something about them- thanks for sharing, can't wait for the rest of them :) x

    1. Thank you lovely. I have so many more planned <3 xx

  3. I love posts like this, even just to be nosey!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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