September 18, 2014

Meet the blogger #2: Amy Elizabeth Fashion.

I know I love to find new blogs to read, I am forever scrolling down the categories on Bloglovin searching for some amazing reads. I thought I would start a new blog post that I would like to do weekly, meeting the bloggers behind the blog. I love to find out more about the people behind the blogs, I hope you will too. Meet Amy Lyons behind the blog Amy Elizabeth Fashion!

1.Tell us about your blog?
 Amy Elizabeth started out as a primarily fashion and beauty blog, but over the months has swayed more towards beauty and lifestyle with a hint of fashion. It is my little corner of the internet where I love engaging with other bloggers and sharing opinions on products that I love!

2. What made you start your blog?
I have always had a strong passion towards the fashion and beauty industry. Going from studying my Art Foundation in London to studying Fashion and Textile Retailing in Manchester allowed me to combine my creative flair with my love for fashion- and blogging seemed to be the ideal medium to share this with the world!

3. where does your inspiration come from?
I am hugely addicted to Pinterest, so whenever I am feeling a creative block I will scroll through pins for hours on end. I am also hugely influenced by other bloggers- in particular Zoella. I find it so inspiring that she is so unbelievably successful yet still so down to earth and relatable.

4.What item of clothing or product could you not live with out and why?
 Clothing wise I couldn't live without my Topshop Jamie jeans. I have the same pair in three different colours! Being small, I find it so hard to find jeans that fit, but these are perfect and so comfortable too! Beauty wise, it would have to be my Benefit 'browzings' eyebrow kit! I would happily leave the house with no make up on as long as I had my eyebrows!

5.  What is your favourite part about blogging?
My favourite part about blogging is the amazing support and interaction that exists between other bloggers. There is such a stigma attached to the beauty and fashion industry, and has been a huge increase in cyber bullying over the past few years that I was apprehensive as to how my blog would be received, but there really is such an incredible community between bloggers and I love how supportive every one is of one another.

6. What type of blog post do you love reading?
As much as I love reading product reviews and haul posts, my favourite posts are 'tag' posts or lifestyle posts! I love getting a little glimpse into the life of the blogger!

7. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Be true to yourself. There's no point starting a blog and forcing yourself to write about something that you're not truly passionate about. To love blogging, you have to love what you're blogging about.

8.How do you stay organised when blogging?
 Lists! Lots and lots of lists! I also create a lot of draft blog posts to keep me on track and remind me what I am planning to blog about! Sometimes I won't write anything in the draft post, ut just having the title there helps me to stay on schedule. 

9. Where would you see your blog in 5 years time?
I would love so much to have graduated from my degree and be at the stage where I can make my blog my full time career. My blog is my biggest passion, and I am already overwhelmed by how fast it has grown in the short time it has been running. For that growth to continue would be absolutely amazing!

10.How has blogging changed your life?
 Blogging has increased my confidence greatly. I receive so many lovely comments on my blog posts every day and am regularly emailed by new bloggers or followers of my blog asking for advice on how to do the same themselves. The support I have received from others has been incredible and my blog has enabled me to meet so many new people.

Don't forget to head over to Amy's blog and give it some love. I am a big fan of this lady, she is one of the nicest people I have met. We met at a South Beach event in Manchester in May. <3



  1. Thanks lovely! So excited to be reunited at the blog awards! X

  2. Meeting the Blogger is really an amazing idea! I'm excited to read.
    my travelblog:

    1. aw thank you lovely. :) I am hoping to keep this every Thursday xx

  3. This is lovley I really enjoyed reading this x x x


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