September 25, 2014

Meet the blogger #3: The Makeup Directory.

I know I love to find new blogs to read, I am forever scrolling down the categories on Bloglovin searching for some amazing reads. I thought I would start a new blog post that I would like to do weekly, meeting the bloggers behind the blog. I love to find out more about the people behind the blogs, I hope you will too. Meet Sally O'kelly behind the blog The Make Up Directory!

1. Tell us about your blog?
The Makeup Directory is just a diary-styled blog for the opinions of a 
21 year old London film student. My opinions focus mostly on beauty and 
fashion but recently I've been venturing more into the world of cooking 
and lifestyle. I have a tendency to ramble a little but I try to break 
things up with pretty photographs and a nice clean layout!
2. What made you start your blog?
I was in the first year of university and wanted to make more use of my 
DSLR which was just lying around. I always enjoyed writing, especially 
journalism and had an unhealthy obsession with makeup so it seemed like 
the perfect thing to do in all my spare time. I actually stopped after a 
short while but I returned at the beginning of August this year and I'm 
more hooked than ever before.

3. where does your inspiration come from?
Most of the time I'll just be lying in bed when a new post idea springs 
into my mind. I find having a blogging notebook really helps me for 
moments like that as I never forget any of these sudden ideas. Looking 
at other people's blogs has helped me refine my tastes a lot and has 
probably influenced how I write and present my posts on my own blog.

4. What item of clothing or product could you not live with out and
Definitely dry shampoo. I use it everyday, not just on the inbetween 
washes days. I feel it gives my hair so much texture and volume and the 
coloured ones work great on darker hair to avoid white and grey patches, 
as that's definitely not a good look.

5. What is your favourite part about blogging?
I really like the community which is something I never really expected 
to be involved with. When I started I knew there was a lot of bloggers 
but never really went on Twitter much or expected there to be so much 
communication between everyone. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and 
it makes me so happy to think people actually take time out of their day 
to read my blog.

6. What type of blog post do you love reading?
I go through phases. I used to love just reading makeup reviews, and 
then monthly favourites. At the moment I'm really enjoying reading 
column-styled blog posts about bigger life issues and they are inspiring 
me to open up a bit more on my blog and be a little more personal, 
although I struggle with that.

7. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Just go for it. It took me months of debating whether to come back to 
blogging after my hiatus and I'm so glad I did, my only regret is just 
not doing it earlier. Chances are you will love it, and if you don't 
then at least you can say you've tried.

8. How do you stay organised when blogging?
I'm not the most organised person in the world but I desperately try to 
be. I bought my notebook which I find helps me keep organised as all my 
ideas are in one place, it also allows me to take a step back from the 
computer/ipad/phone screen and go back to basics. I don't do scheduled 
posts but I've started taking photographs in batch so I can write when 
I'm on the go a bit more, as I travel between 3 different houses 
9. Where would you see your blog in 5 years time?
The one area I'm really fussy with, and never really happy with is my 
photography. I feel I can improve this over time as I'm constantly 
getting better. So I'd be happy if in 5 years time I look at my blog and 
the photos are magazine standard.
10. How has blogging changed your life?
It's allowed me to rediscover writing. I spent my childhood wanting to 
be a newspaper editor or write a column, and this all faded when I hated 
English at school. It's allowed me to not see it as something I have to 
study but something I can enjoy once more. I haven't written for 
pleasure in years so I find it really therapeutic that I can do it 

Make sure to check out her blog and let me know what you think of my new Thursday post!
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  1. Thank you Abi for featuring me on this :) absolute pleasure to work with!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Aw thank you lovely! :) so kind of you. same goes for you!! xxx


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