September 26, 2014

Primark Medium Hair Rollers.

Primark £1.50

I am a huge fan of the beauty products at Primark, who would have thought this a couple years ago. I have been on the hunt for years to find something that would curl my hair and it won't drop out straight away. My hair is a nightmare to style or it might just be me, every time I try to curl it half an hour later it drops out. My hair needs help to have some body, it stays as flat as it possibly can. So when I was in Primark a couple days ago I thought I might as well try these Velcro hair rollers. Such a bargain at just £1.50, how could you not what to try it out at that price. 

First impressions when I opened them, I noticed after purchasing them that the velcro might be a little harsh on my hair to pull them out after. I must be honest, the velcro did make my hair very fuzzy which I was not keen on but to fix this I brushes through my hair with a comb. I think next time I will pick up the sleep in rollers from Primark, you can take the sponge out and use that to curl your hair.  Just as I was about to find on Youtube a tutorial using these rollers, Becca Rose uploaded one using the sleep in sponge rollers but she took off the velcro pieces which is a fab idea. Next time I go into Primark I will pick those up and for reference here is the Youtube video.

After saying all that though these are not that bad to use, I think what you have to do is be careful with them when you pop them into your hair. I think they grip well to my hair without using any bobby pins but if you want them to be very secure then pop some in to hold them in place. Both ways worked well but I think with the pins you could keep them on top of your head which helps to give more curl/body.. I enjoyed that they gave my hair some body, I think more body than curl I must admit but for best results roll them up with damp hair. 

I am excited to try the sleep in rollers they look less harsh on the hair and seem to give more of a curl. These gave my hair some texture and body which I will still use for that but for a curl it looks like the sponge sleep in rollers are the way forward. Go for these if you want some body and texture, I hope my photograph at the bottom shows you how it turned out. I think if you want more of a curl and to sleep in them go for the ones with sponge in them and follow in becca rose tips and take the velcro out, I know I will be doing this next time!

Overall a great Primark product that at £1.50 you can't go wrong with trying out. I will update you on the sleep in rollers when I get chance to pick some up but I think the sponge ones are the way to go. 

Have you tried these rollers?



  1. Aw I love your blog! I've tried these and slept in them but they did nothing for my hair, my hair is quite thin though so maybe it was just me!x
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. thank you lovely! I think the sponge ones would suit your hair, you can get a tighter curl with them. :) I will try the sponge ones next too. xxxx

  2. So cheap! x


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