September 06, 2014

Product Of The Week #5: Ghost Eclipse

A product I have been loving this week is the amazing Ghost eclipse, I purchased this with my Discovery club vouchers. The main attraction to this product was the bottle, to me it sums up the beautiful Summer we had this year. I enjoy the light nights and the sun set is beautiful. I am a huge fan of fun fruity scents and this one sums up my perfume collection, a true sucker for a beautiful scent. I find that after a few minutes the scent changes from a beautiful orange scent to something much sweeter. 

I think that this bottle looks super cute on my side table in my room. Its such a pretty bottle that represents the beautiful Summer sunset. This would be perfect to use on holiday, a fresh, fruity fragrance and when you get home it will remind you of the beautiful sunshine and memories. 

I enjoy the citrus top note, it brings out the best in this fragrance for me. I have enjoyed using this beautiful girly, fresh fragrance. The bottle and scent is a perfect addition to my ever growing perfume collection and when we move I want to find the perfect storage solution to show them off.

Have you tried this product?

1 comment

  1. I love the bottle! x


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