September 17, 2014

Vita Bella- Spa Treatment In A Box.

One thing I love to do is set out a day in the week to have a pamper night. I think its important to relax and it helps me feel refreshed. Following my blog post on my How to have the perfect pamper Sunday, I thought I would share a few products I have used lately. I tend to keep some products just for the pamper nights, ones that I want to use very carefully. 

Starting with the most important piece of the pamper night, the face mask. I cannot go a single week without using a face mask. It helps me to keep on top of my skin care and its enjoyable. I have so many bargain face masks I use but I have been really lucky to be able to try this beauty out. Its fun to use and I love that it is Aloe Vera. It feels soothing on my skin and it leaves me feeling refreshed. Truly one of the best face masks I have used in a long time, which is amazing as I buy so many. 

How you use this face mask, well you start off with adding the hydrating liquid to the face mask and wait for it to expand, this only takes a couple minutes. Open the face mask carefully and place it onto your face, leaving it on whilst you relax in the bath. I leave mine of for 10 minutes and my skin feels super hydrated after. the third stage of this face mask is the face cream, you use the face cream morning and night to keep in the hydration. 

I found this face cream fun to use, its different and you feel like you are having a mini spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. Its a great idea for gifts, I would love to buy one for my mom for Christmas I know she would adore this product. Anything like this makes me happy, I really enjoyed using it. The packaging is great too, I love how its set out and when you open it, you are drawn to every aspect of it. This is why I want to buy some for Christmas. 

Have you tried this product?
Can you recommend any face masks you enjoy using?


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  1. This looks really nice and I've been looking to find a more effective face mask! Do you use the face cream the whole time as part of your normal routine or just the day after the mask?


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