October 29, 2014

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014.

 Sorry for the lack of blog posts the last couple weeks, I have some good news that I have moved into my first home with Rob and our dog Bella. We are waiting on our broadband, it was meant to installed this week but it has been postponed until next week Thursday. I love to blog when I feel relaxed and in the zone so its taken me a while to sit down and type up some blog posts. I am super happy to be back and this past 3 weeks have been uneasy without my blog by my side, i truly enjoy siting down and typing up some posts. This is a huge part of my lifestyle and I never want to be without my blog for this long. 

I wore a dress from Asos and my shoes are from Next, I am so pleased with my outfit. I enjoyed getting ready for the awards. It felt amazing being in London in my hotel room getting ready for an award for my blog. I will be doing a separate blog post showing off what i wore. 

 On to the Cosmopolitan blog awards, the night was incredible something I never will forget. I truly enjoyed the night and met so many inspiring bloggers, some I can now call my friends which was the best part of the night along with being shortlisted for a Best established beauty blog award! This has made my year, I am super excited to have been shortlisted from just under 50 000 blogs in the UK to the top ten in my category. This means the world to me to have you supporting my blog, I could not have been there without you. I didn't win my category but that was not a downer on the night, I had a night I will never forget. 

 I met so many beautiful, inspiring bloggers who I now can call my friends, we took each others numbers and it was amazing to meet the girls behind the Twitter chats. We met at Waterloo station before to have a few drinks before the event, this took away all my nervs. I was shaking like a leaf on the way to meeting the girls, I was nervous about the night but super excited. As soon as we all met up, it felt like we knew each other for years, this made the night extra extra special. These two girls are Abigail from Abigail Alice and Katie from Enchanting blog.
 As we entered into the awards we were greeted by smiling faces, so many lovely people at the Oxo Tower. The view from the awards is something I will never forget, it made me feel extra special to have made it this far with my blog. There were Cosmos at the Cosmos, so many tasty drinks on offer. Remington were doing our hair for the event at their stand, every ones hair looks incredible. I got my nails done and we all got temporary tattoos which made my outfit complete. Everything was super perfect and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. 
 This was what we walked past on the way to the awards, London you are truly beautiful. I had an amazing night from start to finish and met so many amazing people. I really enjoyed meeting the people behind the blogs and making life long friends. 
 The only thing I regret is not decorating my own cupcake, I was chatting and having a great time by the time I went over all the cakes had gone. I see why though, look at the beautiful decorations. 
 The Cosmopolitan Blog awards were sponsored by Next, all the clothes on display were pretty. I enjoyed eating a couple of the cake pops, I wanted to sneak the whole lot out the awards. super tasty!!!

 The photo booth at the awards were by Thompson, we had so much fun playing around with the props and how cute do these ladies look!!
 I am super proud of my fellow Manchester blogger and friend Amy, I was super excited to be able to meet up with her at the awards. She looked beautiful, the most stunning lady I have ever met, inside and out. I am super proud of you Amy! 

 Thank you so much for all your support, throughout the voting and the last 2 years have been incrediable. I promise you I will put everything into my blog, I love it and for it to have been recognised by a magazine I have been reading from the age of 12 until now. Shortlisted from 50 000 people, shortlisted into the Best Established Beauty category, I am super proud of my little blog and for your support. Thank you, it means the world to me!
 Thank you to the ladies I met up with at the awards, you all mean the world to me. You made my night extra special, I will never forget it. I want to do a separate blog post to show of the incredible talent that is these ladies, watch out for this.

Thank you Cosmopolitan for the amazing goodie bag!!



  1. <3 you are too sweet! I am so proud of you too! Here's to next year ;) xxxx

  2. Loved this post gorgeous girl...congratulations on your new home and yay you're back in the blogging swing! Thank you too for such a fabulous night...had so much fun with you my beautiful new blogging buddy! xx


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