November 26, 2014

My Christmas Wish List 2014!

One / Two / Three / Four / Five 
Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten /
eleven / Twelve / Thirteen 

Today has been one of those days where I feel super excited for Christmas and I thought I would do a little Guide on what I would like for Christmas. This is just for fun and I really don't expect to get all of this, maybe just one or two things would be amazing. I love doing wish lists and gift guides so I thought I would start with this one. I'm doing Blogmas this year and I have my gift guides ready to go for you, they will be up in the first week of December so be sure to come back for those. We are Christmas tree shopping next week too which makes me so happy. 

I love the owl Iphone case from Topshop and the fox make up bag from Gifts and Pieces. Anything with an animal on it i'm sure to love, I need a new make up bag so I might make an early purchase for me to me on that one. I am obsessed with Soap and glory and this year I hope they reduce their big set to £25, I usually buy it and it becomes my Soap and Glory supply for the year. I would love to try products from REN and the mini travel versions would be super cute and perfect for skin care on the go. beauty products are my favourite presents to get over Christmas, I love all the gift sets..

I am obsessed with the Olivia Burton watches, they are stunning. This one has to be my favourite at the moment. I'm on the hunt for a smart, elegant watch just like this one so this would be amazing under my tree this year. I have been wanting the Babyliss pro curl for months now and I think it was on my wish list last year too. I want curly hair and I think this would work well for me, I am so impatient so this looks fab. 

My new house can get a little cold now and then so the South Beach dressing gown would be perfect. I would open my presents wearing this, this is something I have pointed out to my boyfriend and hinted at a lot. I would love to try Zoellas fiz bar this Christmas, its such a great idea where you break off as much as you need. I love to have a pamper bath so this would be a great stocking idea.

One thing I think I would like this year is an exercise bike in my office. I canceled my gym membership last month and feel like I need to do something more and my favourite part about the gym was the bikes. So my idea is to bring this to my home so that I can get fit in my own time rather than a full gym membership. I enjoyed the spin classes and this would be great for my office.

I am in love with Taylor Swifts new album 1989 and this would be awesome to have under my tree this year, I love blank space and Bad blood. I love new cds to play in my car and this one i love, super catchy. 

What would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?


November 24, 2014

Bourjois Winter Collection - Cream eye shadow.

08 Marron givre & 07 Flocon d'or 
Bourjois Color edition 24hr eye shadows £6.99*
The past two years I have become a true eye shadow addict, before my blog I never used much eye shadows. I had one eye shadow quad from Rimmel and that was as far as it went, I would pop on my liquid eyeliner etc and it would be sorted. Recently though I have become addicted to trying out new eye shadows and blending and all sorts of colours I never thought I would want to try or buy. I have come across some of my all time favourite eye shadows the last two years including Make Up Revolution and Rimmel. The most recent eye shadows I have not put down since being able to try from a goodie bag are these two by Bourjois.

They are cream to powder which is new to me in my make up collection, I usually only use powder, matte shades. Two new shades by Bourjois this Winter, they are 07 Flocon d'or and 08 Marron givre which are an amazon exclusive. I adore them they are the perfect shades for Winter/ Christmas and they are so easy to use. You can apply them with your finger tip and brush. Apply Flocon d'or to the corner of your eye and Marron givre to the entire eye lid. You can use Flocon d'or under your brow bone too. This combination is my new obsession and I have been wearing it nearly every day.

Bourjois entire new Winter collection is spot on, I have tried a few more things in this collection and I am in love with it all. You can also buy Bourjois in Boots, usually a 3 for 2 offer which would be great for stocking filler ideas.

07 Flocon d'or- This shade has a frosty glow to it, you can use this alone or with other colours for a smokey look. I like to use this one under my eye brow bone and in the corner of my eyes to brighten them up. perfect for Christmas and easy to apply by itself all over the eye lid. I love to use them as they are super easy to blend and they look gorgeous.

08 Marron givre- I love the velvet feel to the eye shadows, easy to wear and they last a long time on the eye lids. This shade is perfect for any eye colour, I noticed that my eyes looked bigger and great with this colour. This has to be one of my all time favourite shades ever, its stunning. I love that it has some sparkle to it too, perfect for the Winter/ Christmas season.

These eye shadows are exclusive to amazon so here are the links if you fancy treating yourself to some Christmas make up. 08 Marron givre and 07 Flocon d'or. 
My review on the new Bourjois Winter collection nail polishes HERE, perfect for Christmas nails!
What do you think of the new Winter collection by Bourjois?

November 23, 2014

Sunday Wish List!

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven 

I thought I would do a wish list on this lovely Sunday of things that I have had on my mind to buy. Some are recent favourites and some I have been wanting for a while. One item thats been on my mind for a while to get is an Olivia Burton watch. They are stunning, If I could have the whole collection I would. This one is my favourite by far, how gorgeous is the stunning sleek black strap and gold detail. I love that it has a large face, i am in need of a new watch so this may re appear on my Christmas wish list.

I am on the hunt for the perfect cape, I love this one and I would like a black one too. I love the look and its perfect for the colder months. I may need to invest in some this year, I love how it looks with boots. I am in serious need of some candles for my house, I burn them everyday and i am almost out of candles which is never a good thing. These would be perfect for my dressing table or the bathroom, they are super cute. I love the little names on the such as Joy and Happiness. Next always have the perfect pieces for the home, i have so much on my wish list its unreal.

I wanted this Babyliss Pro Perfect curl last year Christmas but never got round to buying it. I love my hair curly but I never have chance to do it, this Babyliss perfect curl would make a great gift this year. I have been wanting to try it for so long now. It looks quick and simple to use which would be a perfect for my hair...

After seeing this bath robe at the South beach movie day event I knew I had to add it to my Christmas wish list this year. Its super soft and it would be so snugly to wear opening Christmas gifts. I am in need of a dressing gown, I threw mine away when I moved house after being brutal with clearing out. The colour of this one is perfect too, reminds me of something the Spice Girls would wear.

I am hoping to do up my office soon and I came across this cute letter A over on the New Look website. I would love to have this on my book shelves or I would get a K for my blog Kemples. Another New Look item on my wish list is this cute Santa Paws jumper, this is what I need to wear on Christmas Eve/ Day this year. I would wear this to my moms house for Christmas dinner, its so cute. 

What do you have on your wish lists?

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November 22, 2014

4 new products- My skin care update!

Witch Skin care* /  Bio oil* / La Roche Posay £24.50*
Recently I have been a little lazy on the skin care front and feeling uninspired with my skin care routine. I knew it was time to change it up and what better time to do this than a new Winter routine. My skin feels dry and in need of some tlc this last few weeks so a change has been good for my skin. This month I have switched up my skin care to try out some new products. My hands and skin take the cold weather personally so these four skin care products have been a savior.

Witch: I have been loving using a couple products from the same brand, I find this helps me to keep on top of my routine as I use them in the right steps. I never ever go to bed with make up on and I never only use a face wipe. If I did that I would not be able to sleep knowing my skin was breathing in all that during the night. As a teenager when friends stayed the night or at sleep overs I used to be so scared to take my make up off I would sleep with it on so they could not see my spots. I think about that now and I cringe, my skin was not that bad and we all suffer from a break out now and then. So as a teenager I wish I used Witch skin care, this is why I am changing this all now by using it. It works wonders on my dry skin and my skin has cleared up. My boyfriend has noticed the change in my skin too, this is due to having a real set routine. I love the black head scrub this leaves my skin glowing and not a single patch of dry skin or black head in sight. I love that you scrub the gel onto dry face, it feels great. I use this as one of my last steps before starting on my eye cream and night cream. The blemish stick targets those nasty sore spots that I get when I worry or I am over tired. I love using it, the scent is great too. 

La Roche Posay: This eye product has worked so well on my dark circles which I have noticed I get now and then when I have a long week or bad sleep. It works on evening out the skin tone too and it feels great applying it. The nozzle with it being metal and cold feels great on the eye area working on correcting the skin. The metal cools the eye area and it instantly feels less puffy in the morning too. I never thought about using an eye cream until a few years ago, now this has a firm spot in my routine. I have a second new product by this brand and I am really enjoying it so far, keep an eye out for the reviews.

Bio Oil: This has been in my life for many years now, I started using it when i was 16. I fell of a boat and scarred my back which my mom was not very impressed by. using this you can barely tell its there now and a few years has gone by now. I never thought to use this on my face until I read it in a magazine just before my 20's. Its a great product to use on your face, its a mutli tasking genius.Its great for uneven skin tone, marks, stretch marks and dry skin. Bio oil can be used all over the body and its a great addition to a skin care routine. If you have sensitive skin this works well too. 
What changes have you made to your skin care routine?

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November 20, 2014

Dielle - Power Brunch Nail set!

Composed, Sweet Virtue, Aged Coral, Secret mercy.

 For ladies who lunch Monday to Friday and brunch and the weekends. I am a huge fan of the shades, I have been looking for some calm shades for the Winter months. I still wanted them to look exciting yet more subtle than my Summer collection. When I was asked to try the Dielle nail polish set, Power Brunch I knew this was going to be a great collection. 

Dielle believe in expressing yourself and they want you to do this with your nails too. They want your nails to be an accessory that inspires you. They want us to see the unique beauty in ourselves which is why they designed so many different nail polish sets to suit us all. I must admit I love them all, every colour in each set compliment each other. Read more about the brand here, I found it really interesting. 

In my set I have four amazing colours which all compliment each other. I always struggle to find the perfect colours for Winter. I am in love with wearing the shade Aged Coral, its the perfect Autumn shade. I have had so many compliments about this colour, it suits my skin tone too. I also find that the set looks perfect on my dressing table. I love the sleek, professional bottles and the packaging looks simple yet so effective. 

The formula itself dries fast and it lasts a full week with a top coat on it. The colour looks just like it does in the bottle too. Its easy to apply and all you need it one coat and you are done. I love nail polishes that are easy to use, I hate waiting for them to dry. I love the application of the brush, it glides on to the nails well and you are done with one coat. 

I wish I could have all of the shades, I am obsessed with these colours. Perfect collection for the Winter months. I also find that this would be a great gift for someone over Christmas or birthdays. They look gorgeous and come packaged neatly, they scream perfection. I really enjoy using them and every week I have gone back to using one of these colours. They are most likely going to be my go to shades this Winter.

Have you tried any products from Dielle?

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November 17, 2014

Christmas at Lush!

 I am a huge Lush fan, I could buy everything in the store to pop into my bathroom. Every time I go in I come out with something. I attended a Lush event in Preston a week ago and this is what I purchased. I am a lover of the Christmas collections more than anything else over Christmas. This is my pamper bath the night before Christmas day. I am super excited for Christmas this year now that we can put up decorations of our own. 
 This is new to the Lush Christmas collection this year, how cute is this little guy. He makes the water of your bath super soft and you smell amazing after. I didn't want to use him due to his cuteness overload. He has the same fragrance as the butter ball and due to the cocoa butter your skin feels nourished. I think this little guy would be a great gift for Christmas as he is only £1.95, such a great stocking filler. 
 Penguins alongside Pandas are one of my favourite animals, so naturally I was drawn to this little guy. I purchased this bubble bar last year too, it makes your bath water blue and very bubbly. You can use him in small amounts to create your perfect bath, this week I used half to make a huge bubble bath. The blue water smells gorgeous and its an uplifting scent. All you have to do is crumble him under a running tap to create bubbles, this one is £3.25.
 I am a real sucker for sweet scents so I was back in Lush this Christmas to buy two of my all time favourite products. Candy Mountain and a small 100g Snow Fairy, you can purchase this in three different sizes. Candy Mountain is a bubble bar that you crumble into your running water. You can use as much as you need to create perfect bubbles, this is a real treat bath for me. I love to use this one for a real pamper bath time, it smells gorgeous. I love having bubble baths and this product is one I could have a life time supply of. £2.75.

Snow fairy is something I am obsessed with, the scent of this is perfection. I love a good sweet smelling shower gel and this one is a Christmas essential in my eyes. I think this will be making an appearance in stockings this year, its a great gift idea. You can purchase this in three different sizes but over boxing day I want to keep my eye out on the sale for the large size. This time it has the added ingredient of seaweed to help keep your skin soft. I love that it sparkles with glitter and its just a product i truly enjoy using. £3.75 for 100g.

Now how cute is this Christmas hedgehog, he is adorable. This caught my eye as soon as I looked at the Christmas products. He made my bath full of beautiful bubbles, he is another bubble bar. This is a great product for skin softening, I felt great after using this one. All you do is crumble some under running water and it creates a soft bubble bath. With organic shea and cocoa butters which help to sooth your skin. A great product to use before a Christmas party? £3.25

The melting snow man has been one of my favourites for a while now, Laura got me one two years ago as a gift. I am in love with this one and had to repurchase this year. Yet again another cute addition to the Christmas range. I like this one due to it making the water silky soft, almost the same as the Butter bear. This one is great for a bath when its freezing outside, Christmas eve bath. It has a comforting Christmas scent to it which is great. All you have to do is pop it into your bath and watch it melt away. £2.25

You can purchase a gift set with most of these goodies inn, think that will be on my Christmas wish list this year! Its £14.50 and you get some great goodies inside.
Do you love Lush at Christmas?

November 16, 2014

South Beach Movie Day- Clueless, New collections, Pizza and Candy Floss!

A big thank you to South Beach for hosting one of the most amazing blogger events ever. We spent out Saturday afternoon watching Clueless in a beautiful private cinema in Manchester at the Corner House. I love this film, I started watching half of it at home a couple months ago but finally got to see all of it. I wish I saw this in the 90's I would have loved it. It was such an awesome event, we all enjoyed watching Clueless together.

 Yummy cupcakes!

 After watching Clueless we were shown to a separate room for pizza, sweets and drinks. South Beach did a great job, the room was packed full of goodies. We were able to fill pink sweet bags full of candy to take home which was amazing. The whole atmosphere felt incredible and I got to meet so many new blogger friends. I loved seeing Clare and Amy again, its so lovely to be able to meet up again with all your favourite blogger friends along with making so many new friends. 
 Thank you South Beach for an amazing goodie bag filled with amazing products and discounts which I may just have to use for a sneaky purchase. I love the furry ear muffs, they are going to be a winter essential this year. 

I am in love with the dressing gowns! 
 All the new collections all looked amazing, every time South Beach get it spot on. I have two bikinis from them and I am so in love with the quality and how they fit. Hands down one of the best bikinis I have owned, all I need now is a holiday planned. I am in love with the gym and bedding collections, the prints on all of them are fab. My favourite piece has to be the pink fluffy dressing gown, they are super soft. Just what you need all year round really. 

Bag full of sweeties!

How exciting is is to have a cotton candy stand at an event? everything about the event screamed perfection, I had so much fun. I took half of it home to eat on the train and to share with my boyfriend but it started to melt and stick to my goodie bag. Not a great look on the train home but I wanted to finish it, it was tasty. There was pizza and drinks on offer whilst we chatted and looked at the beautiful collections. I am a huge fan of South beach so its so nice to be able to join in on these events in Manchester.
A huge thank you to South Beach for hosting such an amazing event. I enjoyed every second of it and I am full of yummy sweets too. I loved all the clothes on show and I have a few ideas for presents for family and friends this year. It was great catching up with fellow bloggers and meeting new bloggers, that is something I really enjoy at events. We have a lovely group of bloggers in Manchester which is great. Hope to see you all again soon!

November 15, 2014

New Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail polish- Winter Collection

 A bright true red, Grey Rouge in style, Glitterizer
Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish £5.99*

I was lucky enough to be sent the new Bourjois Winter collection even though I could not attend the event in London. It was so sweet of them to still send me the products to try and blog about which made me really happy. I am a huge Bourjois fan so naturally I took to these products well, I adore the packaging of all the products but the Winter collection is unreal. I will be doing a full post on the entire collection next week so keep an eye out for this.

These colours could not be more exciting, how much do they remind you of Christmas. I love wearing red on my nails over the Christmas period and I find that this red is perfect. Its nice and bright to stand out at Christmas parties and it feels great on. I wore the grey, Rouge in style for an entire week and could not stop starring at it. Its something totally different for me but I love it so much. Its the perfect blue under toned grey. The best part about the collection is the glitter top coat, you can not go wrong with a bit of glitter over the festive season. Before I started typing this I reluctantly took of the grey polish and popped on the red for an event tomorrow along with the glitter top coat. It looks amazing and I am even more excited about Christmas now. Even the grey colour looks amazing with the glitter top coat. 

The best part about the Bourjois nail polish collection is that it is easy to use. I love the big brush which helps you get all of the nail. If you are like me and cannot do neat nails to save your life this is the nail polish for you. I enjoy using them because the colour stands out and it looks neat due to the large brush. Its an easy application process and it takes seconds to do. They dry really fast which is a bonus for me, I end up ruining my nails faster than applying them usually. The top coat dries fast too, nothing worse than glitter nail polish taking forever to dry.

I am a huge fan of Bourjois and I am so excited by the new Winter collection. Keep an eye out for more reviews coming soon. The packaging of the new products are incredible and its a great idea for Christmas gifts. 

What do you think of the new products?


November 14, 2014

BirchBox November 2014- Cosy At Home!

BirchBox November £10 + £2.95 pp *
I was super excited to receive this months Birchbox in the post, I am a huge fan of them. I enjoy trying out products that are new to me but I also love getting mini versions of my favourites. Birchbox always surprise me with their boxes, there is always something for everyone in them I find. 

I enjoy staying in with a hot chocolate cuddling my dog and Rob watching Nashville or The walking dead. So its great to have this months box, having a pamper night while its cold outside sounds perfect to me. This box helps you enjoy your night in feeling cosy with chocolate and the perfect blend of products.

In this months box: 

  • Weleda: Pomegranate cream body wash. 
  • Beauty Protector: Protect and treat hair mask (2)
  • Lip Glam:  Natural lanolin lip balm
  • Lord & Berry Bronzer, Sunny
  • DR. Jart- Moist water act skin mist £18 Full size!
  • Montezuma's Mini bar chocolate
The chocolate bar is a necessary part of a cosy night pamper night, so this was exciting to open after having a full on pamper bath with all these products. I enjoyed using the Weleda pomegranate cream body wash, it smells great. I then went on to use the beauty Protector hair mask, I left this on for around 5 minutes. It left my hair feeling amazing and soft just what I need after a long day at work. Looking after yourself is an important part of your week, a pamper night is something that is needed to help you feel you again. 

I love that the Lord & berry bronzer is in this box, its helping you feel like Spring is just around the corner. A little bit of sunshine added to the box. The DR Jart mist is something that I have never tried before and instantly fell in love with it. It helps to lock in some moisture to your skin which is something I need in the Winter months. I want my skin to look healthy and refreshed. Using this product in the morning feels great or even after a warm bath. 

I love this months Birchbox, Its a great idea to help us out in the colder weather. I love the packaging of this box too. The bag is something you can keep products in after you use up what you got in your box. I think every detail of each box shines and when you open it you feel excited to see whats inside. Actually opening the box is just as exciting as the products.

What do you think of Novembers box?

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