November 08, 2014

London Snaps!

This post is a little catch up on what I got up to during my stay in London for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. I had an amazing trip down and its something I will never forget. Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to me. 

 I needed this drink after a quick 2 hour nap to recover from my travel sickness. We had a great view looking out to busy London, its so beautiful at night. I love Italian food, its my favourite. I felt super lucky to be in London for the Cosmopolitan awards, this was the night it all sank in. I felt so happy to be bale to spend time in London with Rob and to be able to attend the awards the next night. I felt nervous but so excited, it felt amazing reflecting over the past 2 years with my blog and thinking about how much I love my blog. I was super excited to meet fellow bloggers at the event, it happens that we are all really good friends now and they are only a tweet or text away for a chat.

 We headed to Bella Italia for our tea on the Monday night. It was much needed due to my travel sick state that day after my train from the North. I have no idea why I get so travel sick now, it never happened when I was younger, I used to laugh at my brother when he got sick after a 10 minute drive. Must be karma.. We had a lovely night walking around Leicester Square, I am so in love with London at night.  We shared dough balls and we both ordered a pizza each. 

The morning of the Cosmo awards myself and Rob decided to have a relaxing day before I started to get ready. We walked over to the War museum and had some breakfast, we love going to museums in London. It was a lovely warm morning and the sun light looked beautiful, I love Autumn. 

 The Natural History Museum happens every time I go to London if I have a spare morning or afternoon. Rob wasn't able to see the room with the mammals last time we went due to maintenance but he loved it so much when he saw it. We decided to have a small lunch here due to wanting a Ed's Diner burger before heading back North that evening. 

I must confess we walked for miles due to having a eight hour wait until our train home and my feet felt like they were bleeding. My shoes hurt and I felt like crying, yes a big baby but we had an amazing three day stay in London together which was lovely. At the end of Wednesday it was amazing to sit down and eat a Ed's diner veggie burger with a chocolate milkshake, I am literally craving one now. I found a South African shop which sold some sweets, chocolates I grew up with. I was so excited to buy some and let Rob try things that were in my childhood. I grew up in South Africa until I was 15 so it was amazing to be able to buy things that I cant get in Tesco. I had such an amazing trip, I even got myself some travel sick tablets for on the way home which was much needed. As soon as I got home I was so excited to see my dog. 

This is the last post out of my London stay, hope you enjoyed catching up with it a month later than planned due to me moving house and waiting on internet! 

I am up for a UK Blog award and I need your votes. Voting opens on Monday the 10th of November as soon as I get all the details I will do a blog post. I am super excited by this and thank you for all your support!

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