November 15, 2014

New Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail polish- Winter Collection

 A bright true red, Grey Rouge in style, Glitterizer
Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish £5.99*

I was lucky enough to be sent the new Bourjois Winter collection even though I could not attend the event in London. It was so sweet of them to still send me the products to try and blog about which made me really happy. I am a huge Bourjois fan so naturally I took to these products well, I adore the packaging of all the products but the Winter collection is unreal. I will be doing a full post on the entire collection next week so keep an eye out for this.

These colours could not be more exciting, how much do they remind you of Christmas. I love wearing red on my nails over the Christmas period and I find that this red is perfect. Its nice and bright to stand out at Christmas parties and it feels great on. I wore the grey, Rouge in style for an entire week and could not stop starring at it. Its something totally different for me but I love it so much. Its the perfect blue under toned grey. The best part about the collection is the glitter top coat, you can not go wrong with a bit of glitter over the festive season. Before I started typing this I reluctantly took of the grey polish and popped on the red for an event tomorrow along with the glitter top coat. It looks amazing and I am even more excited about Christmas now. Even the grey colour looks amazing with the glitter top coat. 

The best part about the Bourjois nail polish collection is that it is easy to use. I love the big brush which helps you get all of the nail. If you are like me and cannot do neat nails to save your life this is the nail polish for you. I enjoy using them because the colour stands out and it looks neat due to the large brush. Its an easy application process and it takes seconds to do. They dry really fast which is a bonus for me, I end up ruining my nails faster than applying them usually. The top coat dries fast too, nothing worse than glitter nail polish taking forever to dry.

I am a huge fan of Bourjois and I am so excited by the new Winter collection. Keep an eye out for more reviews coming soon. The packaging of the new products are incredible and its a great idea for Christmas gifts. 

What do you think of the new products?



  1. These are gorgeous!!


  2. I hate it when nail polish take a million years to dry! So glad that Bourjois have released these! The shade range is also gorgeous! <3
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