November 16, 2014

South Beach Movie Day- Clueless, New collections, Pizza and Candy Floss!

A big thank you to South Beach for hosting one of the most amazing blogger events ever. We spent out Saturday afternoon watching Clueless in a beautiful private cinema in Manchester at the Corner House. I love this film, I started watching half of it at home a couple months ago but finally got to see all of it. I wish I saw this in the 90's I would have loved it. It was such an awesome event, we all enjoyed watching Clueless together.

 Yummy cupcakes!

 After watching Clueless we were shown to a separate room for pizza, sweets and drinks. South Beach did a great job, the room was packed full of goodies. We were able to fill pink sweet bags full of candy to take home which was amazing. The whole atmosphere felt incredible and I got to meet so many new blogger friends. I loved seeing Clare and Amy again, its so lovely to be able to meet up again with all your favourite blogger friends along with making so many new friends. 
 Thank you South Beach for an amazing goodie bag filled with amazing products and discounts which I may just have to use for a sneaky purchase. I love the furry ear muffs, they are going to be a winter essential this year. 

I am in love with the dressing gowns! 
 All the new collections all looked amazing, every time South Beach get it spot on. I have two bikinis from them and I am so in love with the quality and how they fit. Hands down one of the best bikinis I have owned, all I need now is a holiday planned. I am in love with the gym and bedding collections, the prints on all of them are fab. My favourite piece has to be the pink fluffy dressing gown, they are super soft. Just what you need all year round really. 

Bag full of sweeties!

How exciting is is to have a cotton candy stand at an event? everything about the event screamed perfection, I had so much fun. I took half of it home to eat on the train and to share with my boyfriend but it started to melt and stick to my goodie bag. Not a great look on the train home but I wanted to finish it, it was tasty. There was pizza and drinks on offer whilst we chatted and looked at the beautiful collections. I am a huge fan of South beach so its so nice to be able to join in on these events in Manchester.
A huge thank you to South Beach for hosting such an amazing event. I enjoyed every second of it and I am full of yummy sweets too. I loved all the clothes on show and I have a few ideas for presents for family and friends this year. It was great catching up with fellow bloggers and meeting new bloggers, that is something I really enjoy at events. We have a lovely group of bloggers in Manchester which is great. Hope to see you all again soon!


  1. This looks like such a lovely event, relaxed and a lot of fun. The sweets and pizza look so tasty!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  2. What a great post - love Clueless. Looks like a fab event!!! That cotton candy looks delish!!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!


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