December 10, 2014

4 Things From 2014.

During December one thing I love to do is reflect on the year, before starting the new one. I love to see what improved, what I accomplished or even what made me happy. I decided I would look back on 2014 with a few things to remind myself about the year. I want to do a separate post on resolutions soon as it keeps me focused and I look back on them at the end of they year. 2014 has been one of those years where I feel like its been a good one but every year I hope to accomplish more or set myself goals. 2014 had up and downs but mostly happy memories that I will remember forever. It has been a big year for change and even though I know what I would want to try next year, I know this year has been good. Highs such as being shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan awards from 50 000 to the top 10 in my category Best established beauty blog to moving in to our first home. 

Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards: This is the most exciting and amazing experience of the year, something I will never forget. I met so many amazing people who have become true friends and huge inspirations in my life. When I was stood looking at the view from the event I felt so lucky to have been given the chance to be in the same room as so many talented bloggers. I enjoyed the night and its something i feel so proud of even though I didn't win my category but I gained so much from this experience. I never expected to have made the shortlist in a million years, when I saw my blog name on the list I felt so many emotions. I will never forget that moment, this has been a huge highlight of my year. Thank you for your continued support! read more about the awards here and here.

Our Home: This will be something we will remember forever because its our first home and it means so much to us. It feels amazing to have our own space and it gives us something to work so hard towards. We enjoy cooking in our kitchen and having our own space not just one small room. We have wanted this for so long and its finally happened this year. Being able to enjoy our space means so much, buying things for our house feels great. Its such a lovely home that we hope to stay in for a couple years. This has made this year so special, nothing beats the feeling of finally achieving something.

Memories: Spending time with people that you love makes you feel happy. This year I have enjoyed spending quality time with the people I love. This year I have found out who will support me no matter what, the amount of support I got this year means so much to me. I learnt that I need to let go of all negativity and it feels so much better, this is something continuing into 2015. Going on walks with Katy and mark, this is something I have treasured this year. I enjoyed a lovely bank holiday Monday, winning some rosettes with Katy and Pennie. Creating special memories like this makes my year, I love that I can document it here on my blog too. 

Kemples: Blogging means the world to me, this year I felt like my blog took off. I don't mean numbers, it felt like it finally came together for me. I have loved blogging from day one, three years ago but I felt like it all came together this year. Cosmopolitan was a huge achievement that I never thought would happen and for brands wanting to work with me, it meant so much. Thank you to all the brands that have worked with me this year, it feels amazing to be recognised as a beauty blogger not just a blog. Blogger events this year have been fab, the Ax Paris event and the South Beach movie day were the highlights of my year too. 

I hope you are enjoying Blogmas, let me know what your highlights of 2014 are?


  1. Awww make me smile so much reading your memories section! :) Both Pennie and I have loved going on lovely walks and days out with you three too! <3 :)


  2. This was such a nice read!

    1. Thank you for taking time out to read it <3 xx


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