December 05, 2014

Bliss Buttah Bling Limited Edition Set!

Over Christmas there is nothing better then receiving a gift set filled with products you enjoy. I love buying gift sets for friends too, I think its a great way to pamper yourself before the new year. If they all come looking as gorgeous as this one it would be such a lovely gift to receive. I love everything about this gift set, from the packaging to the scent of the products. The packaging stands out and it looks fab on my dressing table, the size of the tubes are amazing. I find that these would last a very long time, as it comes with three different scents in the box. 

This would be a great luxurious product to gift someone with, the overall look of the products shout pamper night. Bliss use these in their spa massages which sounds perfect to start the new year with. I love them due to the body butters sinking into the skin well, I hate it when you are left standing in the cold waiting for your cream to dry. This sinks in well, super fast so that you can get into your warm pajamas. 

You get three different scents in this set, Lemon and Sage, Grapefruit/ Aloe and Blood orange/ white pepper. My favourite out of this set has to be the Grapefruit and Aloe, its super soft and smells fruity. The other two scents are so different to anything I have ever smelt in a cream set. They are the perfect combination for the cold winter months, I am in love with how cute they look all together on my dressing table.

You are left with super soft skin, perfect for a Christmas pamper night. I am sure these will pop up again on my blog over Blogmas. Due to the size of them I might have to share them with a friend, it would take me too long to get through them all. This is such a great idea for a beauty set if you really want to treat someone this Christmas. The scent of each one is so different to anything I have tried before which is perfect. You can get them from Sephora too around the price of £24.

Overall this is such a great product, so pleased with them. Bliss is a brand new to me but I know I would love to try more. You can get smaller sets too over on the website, I might have to have a nosy to see if I can find some Christmas gifts for my family.

What do you think of this gift set?

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  1. Sounds great! x


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