December 04, 2014

Our First Christmas tree

It is Blogmas day 4 and I wanted to share with you the start of our Christmas decorating and our first ever tree. We have our first Christmas card up from my mom and she even purchased me a little decoration for our tree. Its a little angel that holds a gift with my name on it. She knows how I love things like this, something I can keep for years. Our home feels so cosy with all the lights and flowers. This is our first tree in our new home and it was so much fun choosing one but it was an eventful night trying to fit it into my car. 
 We put our Christmas tree up on Monday which is super exciting as this our first ever tree in our own home. This is one of the moments I was so excited to do when we moved in, it hit me that we can buy our own decorations and tree. We opted for a real tree, it sure is messy but I don't mind at all as it smells so perfect. I am so excited to wake up on Christmas day to our things, our tree and then head over to my moms for some yummy food.

 On Tuesday myself and my mom decided to go to out to find some things for our trees and we had a lovely birthday lunch for my mom. I found these baubles for just £3, I think they are incredible. So perfect for our tree, we need some more red baubles soon. We have decided on a red and gold tree this year, it feels so cosy in our lounge. Tesco have so many amazing decorations in at the moment, I picked up some gold crackers for £4. 

 I got these cute birds from Sainsburys and they were half price so I had to get them. They fit in well with the gold and red theme and look super cute. Robs not seen these yet as I just put them up tonight but I'm sure he won't mind. We are going to try find some red decorations this weekend to finish it off. 
Christmas is not complete without a chocolate advent calendar, we have ours on the fireplace. I wish I had some beauty calendars this year but maybe next year I will buy one. I love the Christmas lights on the fire place with the candles, it feels so cosy. 

 This is what our fire place looks like at the moment, I love the gold Merry Christmas to go with the theme of the tree. This was half price at Sainsburys too which is great, I wanted to add something like this to finish it off. The stocking is my dogs one, we need to get ourselves one too. Stockings are my favourite part of buying presents, i find it fun adding in small bits and bobs.
 This is my Christmas teddy Benji, rob got him me two years ago and I have decided he can sit in our lounge by the tree this year. He usually sits on my bed but I think he looks rather sweet here. Bella keeps trying to steal him for a cuddle but she has her own bears, this is one she cannot have. 
Nothing better than having some fresh flowers to add some beauty to the room. Robs mom got us these, they have a cinnamon stick in the middle and the room smells amazing alongside the real tree. I love decorating our first home together, its starting to feel amazing. We are getting our fridge/ freezer delivered today which is exciting after two months without one. We now have a washing machine too which my mom kindly sent us, so its starting to feel complete. I am so excited for Christmas this year, waking up to Rob, Bella and being able to relax in our home. We have wanted this for so long so I thought I would document it by showing you our first tree. I hope you enjoyed reading this Blogmas day 4 post, keep coming back if you fancy reading more. 

How have you decorated your house?

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  1. AWW! Your tree and that teddy! So cute!! I hope that you have a great first Christmas in your new house! You've worked so hard on it so you deserve some fun there now! Gorgeous flowers btw! ;) xx

    Dee |

  2. Oh how exciting to have your very own christmas tree, congratulations and happy christmas. (:
    Blog url : Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  3. Oooh I love your tree! We are finally putting ours up tonight :) It was our first Christmas in our house last year and I can share your feelings of excitement over it! I also love your fireplace, so Christmassy :)

  4. I'm so excited for you! x

  5. Lovely decorations! It's our first Christmas in our house and we are super excited! I did a post like this as well with all our Christmassy bits on! :D


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