December 13, 2014

Personalised Birthday/ Christmas Gift Idea.

Hoobynoo World
On Blogmas day 13 I wanted to share with you a cute little idea for a gift this December, or even for Birthdays. My friend Katy had her birthday on Friday and this is what I got for her. We both love our dogs so much, so I thought this would be a lovely idea for a gift she could keep forever. I love that it is personalised which is perfect if you want to buy something different this year.

Over on the website you can choose from 49 different illustrations, from pugs to border collies. You get to choose between blue and pink for the background too, this is perfect if you want to buy one for a boy too. I love the spotty background, its simple yet so effective. You can also choose what you want to say  on the mug, I decided on I love my Cocker Spaniel Pennie due to loving the example it gave. 

The illustration of the Cocker Spaniel is what made the gift for me, she has Pennies eye brows. I love how you get to create this mug, its easy and quick to make. You then wait for delivery which is super fast, I got mine five days after purchasing this. I love all the dog illustrations, if you know a dog lover this could be the perfect gift. 

 This is something you can keep forever and its personalised which is perfect. Would you make one of these for your friends or family? 



  1. Oh what a lovely little idea, I really like the personalised mugs especially since the cute little patterns and pictures are so adorable, great gift idea
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  2. Such a lovely idea x


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