December 27, 2015

First Impressions- Sensationail

 My boyfriend bought me this Sensationail set for Christmas and on Boxing Day I popped into Boots to buy some more colours. From the first use I fell in love, it was so easy to use. I watched a Youtube video on how to use it, then started doing all the steps myself. It is so easy and fast to use, all I need to find out now if it does last two weeks. Keep an eye out for an update. 
 In the kit you get this led lamp, I think next time I will apply two layers of the colour to make it extra smooth. I am very impressed with how it turned out, I usually have messy nails because I am very impatient when it comes to waiting for them to dry. the colour under the lamp dries in 60 seconds depending on how much product is on your nails. 

  • Gel Cleanser 14.6ml
  • Gel Primer 3.54m
  • Gel base/top coat 3.69ml
  • Gel Polish 3.69ml

  • First you file your nails down and make them all nice and buffed, then use the gel cleanser all over. You then use the gel primer on your nails, put them under the lamp for 30 seconds. You then apply the colour of your choice on your nails. Set it under the led lamp for 60 seconds, then I apply a second layer. Set it again under the lamp for 60 seconds. After you apply your colour you set it with the top coat, dry it for 30 seconds under the lamp. You then go over all your nails with the gel cleanser to harden the gel. 

    This is really easy, fast to use and I am very impressed so far. My nails look smooth, shiny and neat which never happens when I paint my nails usually. I am very lucky to receive this for Christmas from Rob, it will make a big difference to my nails. I work in retail and when I paint my nails within a few minutes I chip them. I can't wait to see how long it will last but so far so good. 

    I love how simple the products look and having them in this little bag to keep it all safe makes me happy. The polish feels super smooth on your nails and it feels like a freshly done manicure from a salon but from the comfort of your own home. I really enjoy doing my nails now, 60 seconds dry time sounds good to me. I picked up two colours to go along with my french manicure. I picked up a gorgeous red wine shade and a coral shade, I cannot wait to pick up some more colours.

    I will keep you updated on my progress with this kit, so far I am very impressed.


    December 23, 2015

    PawsomeBox December 2015

     There is nothing better than getting a PawsomeBox in the post, as soon as it arrives my dogs go mad for it. Each month has a theme and this months is Christmas. I was so excited for this box to arrive and it didn't let me down. In each box you get between 5-6 products ranging from treats to toys. My dogs are obsessed with plush toys and as soon as they saw the ones in this box they instantly stole them.
     as the theme is Christmas I decided to put their Christmas jumpers on and they decided to pose up a storm. Juno loves the rope toys and Bella enjoys the plush ones. I love that this one box caters for both my dogs. 

     The mini chocolate orange treats are adorable, they can't get enough of them. This is what I love about Pawsomebox, they offer something different each month. We also received Biogance shampoos, using natural ingredients to respect and protect your dogs skin. 
     Santa paws!

    We have so much fun taking photographs for PawsomeBox. This is something that we love to do together, its a great way to find new products. Toys and treats are topped up each month which helps. You fill in a few questions telling them what breed, size and age dog you have. the box is then made to fit your dog, easy. 

    Merry Christmas everyone!


    December 11, 2015

    Filming With Holland & Barrett

     Today myself and a few other bloggers attended an incredible blog event. The girls who were running the event made it so easy, fun and a great experience. I decided to take Bella along with me for the shoot, they kindly invited us along with our dogs. I have two border collies but Bella is the one who loves the camera, she soon got in to it. The event was held in Manchester which was amazing to be able to attend an event local to us. 
     We sat down to be interviewed, this was so much fun and something completely new to me. I am very excited to see the final video soon. We collaborated with Holland & Barrett, they are releasing new products to encourage us to keep our pets healthy. Bella sat on the chair for about five seconds before jumping all around the set but it was fun to be able to work with the videographers. They set me up with a microphone and it all felt surreal, I am very proud of what I can do with my blog.
     We were kindly sent home with a bag full of goodies, so many products to try to keep my dogs healthy. I am a big fan of Holland and Barrett, I recently discovered some amazing skin care products from them. The set was in an amazing location, easy to find and they kindly set us out a Prett dinner. 
     The videographers were very passionate about the brief they were set, they gave us clear guidance. I honestly really enjoyed today, one of the best blog events I have attended and working with a brand I love too. Being able to talk about my dogs and for her to be able to attend with me was very sweet. 
     My little super star, as soon as we walked in she was ready to pose. She found a tennis ball and decided to play with everyone in the room. The videographer told me she was amazing and wanted to be in the video at all times. We shot a few videos of us playing and Bella showed them her trick of high five. 
     This was when they videographers were trying to set up the lighting, Bella decided it was time for her close up. Bella enjoyed all the toys on display, she even decided to take one home with her. 
     Loulabeth attended the event too which was great, we love attending them together. She brought along her two cute pugs, lulu and Tilly. It was amazing to be able to meet Lulu for the first time since she was adopted by Laura. I am in love with these pugs. 

     My little super star. 
    Thank you to the girls who ran the event today, we had so much fun. Bella is now fast asleep next to me, she was having the time of her life today. All the treats,toys and tennis balls to eat and play with. Here is Laura being interviewed with her gorgeous pugs, we each took turns to be interviewed and it was an amazing experience. Thank you Holland & Barrett for this event today, I cannot wait to see the video soon. This may have given me the boost I need to film Youtube videos in the near future, I had so much fun. 

    I will show you the video as soon as I have it!

    December 09, 2015

    Christmas Personalised Giant Santa Sack.

     When I Just Love It contacted me they kindly sent me this personalised santa sack. When it arrived I was so excited to see it had my blog name on it and how big the bag was. The first thing I said to Rob was, good luck filling this for Christmas. It is such great quality and it looks great in the living room with all the other decorations. 

     This would be a fantastic idea for young children or for your partner. It is more personal to that person opening the gifts on Christmas day. This is something I will use every year, you can keep it safe to put up each time. The love from Santa at the bottom makes this super cute.

    You can personalise the bag with any name, it is easy to use and it is an amazing price. When I was younger I would have loved to wake up Christmas morning to a bag like this with my name on. I love having this up in my living room waiting for some lovely gifts to go into. Next year we will be in our new home, so having this near my Christmas tree will be super exciting.

    It comes with a draw string so that you can close the gifts in, its incredible quality too. I received this a few days after, so they have an amazing delivery turn over. I'm going to keep this sack for a very long time. 

    What do you think?


    December 07, 2015

    Christmas With My Border collies.

    One sassy lady!

    Laura gave me the idea of a mini Christmas shoot with my dogs, wait till you see her cute photos. I am so excited about sharing these photos with you, it was so much fun and it really cheered me up after a long day. Bella is super sassy and she really made me laugh, looks like I have my Christmas card sorted. 

    My dogs are my world as you may already know, so having photos like this makes me happy. I want to make a new years resolution of printing more pictures out. We have a photo shoot at a blog event on Friday and I think Bella won my vote to take with me.

    I bought a Christmas hat for Bella few years ago and found it with all my decorations which led to this mini shoot. They have new Christmas jumpers, we spend Christmas at Robs moms house so we visit with them in their jumpers.

    This will be Junipers first Christmas with us, I am super excited to spoil them rotten and give them lots of love. 

    What do you think of this little photo shoot?

    December 06, 2015

    The Range- Home ware Wish list.

    One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight 

    My mom gave me this idea for a blog post, she has been doing up her house over the last three months and it looks amazing. I decided to ask her where everything was from and she said its The Range. I introduced her to the Range early this year and she has been obsessed. You can find some bargains in there to make a huge difference to a room and as I am moving soon we need so many new things.

    In our current house we never felt like we could make it a home but the one we move to in January we want to make a big effort. I am so excited to start home ware shopping but I want it all to match this time. My theme I have in my head is rose gold, black, white and lots of clocks, art work on the walls.

    I love this dream catcher print, its gorgeous and I would love something like this in my office room. In our lounge we want black, white and wood in there with lots of light. We have a bay window in the lounge so we want to make this room super cosy. 

    Plants are a big thing for me, I want lots and lots of cacti placed all over the house. Big plants for the corners of rooms, we want one in our bedroom too. I have seen a nice one from Ikea that I have my eye on. Bright, clean and cosy is the key.

    Big fluffy blankets for the lounge but they have to be white, grey or black to fit in with the theme. This one from The Range looks perfect just what I need. My mom has turned her house into a wonderful place to be with goodies from The Range. I am super excited to have a hunt around to find bits and bobs to make it a home.

    I know I did a home ware wish list a few days ago but I do them to make me not spend my money just yet. Its like a mood board in which I can have a good think about all the bits and bobs to go into our new home. You could find some amazing gifts for Christmas in the Range too, I may have to go have a look soon.

    what do you think?


    December 05, 2015

    35 Blogmas Blog Post Ideas.

    This year I am doing some blog posts rather than full on Blogmas, I have so much to do this month its crazy. I have my full time job, moving house and taking time out to relax other wise I may burn out before Christmas day. I love my blog and I want to post posts I am very passionate about. There will be no rushed posts on this blog ever, I have some beauty posts ready and a beautiful personalised stocking soon to show you. I thought I would do a little inspiration blog post today, to share with you some of my ideas for Blogmas. I may not be doing it but I have some ideas for posts to do. 

    • Festive Make up look
    • Days out
    • Putting up the Christmas tree.
    • Decoration haul
    • baking posts
    • What I got for Christmas
    • £10 and under gift guides
    • high end gift guides
    • Gifts for her
    • Gifts for him.
    • How to make your home festive.
    • Christmas markets
    • Diy projects
    • Pinterest ideas
    • Christmas day make up look
    • get ready with me Christmas party.
    • Festive beauty wish list
    • Advent calendars
    • Christmas morning pamper session
    • My all time favourite beauty products of 2015
    • round up of beauty products
    • The best festive nail polishes
    • Winter beauty essentials
    • candle hauls
    • Winter skin care products
    • Tricks to prolong make up
    • How to save money this December
    • Christmas jumper haul
    • Christmas photo shoots with your dogs.
    • How to make your own Christmas cards
    • DIY gifts
    • What are you reading this December
    • December favourites
    • Shopping hauls
    • Christmas day outfit posts

    Just to name a few ideas, I hope some of these will help you out this Blogmas. Good luck if you are taking on the huge task of Blogmas. I hope to join you next year, I will continue to upload my posts as I go along this December. I will have some exciting new posts coming soon for you. I am so excited about Christmas day and a few days later we get the keys to our new home. Ready for the New year and new start, let me know if you will be doing any of these ideas.


    November 25, 2015

    My Christmas Next Home Ware Wish List.

    One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight 

    Today I went to go have a look at a house near my work and Robs, I fell in love with it instantly. I feel so excited that I have made myself feel sick, I am hoping it all comes together before Christmas. This is why I decided to type up a home ware wish list to try and get my excitement out of my head. I have a theme in mind with this new house, its similar to what I have now but I would like to make it feel more homely. The colour scheme I would like is rose gold, white and black with lots of cute lights. 

    I have picked out a few home ware pieces I would like in my new home, candles and cute little storage tins are key. I would love to add in a lot of cute lighting pieces, from candles to amazing floor lamps. I love the alphabet candle, its simple and effective so I  would like to pick this up soon. I am in love with the fox jar, I am obsessed with woodland at the minute so this will be a priority to get for my kitchen. 

    For my lounge I would love for it to be full of lovely cushions on our grey sofas. I think I may just have to pick up the cushion with border collies on, its a must have for me. For the first time today I feel excited about Christmas, putting up our tree in front of the gorgeous bay window will be so exciting. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan before Christmas because I am very impatient when it comes to moving. I get super excited about it all, I can't wait to have a look in Home Sense too when we move in, you can find some amazing pieces in there.


    November 24, 2015

    Products I am Loving Right Now.

     A few days ago I shared with you some new skin care products to my routine. Here is the full blog post about the products. They are perfect, my skin feels like new and I cannot thank Root & Flower enough. I love the packaging and the products are 100% raw, natural and organic. The products can heal,balance and nourish the skin, I agree. I just cannot get enough of the products, I may have to get more. A small amount of each product goes a long way, they have done wonders to my skin care routine. I love the bag they came in too, it just adds that special touch to the products.
     This month I have discovered so many new products to try out for my skin care, this mask is one of them. This mask is a full on pamper session, relaxation mask for when your skin needs a boost. You leave it on for 30 minutes so that it can dry, you then peel it off. It is very satisfying to do this, it leaves my skin super soft. This mask I purchased from Boots for £6, I went back the next day and bought a second box, I may need to try the brightening mask too. In the box you get three sachets of the mask, you need to put the mask on with a thick layer. Once it dries you can peel it off, trust me the wait is worth it. It is a deep cleanse mask, one that I am obsessed with. This is new to me but it is one that I need to use at least twice a month. Its detoxifying which is what I love about it, after a long week this mask helps refresh my skin.
     Recently I have been on the hunt for something to whiten my teeth, a product that works. This product landed at my door just in time, its perfect to remove stains and cleans the teeth. It is very important to me to keep my teeth looking good, keeping them as white as I can. This is the first time I have used Blanx* but I know I will have this in my next Boots basket. 

    Now that it is getting colder I am loving having a long hot bath after a long day at work. I came across the new Imperial leather shower creams in Boots and decided to buy one of each. I picked up the coconut, refresher and marsh mallow scents. They are incredibly comforting and would be a great stocking filler this Christmas. I may need to go into Boots and purchase some more. I love them because they are different, sweet and make your skin smell lovely. 

    What products are you loving? 

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