January 30, 2015

Mini Valentines Day Gift Guide For Her.

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I think Valentines Day is a very personal day in which you purchase something small or big for the person in your life. I wanted to put together a small gift guide just for some inspiration for you, as buying something on Valentines can be personal. Personally I love the chocolates, card and flowers and anything extra is just so sweet. I see it as just a lovely day rather than going over the top with gifts. This is why I thought I would do some small ideas rather than big gifts in this guide. 

Lush is a place you cannot go wrong, you can buy ready wrapped gifts from here. I love everything about a lush product, they smell gorgeous. This gift you get seven items which is most of the Valentines Day range at Lush. I have tried a couple things and I can confirm they are amazing and so worth the purchase. You could get something personal like a phone case or Ipad case. It will be something they pick up everyday and its a sweet gesture. I love the popcorn Ipad case from Topshop. 

Gifts & Pieces is a shop you need to check out for gifts. For Valentines Day you could get this personalised letter cup with the beautiful rose gold detail on it. It comes in this box shown too, something small yet personalised. I love all the cute things on this website. I could have it all in my house. The unicorn ring holder is from this shop too, its super cute and different.

This Bambi Thumper cushion is adorable, I saw it on MilkBubbleTea blog and thought I would add it into this gift guide. I think if you have a girlfriend who loves Disney this would go down well, it looks so cute. 

Not long now till valentines Day, Personally I will be celebrating five years with my boyfriend around Valentines Day. 


January 29, 2015

Instagram/ Life Catch Up..

My Instagram: Abikempen

January has been a month of saving and planning for the year, I am currently deciding on what to do this year. I want to reach more people with my blog, my blog is something that makes me very happy. Its all I ever want to do, it never feels like work and I am very passionate about it. When I get sent products to try it overwhelms me with excitement, having brands want to know what I think is incredible. I am writing this as I think, sometimes its good to get things of your mind. I want to start a career and not knowing how to is awful, I am a hard worker and very passionate about so many things. I'm hoping to start a career and to build on my blog, my blog will always be part of my life no matter what. I love to review products, talk about things I love and share special memories on here with you. Starting a Youtube channel is on my mind too, I would love to expand my blog and to chat to you in more detail about products and life. I am trying my best to earn more to be able to do more over on Kemples, I am determined to make more of myself so watch this space...

We are currently looking to adopt a second dog, not only for me and Rob but for Bella our border collie. We make sure she has everything she needs, love, walks, food and cuddles. One thing missing we feel is a friend for her, when we are out we would love for her to have some company. I am so proud of Bella, shes such a good girl and makes me happy every single day. I would love to be able to make a dog as happy as Bella is, to give a dog a happy forever home. Currently hoping to adopt a Border collie, they are my all time favourite breed, I am such a dog person. It may be soon or in the next couple months, we were toying with the idea of a puppy but giving an older dog a home feels right to us. So over on my Instagram you get to see Bella, taking cute pictures of her is my goal in life.. 

I have been lucky enough to try a few new products this month, I only ever accept products I would use myself or would buy myself. I have been saving this month so Boots was a no go but I did treat myself to some hair dye which makes me feel good. I have been able to try Rihanna's new perfume Rogue Love and some new products from Make up Revolution. A brand that has made a huge impact on my make up bag, they have so many options and beautiful products. 

Keep an eye out for my January favourites which will go up very soon. I have been on a pamper mission this month, so many products I have been loving. It has also been a month of thinking and planning, having our own home and starting to expand our family ( a dog) feels right. It feels amazing to know I have a beautiful family that will be here no matter what. 

Let me know how January has been for you?

Thank you for all your support!! 


January 28, 2015

Witch Overnight Clearing Serum.

 Night time means it is the key time for your skins recovery, this may be something you know. For me there is nothing better than falling asleep knowing I have taken care of my skin, all my make up removed and using products I enjoy. Witch was a brand I used as a teenager for years but thought it may be something I cant use in my twenties, oh I am so wrong. This brand has been a firm skin care routine in my life now for just over four months and I am loving it. It gives me the freedom to have a skin care routine that is fast yet so effective and easy to use. I have seen major results in my skin over the past four months, my skin is less dry and a lot more clearer. Having a good skin care routine is important, something I wish I knew as a teenager. So I am taking major action and enjoying skin care, this serum is a new addition to this.
 About the overnight clearing gel, we can start with the packaging because I really think it looks fresh, effective and most importantly the product does what is advertised. This little beauty works its magic during the night, all you need is a small amount onto clean skin. The skin feels hydrated which is something I really need in my skin care, the skin looks visibly radiant. If you have spot prone skin, this is a life saver not only does it help to clear your skin it makes it feel softer as soon as you wake up. This product is great for sensitive skin too which is great, you can use this in the morning before you start your day too. 

Witch Overnight Clearing Serum £5.99*

I really enjoy using this product, its easy to apply and you see results from the first use. When I wok up I could feel my skin felt soft and hydrated, I love that it sinks in well and its not greasy or oily. I want to be able to get into bed knowing my skin has been cared for, no make left on my skin. Using this as a last step is great, the skin feels super clean, the texture of the product is light which is important for me as a night time product. I have seen results using Witch as a brand and this product, I know this will be a firm favourite for a while. I just want to say thank you to Witch for sending me a personalised sleep mask with my name on it, it truly made me smile. I have a full beauty routine at the moment and 85% of it is Witch skin care. Truly a brand I trust and enjoy using, this night serum has been a great addition to my routine.

Have you tried this product?


January 24, 2015

New Product Launch- Rogue Love By Rihanna.

Available 1st February.

My first impression of Love by Rihanna, perfection. I love the gorgeous rose gold detail along with the sleek white packaging. I already own Rouge by Rihanna which is more of an edgy, more confident scent along with a black design. Love by Rihanna is my kind of scent, subtle, fruity and fresh. I am already loving the scent of this one, it looks great on my dressing table too. The heart notes of Love are jasmine, sambac, absolute, honey suckle, coconut and orchid. Top notes follow with mandarin, berry and peach, you can smell the peach which for me is the strongest scent coming through. I love the peach scent, it gives it the gentle yet gorgeous scent it needs. The base notes include creamy wood, amber, caramel and vanilla. The whole feel of this is a flirty perfume, I am in love with everything about it.

Anything rose gold is okay with me, I am obsessed with it. I have this on my dressing table, I need to get something to put them all on together. I am getting really into collecting perfumes, I have a decent collection now. Nothing beats a perfume that makes you feel great, this one does that perfectly. I love the scent, I feel this is perfect for me and it looks great too. This would make a gorgeous Valentines Day gift, the inverted spikes on the bottom are kissed in rose gold. Such an elegant perfume bottle, so pleased with this perfume.

This perfume is available for pre order and will be available from the 1st February. Let me know your thoughts on this new launch? 

January 23, 2015

Valentines Day Giveaway- The BlueBeards Revenge Gift Set.

The BlueBeards Revenge Gift Set £24.99*
Over on Twitter I mentioned I was running a couple Valentines Day giveaways this month, going into February. Up until Valentines Day I will run a couple giveaways, one for him and one for her. This is to say thank you for all your support, I love being able to give something back to my readers. I love Valentines day and thought I would run a giveaway for that man in your life. If you win, you could give this to any man in your life, your boyfriend, brother or even a friend. It might just brighten up someones day, Please fill in the rafflecopter feed below to enter.

In this set you get:

1 x 100ml Eau De Toilette
1 x 150ml Shower Gel

If you want to look at the full range head over to The Shaving Shack to see more. I never know what to buy Rob for Valentines Day, so I hope this giveaway helps you. I love the packaging of this gift set, the scent is gorgeous. Good Luck and let me know who you would give this to. 

Good Luck and keep an eye out for more giveaways, I have one planned for the ladies!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 22, 2015

The One And Only Leave In Conditioner.

Lee Stafford Argon Oil Hydration Lotion £10.99*

The one product I have been wanting to find that suits my hair is a leave in conditioner. For one reason, they are greasy and leave my hair feeling heavy and in need of a wash again. I am really fussy when it comes to leave in conditioners, until now. I have finally found the one that works, leaving my hair soft and looking healthy. I dye my hair so I have to make sure I take extra care of my hair, it can be difficult to brush after washing it. I have been using this product for over a month now and after a couple days I could see a change in my hair. When I wake up my hair feels soft, easy to manage and looking healthy. It has changed the whole look of my hair, it gives my hair the boost it needs.

I am a big fan of argon oil in products, it leaves my hair hydrated and soft. Lee stafford is a brand I have used and loved for years. All you have to do is smooth a small amount of product into your towel dried hair, adjust the amount to the length and texture of your hair.  

This is a huge part of my hair care routine this year, it is the first leave in conditioner that works for me. its light and the scent is perfect, my hair looks so much better now that I have this in my routine. easy and quick to use, my hair now is easy to brush. 

have you tried this product before?


January 21, 2015

Budget Friendly Hair Dye From Boots...

 I wanted to share with you my recent hair dye obsession and back story to why I now use semi permanent hair dye. I have dyed my hair from the age of 15, I am naturally dark blonde but my obsession with dark hair made me go over board with the permanent hair dye for years. I love the dark hair look, think Katy Perry which is where my obsession came from. Over the past two years I have gone back to the hairdressers time and time again to strip my hair of the black dye. I wanted to have natural looking brown hair, my hair at the time had 4 different shades in it. Now after all that hard work, I cannot bare to use permanent hair dye over on my hair, so I turned to non permanent. This has worked wonders to my hair, I now only dye my hair around 6 times a year instead of once a month to cover roots.

This hair dye is simple to use, you get gloves, conditioner, colour conditioner and developing lotion in the box. It says it lasts 24 washes but I have noticed my roots blend in so well with this colour, it allows me to dye my hair less. It fads to a beautiful light brown, I used to get really bad roots when my hair was a lot darker. I feel as though my hair looks a lot more natural and it suits my skin tone. I still want to be Katy Perry at heart but sticking to this colour keeps my roots at bay. I enjoy using this dye kit, its affordable and it leaves my hair soft and it looks healthy. 
 Here you can see what results you may get, my natural hair colour is the first one but recently I go off the second colour along. Its such a great natural shade, leaving my hair feeling great. My hair feels so much more healthy compared to using permanent hair dye. My hairdresser told me permanent is for people who want to cover greys, semi permanent works just as well if you don't have greys to cover. With less damage to your hair which is always a bonus. 
I used the shade spiced conker medium brown, which leaves my hair looking like this. I love the red under tone it has. Perfect for the winter months but I know this is the shade I will stick with all year round. I enjoy dyeing my hair now, its less of a faff to do. My roots look natural and my hair feels a lot more healthy without using so much permanent hair dye. So pleased I found this dye to use, its my go to product from Boots.The conditioner is my favourite part about this hair dye, it smells great and leaves my hair soft. I know I won't be changing what I use this year, this is my perfect hair dye. Its such a bargain too, so it works out well for my beauty budget. This hair dye is available in more colours head over to Boots here to find out more. 
Have you tried this product?

January 17, 2015

PawsomeBox, January Box Reveal - Made In The USA

 I spy a hot dog toy!! 
 Pawsome box is a subscription for your dog or cat, they do a purrfectbox too. Inside you get six products for your pet to enjoy, each box has a theme. January has an America theme which is fun, we enjoyed opening this box together. As soon as I brought it in from the post man Bella was all over it, she was running around it, nudging it whilst I opened it to reveal some exciting products for her. She wanted to play and eat it all right away so I decided to do the mini photo shoot straight away, otherwise she would cry next to the box all day. She got so excited each time I revealed something to her out of the box.
 How cute is the cover of Paw Notes, I love everything American so I was super excited to see the theme of the January box. I was excited to see my dog run around the house with a hot dog toy too. It has such a loud squeak and its here favourite out of the box so far, its amazing to see how much fun she is having with it. I love the whole idea of Pawsome because I buy Bella toys all the time and end up with little choice at pet stores. This box is fun from start to finish, opening the box together is special. 
 We use everything from the Pawsome box, you get six things in the January box. How cute is the theme, the baseball chew is something that Bella wanted straight away. I let her chew half of it so far and it kept her busy for ages. I love that you get treats in the box too, it helps keep her biscuit tin full. The chews are bacon and chicken flavor to go with the theme, which is amazing.

Pawsomebox £19.90*
So to subscribe to pawsomebox,  all you have to do is, choose a pet plan. You can go with monthly, half yearly or yearly and you can cancel at anytime. The box is specially adapted to your dogs breed, age, size and preferences. They come with the best high quality treats and its a fun way to treat your dog. We had fun opening this box together and you can space out the treats so it keeps it fun for your dog too. I love everything about Pawsome, the products are of high quality and its something we enjoy together. So what are you waiting for head over and complete your pet profile.

Inside the box:

1.Three strikes and you're out!
(baseball chew)

2.Touchdown for the Portland sea dogs!
( nobbly wobbly)

3.New year resolution, eat healthier!
( chicken bites)

4.Roll Up! Roll up! get your hot dogs here!
(Hot dog toy)

5.I can see you!
(collar led, pet gear)

6.bacon is good for me!
(bacon strips)

What do you think of the Pawsomebox? 

January 16, 2015

Valentines Day With Lush...

Nothing beats a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar in the Winter months, I am drawn to Lush more over Christmas and Valentines day. I love the cute new designs that they bring and the good oldies that come back each year. I really enjoyed all the products over Christmas so i thought it would be rude not to try the new Valentines day products. I am a sucker for cute, beautiful products and Lush is one of those shops that I cannot help but be addicted to. 

Yesterday myself and my mom headed into town together for a lovely day out and as a tradition I ended up in Lush. My mom treated me to a couple Lush goodies and I knew exactly which ones I had my eye on. I am a sucker for a cute product like the Valentines day/ Christmas products, you can see why though right?

Unicorn Horn, well this product speaks for itself when you see it. Its a beautiful product, with amazing colours. Filled with Lavender, Neroli oils and candy coloured stars. add in rainbows,dreams and you are left with the perfect product for valentines day. I am excited to use this in my bath tonight, I know before Valentines day I may have to pick up some more. All you have to do is break some of the product off and crumble it into your warm running bath. I am a huge fan of bubble bars, they create the perfect amount of soft, fluffy bubbles. 

Heart throb caught my eye because of the gold glitter, it seems to have the right amount too. I tend to stay away from glittery products from Lush, I can not imagine the mess after your bath but this has the perfect amount. You can break this one in half and keep the second half safe. You crumble it under hot water creating the perfect amount of bubbles, leaving your bath water a passionate red. This is perfect for valentines day, you can buy one for a little extra present. This bubbleroon leaves your skin feeling pampered and soft due to the shea butter in it. 

Have you tried any of the Lush Valentines day products? 

January 14, 2015

This Works- Deep Sleep In Progress..

This works Pillow Spray and Balm £10*
This is a miniature deep sleep pillow spray, it contains therapeutic blends of oils including lavender, vetivert   and camomile. This package also contains a full size sleep balm to provide calm and relief on your pulse points. Using the two products together you get a good nights sleep due to the calming fragrance. I struggle to fall asleep at night due to my mind over thinking and midnight seems to  be the time when I feel the most creative. I think about future blog posts just before falling asleep too which can keep me up an hour longer. This year I have planned to go to be earlier, having a bath and then using the pillow spray along with the balm helps me to feel relaxed.

In the past I have tried many natural remedies to fall asleep, so many products purchased but I have finally found one that works. I swear by this product, it is something I want to use more of in the future. All the Christmas gift sets are on sale here if you fancy trying some out for a decent price. I may have to invest in a couple more products, I am eager to try the candle. 

No matter what type of day I have had I still find it hard to switch off. It usually takes me an hour or so to nod off at night, so having this in my bed side draw helps. It now takes me minutes to relax and fall asleep, last night I managed to fall asleep at 11 and wake up feeling great. My usual bed time is between 12/1 so this product has changed that, it is something I want to invest in and purchase more. 

 I love the packaging of the full sized pillow spray, I think its time for me to go ahead and purchase the full size on Feel Unique here. This has become my must have sleep solution, it has changed my sleep pattern by hours. One spray of the beautiful lavender scent on my pillow sends me into a deep sleep. I even manage to forget about my phone and I nod off peacefully, its such a miracle product in my eyes. I have purchased so many other products before and they smell horrendous or just don't work. If you travel, this mini size would be ideal to fit in your travel make up bag. 

Have you used this product before?

January 12, 2015

Budget Friendly Highlighters In One Palette!

 peach Lights, Pink Lights and Golden Lights.

Following on from my recent review from Make Up Revolution I wanted to introduce you to their new product launch. I recently reviewed the beautiful illuminating baked powders over on this blog post if you fancy a read to compare the products to this new launch. You now can buy all three of those highlighters in one palette which makes it super handy to try all three at once, this palette comes in at just £8 which is a bargain. As you may know I am a huge fan of Make Up Revolution, I love the packaging and the quality of each product. They seem to be on the ball with all the products since launching last march, each product brings something new to your make up bag. If you fancy buying all three in one palette here is the link to Radiance which contains all three, Exhale, Glow and breathe. 

This palette contains their three best selling vivid baked highlights, all in one palette which is great for traveling and you can try all three without having to choose just one. It comes with a full size mirror which is handy when you travel. I love each one for a different reason and they all work wonders on my skin tone, each one compliments in a different way. peach lights and Pink lights are great for highlighting with, you can use as much or as little as you want. Golden lights is a shade I usually would hesitate to go near but its perfect, imagine how it would look with a tan too. All three shades compliment each other and work so well to create the perfect highlighting kit. 

They are easy to apply so you don't have to worry about using too much. I love the embossed circles in the powder, such a sophisticated product.  I am so pleased to have been introduced to make Up Revolution, such an incredible drugstore brand with products that you cannot go wrong with. You can find Make Up Revolution in SuperDrug.

what do you think of this new product launch? 


January 10, 2015

My Top Picks From Soap & Glory.

Soap and Glory one of my all time favourite brands, they never disappoint. I adore the beautiful packaging, it really stands out. In December I purchased the Next Big Thing box set, which included all of my favourite products. I think its a great idea to buy this one for £29 rather than buying them all separate which adds up to around £60. This has become a Christmas tradition for me, the box design helps too. Each year there has been a new design on the box, which in itself is brilliant. Sugar Crush body scrub is my all time favourite product, the scent of this one is perfect. Its fresh and it works wonders, the sweet lime is perfect for a pamper night product. This has to be my top pick from Soap and Glory, the product I purchase over and over again. 
The Righteous butter has the perfect scent to it, this is what I love about Soap and Glory. The scent of each product makes everything feel like a super pamper product, yet so affordable. This is a super creamy texture, sinks into the skin leaving you feeling great. This is a product I have loved for years, if you want a cream thats super pampering this is for you. 
I need to try out more make up from Soap and Glory, this is a new goal for me this year. The products I have tried, I have loved such as the thick and fast mascara and the sexy mother pucker products. The lip products are gorgeous and the colours are great, the mascara is one of the best I have tried. This mascara I keep in my make up bag at all times, its a must.
Butter yourself is a product I have used before, I have multiple bottles of this one and it leaves the skin super soft. It has a fruity soft scent to it which I love, such a great moisture lotion. Orangeasm is new to me this year but its perfection, I have used almost half of this since purchasing this set half way through December.  
I need to start using more hand cream, more so over the Winter. One I now works wonders when I am in need is the Hand Dream Super Cream, what I love about it is that its super fast absorbing. Whipped Clean is such a luxurious product yet so affordable at just £8. This product has up to 25% oils which is great when you don't have time to moisturise. Fragranced with almond and sweet vanilla, a scent that works wonders for the Winter blues.
Just one more time, look at that beautiful box all these amazing products come in. If I was you I would keep a look our for it over Christmas this year. I love to use this to store some of my beauty products in once I have used up all my Soap and Glory. Soap and glory is my go to brand, they are amazing for a drug store product. Nothing beats a pamper session with all of these products. I have more Soap and Glory in my bathroom storage, face masks are one of my all time favourite pamper products and Soap and glory rule when it comes to those too.

What are your favourite Soap and glory products?

January 09, 2015

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 5 - Joe Sugg.

Bed In The Kitchen 
A magazine about bloggers for bloggers, as you may know already from previous posts about Blogosphere magazine I am a big fan. I think this magazine is perfect for inspiration and to find new talented bloggers. I enjoy reading every single page of this magazine with a hot chocolate in hand. I think that the whole look of the magazine is great, all the blogs are set in categories from travel to beauty. I like that, I find that it has great structure and its a great source of inspiration. This is the fifth magazine from them, with Joe Sugg on the front who needs no introduction over on my blog, he is known worldwide. I enjoy watching YouTube channels so its great to have interviews in this magazine. My favourite previous issues are the ones with Fleur De Force and Essie Button on the front. 

As per usual as soon as I hit pay on the checkout I instantly want to read my copy. This issue has to be one of the best so far though, they are constantly upping what they do. Blogosphere is available on E book too which is great if you cannot wait to read it or great for travel. If you fancy catching up on the magazine you can buy it in a bundle, this is also a great idea for a gift this year for any friends who love blogging. Its something you can keep and collect, I know I would like to have the full set for my office. Even though I read it all in one day I find myself picking it back up a couple days later. 

A feature I love about Blogosphere is that the editors pick out their favourite blogs too. Having this magazine to read helps you to find new blogs to read which is great, we all need to support each other.

What do you think of Blogosphere magazine?
Order yours here.
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