January 21, 2015

Budget Friendly Hair Dye From Boots...

 I wanted to share with you my recent hair dye obsession and back story to why I now use semi permanent hair dye. I have dyed my hair from the age of 15, I am naturally dark blonde but my obsession with dark hair made me go over board with the permanent hair dye for years. I love the dark hair look, think Katy Perry which is where my obsession came from. Over the past two years I have gone back to the hairdressers time and time again to strip my hair of the black dye. I wanted to have natural looking brown hair, my hair at the time had 4 different shades in it. Now after all that hard work, I cannot bare to use permanent hair dye over on my hair, so I turned to non permanent. This has worked wonders to my hair, I now only dye my hair around 6 times a year instead of once a month to cover roots.

This hair dye is simple to use, you get gloves, conditioner, colour conditioner and developing lotion in the box. It says it lasts 24 washes but I have noticed my roots blend in so well with this colour, it allows me to dye my hair less. It fads to a beautiful light brown, I used to get really bad roots when my hair was a lot darker. I feel as though my hair looks a lot more natural and it suits my skin tone. I still want to be Katy Perry at heart but sticking to this colour keeps my roots at bay. I enjoy using this dye kit, its affordable and it leaves my hair soft and it looks healthy. 
 Here you can see what results you may get, my natural hair colour is the first one but recently I go off the second colour along. Its such a great natural shade, leaving my hair feeling great. My hair feels so much more healthy compared to using permanent hair dye. My hairdresser told me permanent is for people who want to cover greys, semi permanent works just as well if you don't have greys to cover. With less damage to your hair which is always a bonus. 
I used the shade spiced conker medium brown, which leaves my hair looking like this. I love the red under tone it has. Perfect for the winter months but I know this is the shade I will stick with all year round. I enjoy dyeing my hair now, its less of a faff to do. My roots look natural and my hair feels a lot more healthy without using so much permanent hair dye. So pleased I found this dye to use, its my go to product from Boots.The conditioner is my favourite part about this hair dye, it smells great and leaves my hair soft. I know I won't be changing what I use this year, this is my perfect hair dye. Its such a bargain too, so it works out well for my beauty budget. This hair dye is available in more colours head over to Boots here to find out more. 
Have you tried this product?

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  1. I used this exact same dye last year as id never dyed my hair before and wanted a dark temporary colour! Really good for its price....tho I would say it lasts more than 24 washes haha


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