January 29, 2015

Instagram/ Life Catch Up..

My Instagram: Abikempen

January has been a month of saving and planning for the year, I am currently deciding on what to do this year. I want to reach more people with my blog, my blog is something that makes me very happy. Its all I ever want to do, it never feels like work and I am very passionate about it. When I get sent products to try it overwhelms me with excitement, having brands want to know what I think is incredible. I am writing this as I think, sometimes its good to get things of your mind. I want to start a career and not knowing how to is awful, I am a hard worker and very passionate about so many things. I'm hoping to start a career and to build on my blog, my blog will always be part of my life no matter what. I love to review products, talk about things I love and share special memories on here with you. Starting a Youtube channel is on my mind too, I would love to expand my blog and to chat to you in more detail about products and life. I am trying my best to earn more to be able to do more over on Kemples, I am determined to make more of myself so watch this space...

We are currently looking to adopt a second dog, not only for me and Rob but for Bella our border collie. We make sure she has everything she needs, love, walks, food and cuddles. One thing missing we feel is a friend for her, when we are out we would love for her to have some company. I am so proud of Bella, shes such a good girl and makes me happy every single day. I would love to be able to make a dog as happy as Bella is, to give a dog a happy forever home. Currently hoping to adopt a Border collie, they are my all time favourite breed, I am such a dog person. It may be soon or in the next couple months, we were toying with the idea of a puppy but giving an older dog a home feels right to us. So over on my Instagram you get to see Bella, taking cute pictures of her is my goal in life.. 

I have been lucky enough to try a few new products this month, I only ever accept products I would use myself or would buy myself. I have been saving this month so Boots was a no go but I did treat myself to some hair dye which makes me feel good. I have been able to try Rihanna's new perfume Rogue Love and some new products from Make up Revolution. A brand that has made a huge impact on my make up bag, they have so many options and beautiful products. 

Keep an eye out for my January favourites which will go up very soon. I have been on a pamper mission this month, so many products I have been loving. It has also been a month of thinking and planning, having our own home and starting to expand our family ( a dog) feels right. It feels amazing to know I have a beautiful family that will be here no matter what. 

Let me know how January has been for you?

Thank you for all your support!! 


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