January 01, 2015

My Goals For 2015.

I love the idea of a new year, it gives us a new start and a fresh year with new memories to make. I love the idea of leaving a whole year behind no matter how good or bad it was. 2014 felt like a great year for me, it was the year I felt like me again. I like the idea of a new start leaving 2014 behind with closure that it felt like a great year. I want 2015 to be my year, where I travel, create and do what makes me happy. I don't mean that to sound selfish, I just mean that I want to focus on the good, no negativity allowed in 2015.

2015 feels like a year for new chances and new adventures, I hope to travel and to create more this year. This year will be all about my blog, I want to focus on it more than ever, 2014 was a great year for my blog and I would like to continue my adventure. My blog means the world to me, I want to be able to create more and more content on here. I want to push myself further and become even more focused. 2014 taught me that if I push myself more, trust myself more I can achieve amazing things, for example the Cosmopolitan Magazine Bog Awards. That taught me my dreams are possible, its something I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Over the past ten years, I kept all the anger close to my heart, all the bad memories from my childhood. My dad left us when we were very young and recently got back in contact, this has thrown me into so many thoughts the past two years. 13 years went by without any contact, he may as well be a stranger. put it this way he was not nice to my mom when we were small and it was not things we needed to see or happen. This year I am moving on from any bad memories that are holding me back, I think its time to move on from all the negative vibes. I honestly believe this will be the year I start to feel content with my life, I want to create new and happy memories. Christmas and New Year always make me emotional, I start to remember everything but this time I feel so happy to have what I have now. Now is the key word this year.

so here it goes my 2015 goals, I love to set myself resolutions just to see how many I can tick off. I won't punish myself about it if I don't complete them all. I think its great to think about the year ahead, what you want to achieve. Previous years I set myself goals on my blog and I find I have ticked off more than I would have keeping them in my head. 

Photography: I really enjoyed my time at university, I have a degree in photography and I feel like I have taken a big step back from it. This year I want to get back into it, using my skills to make my blog photography better. If it wasn't for my degree I may not have started this blog, I am going into my third year of blogging and I want to push myself more. 

Happiness: 2015 is all about just being happy, no more negative vibes. I want to create new and amazing memories this year. Starting with myself, no more putting myself down. I need to become my own best friend. I love my home and having Rob and Bella in my life. They mean so much to me and this Christmas I felt happy.

Office Space: We recently moved into our first home together and there is a second room, this soon will become my office. I want to start buying furniture for it soon so that I have my own space to go to when I want to blog. Photographing by the window will be ideal too, the lighting from that room would be so useful. 

Blog Blog Blog: 2105 is all about my blog, this is a space I can feel creative on. My little space on the internet to talk about what I love. I want to bring more content for you, lifestyle, cooking and more. beauty will always be my main subject, how can anyone resist a new lipstick or eye shadow palette, I know I can't. I want to push myself and that won't be to difficult, my blog means the world to me. I want to meet more bloggers because the people I met in 2014 were incredible people. so inspiring and they are a text or tweet away which makes blogging extra special.

Notes: 2015 is all about my note book, I want to plan out blog posts, meals and all round organisation. I want to exercise more, walk more and just feel better about myself. More fruit smoothies, I just want to try this year. 2015 is all about the hard work, I want to put 100% into everything. I am a motivated person but this year is about pushing myself and to feel great. I'm going to start a new scrap book too, printing out my photographs and creating memories. My very own Ebook would be fun to create over on Blurb.

Travel: I don't mean leaving for months on end, just small trips would be amazing this year. I want to go to Edinburgh to see the pandas at the zoo for my 24th birthday and a trip on a plane would be amazing too. Before i'm 30 I would like to go on holiday to Australia and New York. I love London so more trips to the South would be amazing too.

A few more:

  • save
  • read more
  • Learn something new
  • volunteer 
  • balanced diet
  • wake up an hour earlier
  • adopt a dog.
  • meet more bloggers

I wish you all the happiness in the world, thank you for supporting my blog. 

What are your new year goals?


  1. I am planning to do a photography degree in September and I hope it improves my blog a bit more. Lovely posts x


    1. if you need any advice let me know :) xx

  2. I love these kinds of posts - really glad that you're feeling so positive and motivated for the new year! Fingers crossed for a successful and wonderful 2015 :) xx

    1. thank you so much Natasha, I hope to see you again this year xxx

  3. Adopt a dog?! Another pooch?!

    Lovely ideas :)


  4. Great Post! Happy New Year! Sorry about the stuff with your dad, I had some stuff in my childhood I am working on getting over. I think blogging is a great form of therapy, good luck with your year! I followed your social medias! :)


    1. i agree with you, blogging helps. Thank you for reading my blog. hope you stay strong <3 xx

  5. I hope you achieve everything you put your mind to! Here's to a happy 2015 x

  6. Lovely Post! I wish you a very happy New Year! I'm new to your blog and this is my first time reading one of your posts! What a lovely blog you have here! I followed your blog and will look forward to reading some of your future posts! Lots of love meg xo

    1. aw this means so much to me. thank you for the follow too. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog this year and more :) thank you for taking time out to read it xx


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