January 10, 2015

My Top Picks From Soap & Glory.

Soap and Glory one of my all time favourite brands, they never disappoint. I adore the beautiful packaging, it really stands out. In December I purchased the Next Big Thing box set, which included all of my favourite products. I think its a great idea to buy this one for £29 rather than buying them all separate which adds up to around £60. This has become a Christmas tradition for me, the box design helps too. Each year there has been a new design on the box, which in itself is brilliant. Sugar Crush body scrub is my all time favourite product, the scent of this one is perfect. Its fresh and it works wonders, the sweet lime is perfect for a pamper night product. This has to be my top pick from Soap and Glory, the product I purchase over and over again. 
The Righteous butter has the perfect scent to it, this is what I love about Soap and Glory. The scent of each product makes everything feel like a super pamper product, yet so affordable. This is a super creamy texture, sinks into the skin leaving you feeling great. This is a product I have loved for years, if you want a cream thats super pampering this is for you. 
I need to try out more make up from Soap and Glory, this is a new goal for me this year. The products I have tried, I have loved such as the thick and fast mascara and the sexy mother pucker products. The lip products are gorgeous and the colours are great, the mascara is one of the best I have tried. This mascara I keep in my make up bag at all times, its a must.
Butter yourself is a product I have used before, I have multiple bottles of this one and it leaves the skin super soft. It has a fruity soft scent to it which I love, such a great moisture lotion. Orangeasm is new to me this year but its perfection, I have used almost half of this since purchasing this set half way through December.  
I need to start using more hand cream, more so over the Winter. One I now works wonders when I am in need is the Hand Dream Super Cream, what I love about it is that its super fast absorbing. Whipped Clean is such a luxurious product yet so affordable at just £8. This product has up to 25% oils which is great when you don't have time to moisturise. Fragranced with almond and sweet vanilla, a scent that works wonders for the Winter blues.
Just one more time, look at that beautiful box all these amazing products come in. If I was you I would keep a look our for it over Christmas this year. I love to use this to store some of my beauty products in once I have used up all my Soap and Glory. Soap and glory is my go to brand, they are amazing for a drug store product. Nothing beats a pamper session with all of these products. I have more Soap and Glory in my bathroom storage, face masks are one of my all time favourite pamper products and Soap and glory rule when it comes to those too.

What are your favourite Soap and glory products?


  1. Ooh I love the Sugar Crush line, it smells divine!

    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  2. I really need to try more from them! I'm a big fan of their brow products and their kick ass concealer x

  3. You have so much great products here! I love the Soap & Glory marshmallow hand cream and really want to try the scrub! Everybody mentions the scrub and its something I have been meaning to get for ages now x


  4. I only have the bronzer from S&G but I'm dying to try their body products! You got an amazing set here! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy


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