January 22, 2015

The One And Only Leave In Conditioner.

Lee Stafford Argon Oil Hydration Lotion £10.99*

The one product I have been wanting to find that suits my hair is a leave in conditioner. For one reason, they are greasy and leave my hair feeling heavy and in need of a wash again. I am really fussy when it comes to leave in conditioners, until now. I have finally found the one that works, leaving my hair soft and looking healthy. I dye my hair so I have to make sure I take extra care of my hair, it can be difficult to brush after washing it. I have been using this product for over a month now and after a couple days I could see a change in my hair. When I wake up my hair feels soft, easy to manage and looking healthy. It has changed the whole look of my hair, it gives my hair the boost it needs.

I am a big fan of argon oil in products, it leaves my hair hydrated and soft. Lee stafford is a brand I have used and loved for years. All you have to do is smooth a small amount of product into your towel dried hair, adjust the amount to the length and texture of your hair.  

This is a huge part of my hair care routine this year, it is the first leave in conditioner that works for me. its light and the scent is perfect, my hair looks so much better now that I have this in my routine. easy and quick to use, my hair now is easy to brush. 

have you tried this product before?



  1. I lovelovelove argan oil! I use The Body Shop's argan body lotion on my skin, and their solid oil in my hair before drying it, and I'm basically left feeling like a giant piece of softness. It's just a little miracle ingredient! I'll definitely have to give this leave in conditioner a go though, as I've never found one that works particularly well for me, but I can't turn down argan oil! Great post :) x

    Olivia's Notebook

  2. sounds like this is a great addition to your haircare routine. A leave in conditioner is a step I aways miss out. My hair needs one though

  3. Ooh I've wanted to try a leave in conditioner for ages but haven't quite found the right one, might have to pick this up! xx


  4. Im exactly like you with leave-in conditioner, it just doesn't seem to like me hair. I must give this a try. I'd also recommend trying milk_Shakes one, it's really good and smells delicious.

    The Crown Wings

  5. Leave in conditioners are my favourite! I have a few lee stafford products that i love but have not tried this one yet, i have been using an aussie one which isnt that good so think i need to make a purchase of this one :) xx

  6. I've never tried this but the spray aspect of it has got me interested; I've been using morroccanoil for a while but it's just so bloody expensive so would love to find something similar but cheaper - this looks like it could be an option!

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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