February 24, 2015

Jo Malone - Grapefruit Bath Oil

Jo Malone Bath oil Grapefruit £40*

Jo Malone is a brand I have wanted to try for so long now, a big thank you to House Of Frazer for sending me this. Its a brand I smell and when I go into Selfridges but one I could not pick up for a present or for myself but its taken one product for me to know that its the perfect indulgent product that is worth it. I had the most incredible bath using this bath oil, all you need is a small pump into the bath and leave it to run to create the perfect hot bath.

Grapefruit is one of my favourite scents so being able to try Jo Malone in this scent is perfect. The first thing you notice is the beautiful well know packaging, nothing beats getting a product that is packaged nicely. I think as a gift or splurge this is great because even the packaging is something special. This product is suitable for all skin types and leaves you feeling great and pampered after your bath.

I love that you get a pump with the bath oil because for me it looks great on the side of the bath and it helps me to use small amounts at a time. If it didn't have the pump I would end up pouring it all into my bath. This is a special product, one that I would use for a relaxing pamper bath rather than an everyday product. I would buy this as a gift for my friends for a special birthday or even for my mom on Mothers Day. Everything about it is special, from the packaging to the product. Next on my list now that I know how great the products are, is a candle for my home. 

What do you think of Jo Malone?

Head over to the House Of Frazer website for some Mothers Day ideas!


February 23, 2015

Juniper- My Border Collie puppy 17 weeks!

 Juniper our border collie puppy has grown so much since my last blog post, she has doubled her weight in just two weeks. She has now been to the vet twice and has had her second lot of injections. We are so excited for her to join us on walks and walks with our friends dogs too. The red collar she has on is her first collar, we are training her to walk on the lead at the moment. Bella is so good on the lead we wanted to start as soon as possible.
 Her nose has grown which has changed the shape of her face and she has huge paws, we think she may be a big collie. Her fur is so soft and is growing by the day, so gorgeous. We are well and truly smitten with her and we could not see ourselves without her. I have just started a new job and I am excited to spoil her. She has started to run for toys and half way bring them back which is cute, she watches what Bella does. 
 Her ears have started to point up, well one of them is still half way. I love watching them play and bond, its the most adorable thing in the world. coming home to them after a long day is the best, she has completed our family. Nothing makes me more happy then my little family, I am so excited to train her and bring her along to dog shows for fun. Me and Bella have won 2 rosettes for fun competitions so I want to join Juno in this. 

I love everything about our new baby, she has completed our family. she has the best personality, she is so friendly and enjoys playing with other dogs. She is the boss when she sees my moms dogs, even though they are so much bigger than her. I love her markings they are so special, I just know when shes older shes going to be extra pretty. Look at those paws, they are huge. Bella loves her sister and I know they are going to be life long best friends. At night they share a bed and cuddle each other to sleep, it makes my heart melt. If you would like to see more of my dogs let me know, I love to document life on here too.

Beauty review up tomorrow!

February 18, 2015

Yves Rocher Review & Giveaway!

Yves Rocher £18*

Yves Rocher is a botanically focused company using home grown ingredients, this is a very important to them. the company was founded in 1959 with the mantra of making beauty through plants accessible to all woman. The company has its own botanical garden in La Gacilly where they grow 1100 species of plants used in the products. I think this is a great feature of the brand, it really drew me in. 

This is a modern and unique fragrance that I think would appeal to most women. The bottle itself is simple yet so gorgeous and the scent seems to fit right in the middle, its a scent I think would be great for so many ladies. Quelques Notes D'amour has Rose damascena and guaiac wood essence, giving it a beautiful light yet catchy scent. The rose is a beautiful soft scent but the guaiac wood makes it a little stronger. I'm not a fan of rose scented products but this is a whole new story, it smells so beautiful. Its elegant and looks great with all my perfumes on my dressing table. This would make a great gift for mothers day or even for yourself. It has a great age range to it, I think thats what makes it so special. So many women could enjoy this no matter what scent they prefer. 

Would you like to win a bottle for yourself?

Please fill in the rafflecopter below to be in for the chance to win a bottle. Thank you and good luck. You can read more about this product over on the Yves Rocher website here. 

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February 12, 2015

Make Up Revolution - Iconic pro 2

New launch and new formula! 

As you may know from a couple reviews I have done about make Up Revolution that it is one of my all time favourite top drug store brands. I am really enjoying using all of the eye shadow palettes I own and a few other bits and bobs. I adore the packaging and the pigmentation of the products are amazing, for the price you cannot complain. I think the quality you get is worth more than it is sold for which is fab because we can pick up a few more pieces for a great price. You could fill your make up bag with so many products from them, they are incredible. This is a new product from Make Up Revolution and it contains a new formula, which I can see due to owning some of the other palettes. 

This new eye shadow palette is stunning, from first glance the colours look great. You have 16 shades ranging from matte to shimmer. You could take this palette from day to night, I could use all of these shades with ease. It is hard to find a eye shadow palette where you use all the colours, with this one I know I will. It comes with a double ended make up brush which is the new Pro 1989, it has a rounded end and a flat end to help you blend in the eye shadow well. Super easy to use and the pigmentation is amazing, this is a must have palette and its only £6.99 which is a bargain. 

I cannot explain how impressed I am with this eye shadow palette, it is a firm staple in my everyday make up routine. swatches are available on the website here, my arm looked really cold in the picture i took so thought it would be best to leave you with the link to the swatches. 

What do you think of this new product?

February 11, 2015

Valentines Day Launch- New In From The Body Shop.

I am a huge Body Shop fan, I could spend hours picking out some products to treat myself with. I have been using The Body Shop products for years now and I have to say this new launch has to be one of my all time favourites. Smoky Poppy has launched for a limited time only for Valentines Day, I must admit I would like this to continue. The smell is very interesting and different, its unusual and something completely new to me. I usually go for fruity or floral scents from the Body shop, so I am pleased with this launch due to it being a new scent to me. I really enjoy using body scrubs and this one is gentle yet does the job perfectly. The body scrub is filled with real poppy seeds to exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling super soft. The massage oil smells great, its suitable for all skin types and it leaves the skin feeling conditioned. Overall a great launch from The Body shop for Valentines Day, such a different, amazing scent to it which would make a fab gift this year. Its surprising due to the new scent, something I have never smelt before from them. The packaging looks great and you can pick between seven products over on the website or in store. I may have to order myself some of the other products, I would like to try the bath bombs and shower gel. 

What do you think of the new launch?


February 10, 2015

Personalised Stationary From Chroma..

 Gold embossing on the front.

 Personally I am a huge fan of personalised stationary, there is nothing better than a fresh note pad to start of your project or year. Making it personal can give it that extra touch it needs for you, simple yet effective. I know I jot more things down when I have a new journal for the year or even month. Chroma help you along the way to create a personal note pad that won't break the bank, with your favourite colours and even an embossed quote on the front. I was given the opportunity to try out Chroma and I knew instantly I would enjoy this product myself too.

Chroma stationary was born after years of trying to find a good quality notebook that would not break the bank. They wanted the note pad to come in the colour they loved and enjoyed too, so Chroma stationary was created. This is a simple, no fuss notebook, you can personalise it to make it your own. 

Colour triggers emotions and it can remind you of people, places and memories. The colours we surround ourselves with is very personal, so being able to pick a colour for the notepad is key for Chroma and what they believe in. The Chroma range is available in 20 different colours, each has its own name and personality. Every colour is named after an important person or figure in their lives. You can choose if you fancy plain a5 paper or lined which is great, i decided to go for the blank. The reason I chose sky blue was because its the colour of my car and my car means a lot to me, its also a colour I have loved for years and reminds me of blue Summer skies. 

Chroma offer a free embossing service where you can choose exactly what to put on the front of your notebook. You can choose the font and the size of of the text. The embossing is available in silver or gold, I decided to go with the gold embossing.  This allowing you to make the notebook your own, I have seen so many examples of great quotes over on Instagram and Twitter. Chroma stationary are produced in the UK and to purchase your own this Valentines day pr even as a treat for you, head over to the website here.

What do you think of this cute notepad?
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February 09, 2015

My New Puppy- Juniper

 More pictures over on my Instagram: abikempen 

We decided we would like to add to our family over the past few years but it never felt the right time until a week ago when we met this gorgeous collie. My mom rang me to tell me that she saw a poster advertising border collie puppies, we headed straight to her house to go view them all together. We knew we wanted a border collie, we already own one called Isabella and she is now four. They are our all time favourite breed of dog, loyal and very intelligent. On our way to the farm we knew what we were looking for, a long haired boy dog but as soon as we walked into the barn we set our hearts on this little girl.

Border collies are very inelegant, loyal and need a lot of exercise. We make sure Bella has everything she needs and we enjoy going on long walks, nothing beats putting on your wellies and seeing your dogs have the best time on the park. Juno is my boyfriends dog due to Bella being so close to me but she has soon started to love me too. Over the first few nights Rob was the one she needed the most, she was not sure on my voice at all. I think this is because the farmer loved them and let them in his house, so a male voice was what she knew well.

Juno is 12 weeks old and she got the all clear at the vets this week which is great. I love training dogs and I get complimented on Bella when I walk her on the park so I knew I wanted the same for Juno. I have toilet trained her already, shes doing so well now. She knows how to follow me when I call her and she can now sit. I am so excited to see how she looks when she is older, she has those gorgeous freckles on her nose to match Bellas spotty ear. We are certain she is going to be a big collie and long haired, she has the best nature to her. I am looking forward to training her and we are hoping to do some trials for fun. 

Welcome to the family Juniper (Juno) we love you so much already. I am sure you will see more of my dogs over on my blog over the next life time I'm sure. Juno and Bella have a fantastic forever home and they are already the best of friends. One part of our decision to get a second dog was to give Bella a play friend. I love watching them bond and play, we are going to have so much fun together.

If you want to see more of Bella and Juno I have an Instagram. (abikempen

More blog posts planned for this week and a giveaway!


February 06, 2015

John Frieda - Frizz Ease. ( Miracle hair care )

John Frieda shampoo £5.89*
John Frieda Conditioner £5.89*
John Frieda has been a brand I have been enjoying for many years, it is the only hair care that leaves my hair feeling light and refreshed. I really enjoy using the shampoo and conditioner together,my hair is a nightmare without using conditioner. They smell amazing and leave my hair feeling light, nothing worse than a product that leaves your hair weighed down. They leave my hair frizz free, my hair looks and feels cared for. they work on the split ends to add in the moisture back, this is great during the Winter months. Light enough to use all year round, it works on repairing the damaged hair.

My hair feels more manageable and easy to style, I can see huge results whilst using these two together. I love John Frieda for me its the best combination of products to use on my dyed hair, it brings it back to life. In my bathroom cupboard I noticed I have so many John Frieda hair care products and I know I won't be changing that soon. I enjoy using them and I love seeing the results, after using my GHD Aura my hair looks silky and soft. 

Great products to use if you have dyed your hair, I am really enjoying using them and will continue to in 2015. They have changed my hair care routine and are a huge part of it.

Have you used these products before?
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