February 09, 2015

My New Puppy- Juniper

 More pictures over on my Instagram: abikempen 

We decided we would like to add to our family over the past few years but it never felt the right time until a week ago when we met this gorgeous collie. My mom rang me to tell me that she saw a poster advertising border collie puppies, we headed straight to her house to go view them all together. We knew we wanted a border collie, we already own one called Isabella and she is now four. They are our all time favourite breed of dog, loyal and very intelligent. On our way to the farm we knew what we were looking for, a long haired boy dog but as soon as we walked into the barn we set our hearts on this little girl.

Border collies are very inelegant, loyal and need a lot of exercise. We make sure Bella has everything she needs and we enjoy going on long walks, nothing beats putting on your wellies and seeing your dogs have the best time on the park. Juno is my boyfriends dog due to Bella being so close to me but she has soon started to love me too. Over the first few nights Rob was the one she needed the most, she was not sure on my voice at all. I think this is because the farmer loved them and let them in his house, so a male voice was what she knew well.

Juno is 12 weeks old and she got the all clear at the vets this week which is great. I love training dogs and I get complimented on Bella when I walk her on the park so I knew I wanted the same for Juno. I have toilet trained her already, shes doing so well now. She knows how to follow me when I call her and she can now sit. I am so excited to see how she looks when she is older, she has those gorgeous freckles on her nose to match Bellas spotty ear. We are certain she is going to be a big collie and long haired, she has the best nature to her. I am looking forward to training her and we are hoping to do some trials for fun. 

Welcome to the family Juniper (Juno) we love you so much already. I am sure you will see more of my dogs over on my blog over the next life time I'm sure. Juno and Bella have a fantastic forever home and they are already the best of friends. One part of our decision to get a second dog was to give Bella a play friend. I love watching them bond and play, we are going to have so much fun together.

If you want to see more of Bella and Juno I have an Instagram. (abikempen

More blog posts planned for this week and a giveaway!



  1. Such a beautiful little face! We have a border collie as well, she's just turned 1! Such lovely dogs, especially when well trained! Can't wait to see more of Juno! :)

    Rhianna | www.robowecop.com

  2. Wow she is such a cutie, have also take a look through your instagram and some lovely pictures on there of both the dogs.
    I love having a puppy in the house :)

    Pams Stuff and Things
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  3. What a cutie! I have a collie cross (we think lab) and they are fantastic dogs - so intelligent! Good luck with the puppy training.

    Jen x

  4. Hey Abi,

    Aww, she is just the cutest! I cannot tell you how immensely jelly I am that you not only have one but TWO adorable little pups! Cannot wait to get one of my own but London costs so much that I just spend most my time working to pay my way through life :(

    Also wanted to let you know that I've nominated you to for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"! You can see my post here:


    Hope you are well,
    Grace x

  5. Wow what an absolute cutie! Makes me wish I had puppy again, my dog is seven now, although he still thinks he is a puppy. x


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