March 22, 2015

Pay Day Treats?

One / Two / Three / Four / Five

Four days and counting till its pay day, I am super excited by this. Over the past two years I have saved each month to pay for my car but now I can treat myself just that little bit more. The first pay check at a new job means its compulsory to buy something really nice, well that's how I see it. I have lived without a pair of Vans for way to long, so I may have to make a sneaky order on Thursday. I love how comfy they are, may even get a pair for work because of how comfy they are. I love the black vans, they go so well with skinny jeans, I am so excited to buy a new pair. Over the past five years I have owned so many pairs of Vans but this style and colour I always go back to.  paired up with my favourite Topshop jeans,  this is another treat I am so excited to repurchase. I love how flattering the Jamie jeans are 
and they fit really well. I'm not  a huge fan of wearing jeans but the Topshop jeans are spot on. I won't be buying this stripy top due to the fact its £30 but I may go into Primark and do a sneaky Spring shop, I need to add more stripes and  colour to my wardrobe. 

I am due a new Iphone case and I have had my eye on this blue glittery one for ages. The glitter moves around the case when you shake it which strangely reminds me of a note book I had as a child. I am due an upgrade on my phone soon so I may see if its possible to get the Iphone 6 if the contract is reasonable enough. 

I wasn't able to pick up the free Benefit mascara when it was in a magazine last month but I have read so many positive blog posts about it I may have to go and get one myself. I am a huge fan of Benefit so I am super excited to try this product and many more products I no doubt will buy from Boots after pay day. 

I hope to blog more soon, thank you for being super supportive and I will see you soon with more beauty reviews. 

What would you buy from this wish list?


  1. I would buy all of these products too! :D

  2. Ooh gorgeous picks, I love the look of the iPhone case and yes I remember having stuff like that when I was younger and used to be obsessed with pressing the glitter around hehe.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  3. I love the idea of that phone case, I really can't use one though. I really try, but I always just like the feel of my phone minus the case.

    Maxine, xo


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