April 26, 2015

Whats In my New Orla Kiely Make Up Bag?

 When I was contacted about the new Spring/ Summer Orla Kiely travel wash bag collection I just new it was something I wanted to share with you and something so beautiful to update a Spring make up bag. I am in love with the beautiful square flower design, the colours compliment it perfectly. This is a true Orla Kiely pattern, something I enjoyed as a Art and Design student in college. The collection is now available from John Lewis nation wide. There are three parts to this collection starting from the make up bag shown above, there are a couple more products available to purchase. One is a large travel wash bag which would be handy for traveling this Summer and a medium travel wash bag. My make up bag would be perfect to fit in my essentials for a weekend away, it is the perfect size to fit in all my favourite pieces. The quality and feel of the bag is great and it is a real treat for me, its made a huge difference to my Spring make up update.
 In this post I wanted to show you the beautiful Orla Kiely make up bag but I thought I would show you a couple new pieces to my make up bag. Starting with the latest foundation to my collection, I am a huge fan of Revlon and this foundation has been great. It truly gives an air brushes look to the skin, it glides on easy and blends really well. I love the soft, medium coverage finish to this foundation. There is only one down side to this product, it has big pieces of glitter in the formula which I dislike but other than that I most likely will still wear it. 

I have a new mascara favourite which I have been loving for the past coupe months now. It is from a brand I have used and loved for years, Rimmel. It has an interesting plastic wand but it works wonders, it leaves you with thick black eye lashes. The kind of look I always go for when looking for a new mascara. This mascara is a new addition to my make up bag but one I want to use this Spring/ Summer. It never leaves you with any clumps and the final out come is perfect thick lashes. My all time favourite setting power ran out just before pay day so I picked up this Collection pressed power to just try before I got paid. I am impressed because I never change from my Rimmel one, this leaves my foundation in place all day and its light on the skin. I got mine in the shade Ivory which works well along side my foundations, excited to use this setting power more. If you fancy a read I have a full review of the Go Pro travel sized make up brushes from Make Up Revolution here. 

What make up do you recommend for Spring?


April 25, 2015

Make Up Revolution- The Go Pro Brush Set

The Go Pro set contains four mini brushes, perfect for traveling. 

This is a new launch from Make Up Revolution, who last year took over my make up bag for a good reason. I am a huge fan of the brand, they work hard and the outcome, beautiful products that are kind on your purse yet you cannot fault the quality. This new launch is no different, when I got this in the post I was super excited to share it with you. I love mini products and this set would be perfect to take away on holiday this year. I have a brush set I use all the time but for taking them out with you they can be bulky. 

In this set you get four mini brushes containing a face brush, foundation brush, angled brush and a mini eye shadow brush. This is all I need to complete my every day looks, I am in need of a new foundation brush too. I want to order their other brush set too soon, the quality of the products are amazing. I love the little pouch they come in, perfect for keeping them safe and together in my hand bag. This would be the perfect touch up kit when I head into London for events or to keep in my bag handy for long days. 

The Go Pro brush set is made from synthetic hair, they are good quality brushes for a small price of £4.95*. I am on a mission to find a new foundation so I am excited to start using this set more and more. The all you need set on the go, perfect for a little gift too. 

what do you think of the mini brush set?

April 23, 2015

3 Years + As A beauty Blogger..

So many amazing memories.
Today I wanted to look back on what I have achieved since starting my blog Kemples. I just wanted to remind myself how well I have done with my hobby and how much I really love doing this. I have been reminded by some amazing people lately that I should be proud of what I have done and to keep going. Blogging means the world to me and I can see myself doing this for years to come. So many more blog posts to write and so many more memories to collect. I sometimes get lost in a ball of negative thinking and this week has been one of those weeks, so when I feel sad I turn to my blog. It gives me something positive to do and after typing up a post I start to feel a lot more focused. 
2014 felt like the year for my blog, I met so many amazing people and I got to attend amazing events. Being invited to events is something I will forever be shocked by and super grateful for. I enjoy meeting new people and from my events I have gained so many new friends. I am so inspired by the blogging community so it is nice to meet the people behind the blogs. The support and love you get from bloggers means everything to me, it helps me stay focused on such a positive part of my life. 

I know I have said this before but being nominated for a Cosmopolitan award felt like nothing else in the world. I still feel so happy to have been reconised as an established Beauty blogger, it gave me the drive to push my blog further and to really enjoy myself. Talking about things I love and collecting memories through my blog. Documenting my life, making new friends and having my own space on the internet to be creative, this is something I want to do my whole life. Having my blog as a hobby and growing as a person through it, soon I may pluck up the courage to start a YouTube channel..

As a young girl I wanted to work for a magazine but this is my adult dream. Even though I may still be a small blogger in this community but I am so pleased to be part of it. Working with brands I adore and being sent products to review is something I will never get used to. I only work with brands I would use or love personally, recommending products to you is something I take very seriously and I know you respect me to do so.

I hope to continue this journey and I am excited to see where it takes me. I have a note book full of pages of ideas to do this year. I am on such a great path to feeling me again and I know blogging is a huge part of this road. Thank you for just over two thousand four hundred Bloglovin followers! <3 

My Top 5 Blog Tips:
  • Never compare your blog to another blog, a blog is unique.
  • start a blog about a subject you are passionate about.
  • go to events by yourself or tweet about the event and meet up  with other bloggers. I have met so many amazing new people doing this. 
  • be yourself
  • promote your blog via twitter and join in with the blog chats.

What would you like to see next on Kemples?

April 16, 2015

New To My hair care Routine...

£14.99 Paul Mitchell 

Today I wanted to share with you my all time favourite shampoo, I have to use something that is kind to my hair and scalp. My scalp is very sensitive and the wrong product can send me into a week of painful skin, There are only a couple of brands I know do this to me. Recently I tried a new shampoo and this is exactly what happened and I went into my hairdressers and asked to purchase something with tea tree in it. this is what was recommended and I am so happy to feedback that this is the miracle product that soothed my reaction to the other shampoo. My skin on my scalp is very sensitive so this is a product I really enjoy using, it soothes my skin and leaved my hair feeling soft and cared for. 

Paul Mitchell is a brand I have used before and loves so I am pleased I am able to get hold of this shampoo easily. My hairdresser used tea tree shampoo on my hair when I got it done a few weeks ago, so this is a product I love and will stick with. It is a lot more expensive than my usual drug store shampoos but it is worth it for a pain free scalp. My hair looks great and feels softer using this shampoo which is great as I dye my hair. I only use semi permanent hair dye but it still needs that extra care. 

How it works, it has natural tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender in it. I can feel my scalp tingle when I use this which is really refreshing, this would be the peppermint in it. It leaves my hair smelling great which is a huge bonus. I enjoy washing my hair with this product as I know I won't regret using it. This shampoo is vegan friendly and is colour safe. 

You feel like your hair and scalp are getting a cleanse due to the peppermint in the shampoo, it feels amazing and I know this will be a shampoo I have handy at all times. My hair has been feeling great and my scalp feels pain free with no issues using this product.

A great product I highly recommend.

April 09, 2015

Formby Beach With The Collies!

Today we decided to make the most of the sunshine and take our border collies to the beach. It was an amazing, relaxing, beautiful day that as a family we needed. Bella enjoys swimming in the sea and running around with sticks and digging. Juno had no idea how to react to the beach, there was too much going on for her but she really enjoyed it. It was lovely to watch Juno and Bella play and dig in the sand together. 

 Juno likes to be one step behind Bella at all times, she even copies Bellas movements. Bella has been an amazing big sister to Juno, Juno adores her. Bella is stick and tennis ball mad, she decided to steal a tennis ball at one point. 

 I enjoy cuddles with my dogs even on the beach when they are full of sand. My car looks like the beach on the back seat at the moment. I enjoy Spring, the blue sky and it was amazing to get some fresh air into my lungs.

Juno really enjoyed jumping around in the waves with Bella, Bella swam out deeper but Juno was not impressed by that. They are the best of friends and it was so nice to see them play and enjoy themselves. They both fell asleep on the way home in the car whilst we stopped off for an ice cream at my moms local ice cream parlor. 

I love to use my blog to document my life as well as products that I enjoy. I love how I can look back at old photographs, I hope you enjoyed reading this long photo story of my day today with the loves of my life, the two cheeky black and white pups. I will be back soon with some new beauty reviews so keep your eyes peeled for them. Today has been a lovely, relaxed day, both dogs are fast asleep in their beds right now looking very happy.

Hope you had an amazing day!


April 01, 2015

Yves Rocher Release New Make up...

Yves Rocher have released new products to their make up range, the perfect range to create a smokey eye look. In this collection you start with an eye primer, quad eye shadow palette, eye liner and mascara. I have been on the look out for an easy way to create the perfect smokey eye, having all these products makes it easy and fun to create the look I want. 
 For the perfect base for the eye shadow you start with the primer, its enriched with camellia oil to create a smooth and flawless base. I never have been a fan of eye primers but this product has made me think twice, I have been enjoying using it with all my eye shadow palettes. This product is £12.50* and fills in the fine lines leaving the eye shadow to last longer.
 I have an obsession with eye shadow palettes at the moment and the packaging on this one makes me feel happy. Look how beautiful it is, I enjoy rose gold packaging. The colours would be perfect for Spring and would match my eye colour well. The pigmentation of this quad is incredible, its soft and bendable. You can use this quad wet too, leaving you with a super cool metallic look to your eye lids. Having this option would be amazing to turn your day make up to night with one easy change. In the quad you get a step by step note to help you along with creating the perfect smokey look. You can pick up this quad for just £12.50*.

You can pick up this kajal in six shades, perfect to mix up your Spring make up looks. I am a huge fan of wearing black eye liner. It gives the eyes a pop and they stand out, this one is super creamy and looks amazing on the eyes. £9.95*
 When it comes to make up, mascara is the one thing that needs to really work for me. I love super black, long eye lashes with volume. This mascara ticks all the boxes, I am enjoying using the plastic brush, it helps to give my lashes more volume. This mascara leaves my lashes clump free, from one application. I love the packaging of the products and the pigmentation of the eye shadows. I am excited to change up my Spring make up and try out more shades. 

What do you think of the new make up?

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