May 30, 2015

Win A Book, Iphone Case & Some Make Up!

 its been a while since I held a little giveaway, so today I decided to add one for you. I love to hold giveaways just to say thank you for all your support, my blog means the world to me and its something I enjoy doing. I am devoted to typing up blog posts and watching and reading other bloggers / Youtubers work. It is a huge passion of mine and so many of you that read my blog so I wanted to hold a giveaway that could inspire your work. 
So this is why I have decided to add in a Youtubers / Bloggers book, a cute Primark phone case (Iphone 5) and an eye shadow palette from Make Up Revolution. Fleur De force is a huge inspiration to me and so many other people and I have her book too. I enjoy reading it and thought that it could inspire you too, If you win and would like a different book from the bloggers please let me know and I would more than happy send that out to you. Let me know in the comments please too, I am a huge make up revolution fan and this eye shadow palette is such great quality yet so affordable. 

Please fill in the Rafflecopter form to be in for the chance to win this little parcel.

have a great day!
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May 28, 2015

Blossoming Gifts- Beautiful Birthday Flowers.

 There is nothing better than getting beautiful fresh flowers delivered for a special occasion or just for your house. I love fresh flowers in my house and we always have some around in the living room. I was so excited when Blossoming Gifts* contacted me to ask if I would like to chose some of their website, such a special gift. 

 I decided on the Summer Garden bouquet because its Spring and heading into warmer days. I love the pastel colours with the white flowers. I was so excited for them to arrive and when they did they came in a big beautiful box with chocolates inside too. This bouquet costs £29.99* which is not bad for the amazing quality you get. 
 I have ordered flowers for my house and for family, friends before and have been disappointed by the quality but the quality of this bunch is incredible. They are fresh and smell amazing, wrapped in gorgeous green paper to make them stand out.All the different textures work so well together, I need to keep my puppy away from them before she pulls them off my table.

I am very impressed by the quality of the bouquet, they smell incredible and look amazing in my lounge. My mom was so impressed by them, she said they are stunning. Now that I know about them I definitely want to order from them for my family and friends. Such a beautiful bouquet to receive for my birthday tomorrow, they had fast flower delivery too which was amazing.

I have a special discount for my readers, enter this code at the end to receive 33% off your flowers online , this does exclude this range though. Enter BGIFTS33. in the checkout. 

I am very impressed by Blossoming Gifts, what do you think?

May 27, 2015

New To The Body Shop.

I have been lucky enough to be able to try out some new products from The body Shop. I am a huge body shop fan, I have so many skin care products from them. I attended a body shop event around three weeks ago now and was able to chat to them about all the new ranges. I am able to share the new launches with you on my blog today, I have been enjoying using all of the products this month. 
 Starting off with the vitamin c range, which smells great and I love the packaging. I have been using the vitamin c instant glow enhancer under my foundation and it definitely gives me more of a glow. This product is perfect to use over spring and summer to help enhance the skin. The formula works well for day time use, it sinks into the skin fast in time to put on your foundation. I have been loving using the moisturiser along side my skin care, I love the scent of the cream too. I love how refreshing it feels on the skin, it feels cooling when you apply it. It helps to prevent dull looking skin which I need over the Summer. It hydrates the skin with a light formula on the skin, such an incredible affordable moisturiser. £16*
 I was so excited to try out the honey bronze range, I need products like this in my life when it comes to Spring/Summer make up. They highlight your cheeks for the perfect glow, imagine using these with a tan? it would look absolutely amazing with a tan, I use the darker shade for contouring and the lighter for highlighting. I find that the pink shade is great for a hint of colour on the cheeks. They have a creamy texture and are easy to blend and they look natural once applied. £8 each*

The mojito range smells incredible which creates the perfect summer bath products. The most refreshing drink in the summer turned into bath products, perfect for your skin. This is a new limited edition range for the Summer and it is launched from the 2nd of June in stores and online. You can pick from body splashes to body butters with this range, I have tried the body splash and sorbet and I can confirm they are insanely good. Th body splash is so refreshing after a warm bath or shower, leaves you smelling great all day. The sorbet is a thick texture but one that makes you smell good all day and feels refreshing on the skin. The range costs between £4- £16. 

What do you think of the new launches? 


May 26, 2015

Bank Holiday Monday: Blackpool Zoo.

 On bank holiday Monday myself, Rob and our two friends headed over to Blackpool zoo for the day. Blackpool Zoo is one of my favourite zoo's in the North West because of the amazing views of the animals and the wide range they have for you to see. I love the atmosphere and the keepers are so friendly who care about the animals which you can see when the sea lion trainer works with them, they give her unexpected little fishy kisses. The sea lions are my favourite, I enjoy watching the display and if i'm honest would be my dream to work with them. The area they stay in is beautiful, it is a pleasure to watch them swim and they had a baby sea lion too.

 seeing as it is my birthday on Friday we all decided it would be lovely to go to the zoo, my lovely friends know me very well because the zoo is my favourite place in the world. I am my happiest around animals. The penguins have an amazing enclosure, its so calming to watch them swim. 
 The cheekiest of monkeys! 
 Another amazing enclosure with big beautiful kitties, ones you may want to cuddle but you may lose an arm or more. I enjoyed watching one of them play with a big tyre, beautiful animals. 

 It was amazing to watch a baby gorilla play, big eyes and full of energy. The male gorilla is defiantly the boss, he kept the baby in check whilst the female gorillas ate grass. I love how the baby gorilla had a cheeky side to it, the only one to take on the dad!

overall a great day out with my friends looking at all the different animals, a big love of mine learning about all the animals. I definitely want to go back again over the Summer, next time I need to take my mom shes never been. I attended the talks and its great to see how passionate the handlers are with the animals.There are two charities of many that are on the website, Biodiversity and Elephant trust if you want to head over to have a read and maybe donate? (link)also the Monk Seal charity. CBD Habitat foundation. In the future I want to be able to do a days experience or more at the zoo, that would be incredible. 


May 23, 2015

The Body Shop- Fuji Green Tea Bath Salts & Infuser.

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea £12
Fuji Green Tea Bath Infuser £5

When I attended The Body Shop event in Manchester a couple weeks ago I made a few little purchases using the 30% off they gave us on the night. I decided to buy Drops of Youth sleeping mask and this green tea bath set. You buy the bath salts as well as the infuser to create an incredible bath. This is something new to me, usually when it comes to tea scented products its a no go for me but when I got to see this range in the shop it changed my mind completely. I actually want to go back and get a few more products from this range soon. 

The bath salts contain real green tea which helps to cleanse and unwind, which is what I need right now. It is perfect to use to soak away the long day, i find that after using this product I sleep better too. All I do is pop a tea spoon amount of salts into the infuser and run my bath with the infuser hanging inside the water. Once I get into the bath I just relax, after I defiantly feel more soothed and relaxed. 

The infuser helps to evenly infuse the green tea salts and it creates a mess free bath. I love how refreshing they smell, defiantly a product I want to use small amounts of or I may need to buy a second one soon. It is defiantly a bath product I have enjoyed using, recently I have not been able to find the perfect relaxing bath product until this one. 

Have you tried this product yet?


May 22, 2015

Ted Baker Mint Beauty Set.

 What I love about Ted baker is the elegant packaging, its just beautiful and stands out. I am  a huge fan of mint blue and was super excited to see this come in the post last week. For starters the packaging is outstanding, it defiantly stands out from so many gift sets. When you see it on the shelf you know its from Ted baker due to the pattern and style. I love the white bow on the wash bag with the rose gold T. The zip has a rose gold T on it too which is amazing, for £20* this is a gorgeous set.
Ted Baker £20*

The scent of this set is something new to my growing collection of body sprays and perfumes. It is fresh and sweet but with a soft finish to it. The scent has fruity top notes with violet topped off with vanilla to give it the sweet scent. The set looks great on my dressing table and the wash bag is something I will keep and re use for travelling or make up. I am in love with the mint packaging, it is something I would buy for my friends or family, overall it looks gorgeous and smells amazing. I love how simple yet effective the body spray packaging is with the rose gold T on the lid. Ted Baker do outstanding beauty sets and products, I am enjoying using this one.

What do you think of this set?


May 21, 2015

Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask..

 New to my skin care is this gorgeous sleeping mask from The Body Shop. I have been wanting to purchase this for a few weeks now but when I attended the body shop event in Manchester we were offered 30% off everything so I took the plunge and purchased this. It retails at £22 so its not the cheapest skin product I own but so worth the hype. I use this nearly every night before I go to bed and when I wake up my skin feels soft and refreshed.

This product is designed to leave the skin bouncier and refreshed, I can report that it defiantly does what it says. I have been enjoying using this product for just over two weeks now and it feels great. The formula is super bouncy so it never looks like you have touched the product and the texture feels odd but nice on the skin. This mask is designed to be left on over night which is something new to my skin care. I have noticed a huge change to my skin, it defiantly looks less dry and feels softer. I have dry, combination skin and it works wonders along side my tea tree skin routine. It controls the dryness on my face and its fun to use at night. I love the memory shape texture to the product, it was what drew me to the product at first. This is worth all the hype and price, I have been enjoying using this as part of my skin care. I was recommended this product when I had a skin consultation at the body shop event. 

have you tried this product?

May 20, 2015

April Pawsome Box- Starring Juniper & Isabella...

 When it comes to subscriptions there is one box I get so excited to receive and that is from Pawsome Box. Bella and Juno feel the same way, it took a long time to get these photographs because they wanted to steal things from the box. They are currently fighting over the ice cream cone but having a great time. Juniper is new to the Pawsome Box, Bella truly understood that this box was for her.
 Pawsome Box is a monthly subscription for your dogs, there is one for cats too called Purrfect box which is super cute. Each month you get a selection of products to try based on information you give when you sign up to Pawsome. I enjoy the themes each month, this keeps all the products exciting. Aprils box theme is Let's Chill with a selection of chews and toys for the dogs. I do agree that my dogs are huge posers but how cute are they? I am biased! 
 In Aprils box you get a good amount of products for £19.90* a month, along with treats and toys for your dogs. My dogs love plush toys which is why they are fighting over it right now. Juniper loves to chew on the bone toy which is good for her to keep active, great for a little puppy. The dental spray is something I am excited to use for them, maintaining their smiles. You can get some discounts off the treats, 20% off at   ( discount codes at the end of the post)

Overall a great subscription box to keep your dogs happy with toys and treats all in one box. every month there is a new theme which makes the box fun. My dogs love this box and we tend to use every product in the box. from poop bag dispensers to dental treats. You can get a free trial of the dog or cat box and all you have to do is pay the £2.90 for the delivery. (link) please read the terms and conditions.

What do you think of the box?
You have a cat? try the Purrfect box! 
Some discount codes for my readers as mentioned above:
ADD25 for Puppy Food and Treats from Advance.
ADS25 for Dog Food and Treats from Advance.
ADC25 for Cat Food from Advance. Valid until the 31/05/2015

May 13, 2015

VitaCoco Coconut oil: 12 Ways To Use It.

This is something new to my beauty regime, something I have never tried before so I was super excited to receive the Vita Coco coconut oil in the post. Just a few days before I was considering popping into Holland & Barrett for a jar. Over the past few weeks I have been researching about using coconut oil and the benefits, one of my friends mentioned she uses it twice a week on her hair and her hair grew 3/4 inches in a couple months. This made me want to try out coconut oil as soon as possible. I am on a mission to get my hair into good shape and for it to grow just that bit more.
 I really like how the coconut oil has been packaged, keeping to the vitaCoco brand we all know and love. This product has got me excited for a new hair care routine and Summer, I am usually not a coconut oil scent fan but this has a slight smell to it that will work well for Summer hair. 
 Eat it / wear it / swear by it.
VitaCoco Coconut oil £9.99*
This is a 100% raw, pressed coconut oil which makes it a great alternative to cooking with butter or oil. It can also work well as a natural moisturiser for hair and skin, leave over night in your hair for best results. I am excited to use this product on my hair weekly and on my skin, I get dry skin on my face so I am excited to use it more on my skin. I love the scent for Summer and it makes your hair smell gorgeous. I want my hair to grow, so I am hoping using this will work wonders. I have heard great reviews about using Coconut oil on your hair.

here are a few more uses for coconut oil..

  • Add to food or drinks for energy.
  • an eye make up remover.
  • use in the shower as a body scrub, add in equal amounts of sugar.
  • got some left over, use it as a natural chap stick.
  • use on your hair and leave it on over night (use a shower cap)
  • can help sooth eczema and psoriasis 
  • cooking.
  • can be rubbed into hair daily to stimulate hair growth.
  • mix with salt to use on your feet 
  •  use by itself or with baking soda to whiten teeth.
  • body lotion.
  • use on cuticles to help grow your nails.
Have you used coconut oil before?

May 09, 2015

Byron Burger & The Body Shop Beauty Blogger Event...

 Myself and Laura headed into Manchester early before the event to go shopping and get some tasty food. We decided to head to Byron Burger which was an amazing recommendation from Laura. It was my first Byron burger and I defiantly want to head back soon. I decided to get a bean burger with french fries, my meal was super tasty and I would order that again. I love that the drinks come in iced glasses to keep your drinks cold, just what you need when you come off a crowded train. 

Around 8 we headed into The Body Shop event and welcomed by smiling faces, milkshakes, drinks and a chocolate fountain. I am a huge Body Shop fan so it was amazing to be able to hear all about the new ranges out and ones that are launching soon. We got 30% off any of the ranges which was hard to resist due to my wishlist being as long as my arm. 
Everything was set up for us to have an amazing night, we walked around having a good look at all the products. I decided to buy a few things which I will feature in a haul post next week. I had a couple products I have been lusting over for a few days so I am glad I waited to hear all about the products from the girls in the shop. I enjoyed the white chocolate fountain and the milkshakes in cute glass jars.

 On the night we listened to one of the lovely girls talk about all the products that are new and ones that are coming soon. I really enjoyed being able to chat to the girls in the shop about the products and to learn more about my own skin care. On the night we could have skin consultations and we could try the new bronzed range. I decided to have a skin consultation and I got recommended some great products and I found out more about my skin type. I left with some great products and if we spent over £25 we got five products free, which was a great offer. I am super excited to try out the new Vitamin C range, which I will review soon over on my blog. The new products that are launching soon sound exciting and great for a Summer scent. The bronzed range is something I am excited to try out, all the new products looked great. Overall I had a fun night, I found out new tips for my skin type and new products to use. Keep an eye out for a haul post soon...

What do you think of the new launches from The Body Shop?

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