May 20, 2015

April Pawsome Box- Starring Juniper & Isabella...

 When it comes to subscriptions there is one box I get so excited to receive and that is from Pawsome Box. Bella and Juno feel the same way, it took a long time to get these photographs because they wanted to steal things from the box. They are currently fighting over the ice cream cone but having a great time. Juniper is new to the Pawsome Box, Bella truly understood that this box was for her.
 Pawsome Box is a monthly subscription for your dogs, there is one for cats too called Purrfect box which is super cute. Each month you get a selection of products to try based on information you give when you sign up to Pawsome. I enjoy the themes each month, this keeps all the products exciting. Aprils box theme is Let's Chill with a selection of chews and toys for the dogs. I do agree that my dogs are huge posers but how cute are they? I am biased! 
 In Aprils box you get a good amount of products for £19.90* a month, along with treats and toys for your dogs. My dogs love plush toys which is why they are fighting over it right now. Juniper loves to chew on the bone toy which is good for her to keep active, great for a little puppy. The dental spray is something I am excited to use for them, maintaining their smiles. You can get some discounts off the treats, 20% off at   ( discount codes at the end of the post)

Overall a great subscription box to keep your dogs happy with toys and treats all in one box. every month there is a new theme which makes the box fun. My dogs love this box and we tend to use every product in the box. from poop bag dispensers to dental treats. You can get a free trial of the dog or cat box and all you have to do is pay the £2.90 for the delivery. (link) please read the terms and conditions.

What do you think of the box?
You have a cat? try the Purrfect box! 
Some discount codes for my readers as mentioned above:
ADD25 for Puppy Food and Treats from Advance.
ADS25 for Dog Food and Treats from Advance.
ADC25 for Cat Food from Advance. Valid until the 31/05/2015


  1. great package! Your dogs are so excited :)

  2. N'aww that is a lovely box! Love that ice cream toy the most!

  3. Those are some happy pups! What a great idea.



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