May 26, 2015

Bank Holiday Monday: Blackpool Zoo.

 On bank holiday Monday myself, Rob and our two friends headed over to Blackpool zoo for the day. Blackpool Zoo is one of my favourite zoo's in the North West because of the amazing views of the animals and the wide range they have for you to see. I love the atmosphere and the keepers are so friendly who care about the animals which you can see when the sea lion trainer works with them, they give her unexpected little fishy kisses. The sea lions are my favourite, I enjoy watching the display and if i'm honest would be my dream to work with them. The area they stay in is beautiful, it is a pleasure to watch them swim and they had a baby sea lion too.

 seeing as it is my birthday on Friday we all decided it would be lovely to go to the zoo, my lovely friends know me very well because the zoo is my favourite place in the world. I am my happiest around animals. The penguins have an amazing enclosure, its so calming to watch them swim. 
 The cheekiest of monkeys! 
 Another amazing enclosure with big beautiful kitties, ones you may want to cuddle but you may lose an arm or more. I enjoyed watching one of them play with a big tyre, beautiful animals. 

 It was amazing to watch a baby gorilla play, big eyes and full of energy. The male gorilla is defiantly the boss, he kept the baby in check whilst the female gorillas ate grass. I love how the baby gorilla had a cheeky side to it, the only one to take on the dad!

overall a great day out with my friends looking at all the different animals, a big love of mine learning about all the animals. I definitely want to go back again over the Summer, next time I need to take my mom shes never been. I attended the talks and its great to see how passionate the handlers are with the animals.There are two charities of many that are on the website, Biodiversity and Elephant trust if you want to head over to have a read and maybe donate? (link)also the Monk Seal charity. CBD Habitat foundation. In the future I want to be able to do a days experience or more at the zoo, that would be incredible. 



  1. Going to the zoo is always such a great day out! I've never been to Blackpool though - it looks really good :)

    Laura x

  2. Looks like such a lovely day out. I haven't been to the zoo in ages. I must visit one soon!



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