May 21, 2015

Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask..

 New to my skin care is this gorgeous sleeping mask from The Body Shop. I have been wanting to purchase this for a few weeks now but when I attended the body shop event in Manchester we were offered 30% off everything so I took the plunge and purchased this. It retails at £22 so its not the cheapest skin product I own but so worth the hype. I use this nearly every night before I go to bed and when I wake up my skin feels soft and refreshed.

This product is designed to leave the skin bouncier and refreshed, I can report that it defiantly does what it says. I have been enjoying using this product for just over two weeks now and it feels great. The formula is super bouncy so it never looks like you have touched the product and the texture feels odd but nice on the skin. This mask is designed to be left on over night which is something new to my skin care. I have noticed a huge change to my skin, it defiantly looks less dry and feels softer. I have dry, combination skin and it works wonders along side my tea tree skin routine. It controls the dryness on my face and its fun to use at night. I love the memory shape texture to the product, it was what drew me to the product at first. This is worth all the hype and price, I have been enjoying using this as part of my skin care. I was recommended this product when I had a skin consultation at the body shop event. 

have you tried this product?


  1. I really, really want to try this! It sounds like it leaves your skin feeling great. The texture looks really cool too. So different to any other product I have tried! x

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  2. I've got a little tester of this and keep forgetting to use it! I'm expecting great things when I do use it, seen so many great reviews of it xxx


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