May 07, 2015

My Border collie Puppy Update, 6 Months on..

 Over the last six months I have done a couple posts about my new border collie puppy sharing with you her updates. She has grown so much over the past few months, I look back at the blog posts and she looks like a completely different dog. As you may already know my dogs are a huge part of my life and I enjoy documenting our lives together over on my social media. Juniper is now six months old, she is just as hyper and happy as ever. She has a real cheeky streak and knows exactly how to wind up her sister Isabella and me at times but obviously we forgive her. Border collies are very loyal, bright and hyper, Juniper lives up to this. She fits in so well with Bella and Bella enjoys having her as company. In this photograph she has a bit of fluff on her nose which is so sweet, she has caring eyes.
Her ears have grown, they are just as big as Bellas and she is only six months old. Her spots on her nose have gotten darker and it makes her look even more cheeky with a freckly face. We are still not sure how big she will get but I am guessing similar size to Bella. Her hair seems to be getting longer every month, such a beauty. I really enjoy owning two border collies, its not easy yet I would not change it for the world. Juno was an early riser and asked for her breakfast at five o clock every morning but as she gets older she understands breakfast time is at 7 unless I am in work earlier. 
Her personality is full of cheekiness and fun, she is very independent too unlike her sister Bella who can be easily scared by small noises etc. Its crazy how different they are but yet they are the perfect combination for each other. Juniper hates her photograph being taken but yet as you can see Bella is such a little poser. I know for a fact I will have border collies for the rest of my life, they are a huge part of my me. Nothing makes me more happy than taking them to the beach, park or on walks and seeing them have a great time. 
This is my little poser Isabella, she is such a little cutie. She is five this year which is a crazy thought, I love that she has a spotty ear and Juniper has a spotty nose, sort of matching which is sweet. I decided that both dogs are going to be matching and both wear red collars and harnesses, yes I am that person. For my birthday this year I hope to go to the beach like we do every year but this time we will have Juno join us. I do feel sorry for anyone who follows me on social media because I do share a lot about my dogs, yet I do it because I love them so much. Juno has grown so much over the past few months, here is the first post I did when we got her at 12 weeks. (link) This is the second post I did where she was 17 weeks old. (link) She has such a beautiful nature to her and I am excited to see her grow.



  1. Those ears though...she is sooooo cute, as is your older dog. They are such a good looking pair :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  2. Oh wow, she is incredibly cute!! I bet you don't want her to grow up haha!
    Jennie Emma


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