May 22, 2015

Ted Baker Mint Beauty Set.

 What I love about Ted baker is the elegant packaging, its just beautiful and stands out. I am  a huge fan of mint blue and was super excited to see this come in the post last week. For starters the packaging is outstanding, it defiantly stands out from so many gift sets. When you see it on the shelf you know its from Ted baker due to the pattern and style. I love the white bow on the wash bag with the rose gold T. The zip has a rose gold T on it too which is amazing, for £20* this is a gorgeous set.
Ted Baker £20*

The scent of this set is something new to my growing collection of body sprays and perfumes. It is fresh and sweet but with a soft finish to it. The scent has fruity top notes with violet topped off with vanilla to give it the sweet scent. The set looks great on my dressing table and the wash bag is something I will keep and re use for travelling or make up. I am in love with the mint packaging, it is something I would buy for my friends or family, overall it looks gorgeous and smells amazing. I love how simple yet effective the body spray packaging is with the rose gold T on the lid. Ted Baker do outstanding beauty sets and products, I am enjoying using this one.

What do you think of this set?



  1. This is all so pretty! Ted baker packaging really is something special! It will make a perfect birthday present! xxx

  2. I love Ted Baker Gift sets! I really like the colours and the packaging of this one too, lovely photos x

    Zoe Mountford x


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