May 23, 2015

The Body Shop- Fuji Green Tea Bath Salts & Infuser.

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea £12
Fuji Green Tea Bath Infuser £5

When I attended The Body Shop event in Manchester a couple weeks ago I made a few little purchases using the 30% off they gave us on the night. I decided to buy Drops of Youth sleeping mask and this green tea bath set. You buy the bath salts as well as the infuser to create an incredible bath. This is something new to me, usually when it comes to tea scented products its a no go for me but when I got to see this range in the shop it changed my mind completely. I actually want to go back and get a few more products from this range soon. 

The bath salts contain real green tea which helps to cleanse and unwind, which is what I need right now. It is perfect to use to soak away the long day, i find that after using this product I sleep better too. All I do is pop a tea spoon amount of salts into the infuser and run my bath with the infuser hanging inside the water. Once I get into the bath I just relax, after I defiantly feel more soothed and relaxed. 

The infuser helps to evenly infuse the green tea salts and it creates a mess free bath. I love how refreshing they smell, defiantly a product I want to use small amounts of or I may need to buy a second one soon. It is defiantly a bath product I have enjoyed using, recently I have not been able to find the perfect relaxing bath product until this one. 

Have you tried this product yet?



  1. I hadn't heard of this product until a few days ago and I don't particularly like the taste of green tea but I like the idea of a diffuser to put bath salts in, I'm tempted to try this xxx

  2. This sounds like something I need, I have ran out of all my bath products so I will have to pick this up next!

    Hannah Heartss x


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