June 09, 2015

May favourites 2015.

 May is my favourite month due to the fact it is my birthday month. I always tend to enjoy May and it ends up being a great month for me. I had an amazing birthday, spending time with the loves of my life in my week off. I loved going to a cute tea room with my mom and driving to Liverpool on my birthday with Rob. I enjoyed spending quality time with my dogs who as you can tell mean the world to me, I also enjoy my job a lot so things are looking up. So many things I have been loving in May so I thought I would show you a handful of the best.
 The product that has stood out for me and changed my everyday make up is the new Nars foundation. I purchased this back in April and I have been enjoying using it most days. I wanted a foundation that would last an 8 hour shift, I can confirm this does the job. I love how it feels on the skin, weightless and soft. I love the glow it gives my skin too which is always a bonus. I will do a full review on this very soon for you. I love buying mugs which is a weird thing to admit, I love to have my own mugs in the house. This border collie one is very special to me in obvious ways really, I just love the collie on it. I got this at the cute cafe when I had afternoon tea. The mojito range from the Body Shop smells like a beautiful holiday drinking a yummy cocktail. I have been loving using these two products, the scent is just heaven. The body splash is something fun to use after a bath and it keeps you smelling great. I have been loving using the green tea range in my bath too, leaves me feeling super relaxed. 

Appletini is a candle I purchased back in April, I have been loving using it. It leaves the whole room smelling gorgeous and its such a lovely sweet yet not sickly smell. It lasts for ages too which is awesome for a £3 candle. I need to pick up some more of these soon, I want to try the watermelon one next. In May I made a big Avon order as a treat and I picked up this gorgeous summery colour, called fire cracker. It has a gel finish which I love and because of the finish it lasts ages. I am in love with the colour of this nail polish, its all I have been wearing in May. 

Ted Baker launched some new products, read this review here for more information on the mint range. I love the scent of this body spray, it is different to anything I have ever smelt, a gorgeous sweet vanilla yet super fresh. This came in a gorgeous mint wash bag along with a few more products which are fab. 

In May I discovered some new skin care products and both have changed my skin for the better. No 7 is a brand I tend to stay away from in Boots for no reason at all but this changed when I decided to use a voucher for £5 off in Boots. I picked up this cleansing balm and it removes all my make up, gently cleansing my skin. This product will stay in my skin care routine for many more months to come. Its gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling very clean and it soon replaced my cleanse and polish. Along side this I have been loving this face scrub, its harsh yet so gentle on my skin. It removes any unwanted dry skin working on the pores. I purchased this product from Avon, I have been loving using it to keep my skin looking fresh and soft for the Summer. I may need to start a YouTube soon so I can talk all about my favourites in detail?

More Favourites:
  • my new Iphone 6
  • my border collies 
  • my new job!
  • My home
  • fresh flowers
  • Pawsome Box
  • Byron Burger
What have you been loving this May?


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