June 20, 2015

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation.

I have been on the hunt for a foundation that lasts all day at work and looks smooth on the skin. I have tried so many foundations over the last seven years without finding ones that I stick with. So I decided to spend a little more on something I have been wanting to try for a while, Nars has been a brand I have had on my wish list for years. I am so pleased that I decided to splurge a little and try the new Nars foundation. 

I apply the foundation with my finger tips which is new to me since buying make up brushes. Using your finger tips warm the product so that it is easier to blend, I can confirm it is easier to do it this way. the product warms up and becomes smooth to apply. I got the shade Mont Blanc and the lady at the counter was very helpful. I had no idea what shade I was looking for and she helped me decide very quickly. One thing I love about this foundation is that it lasts a long time because you only need a small amount to cover the skin. It has a medium coverage which is what I look for in foundations. I love how smooth and silky the finish feels and looks. It lasts around 10 hours during work which is important for me, last thing I would want is for it to slide of my face a few hours into work.

I use a small amount on sections of my face, starting with one side then moving on to the other. I love the light weight feel to the foundation, it makes the skin look natural. It is the perfect match to my skin which is what I struggle with when I buy drugstore foundations. This foundation has lasted 3 months so far with more to use. So spending more helps in the long run too, now I know my shade I can order it online. 

This Nars foundation comes in 20 shades which is amazing, it also means that I would recommend that you go to a Nars counter to get colour matched. This foundation has changed my everyday make up for the better, it is more work because of having to use my fingers to blend in but it is so worth it. 

I have been loving this foundation, have you tried this?



  1. I have heard a bit about it but every time I go to a NARS counter they are out of stock in all the lighter shades! But it does sound amazing!


  2. I really really want to try this foundation. I've used sheer glow for years and I love it but just fancy a change, and I've heard only good things about this one!

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