June 05, 2015

PawsomeBox May 2015.

This is one of my favourite blog posts to do and to get my dogs involved too. They both really enjoy this box, now that I have two nothing goes unused. Both dogs are running around my sofa with the mouse toy as I type this up. I enjoy opening up this box with them, they get so excited and they try steal the toys out of it before I can get some pictures for my blog. 
 This months box is all about being Happy, which I love because nothing makes me more happy than seeing my dogs play and coming home to their smiling faces. So do what makes you happy which is what my dogs do for me, they are gorgeous. In this box there is a a good mixture of toys and treats. PawsomeBox is a company I love to support, I love what they do and its a great box to receive in the post. 

 In this box you get a water bottle, plush toy, biogance wipes, Nutri pockets by Gimdogs, rope toy and Treats and snacks from animal farm. I love the plush toys that come in the pawsomebox, Bella is a huge fan of cuddly toys so this makes her very happy. Juniper loves the rope toys so this box works very well for both of them. The bacon and banana treats have gone down a treat, its something different for them too. 
 My beautiful girls.
 Juniper taking a good look around what is in the box, she loves the little mouse toy. I love this box because it has a good amount of treats and toys in it. The treats go down well when we do training because Juno is now 7 months old. Shes doing really well with her training, shes brilliant on the lead too. Overall a great monthly box from Pawsome,* its one of my favourite reviews to do. Two hours later and my dogs are still playing with the mouse toy, squeaking it over and over again. 
What do you think of PawsomeBox?

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  1. Your dogs are so cute! ^^ Love the concept of this box xx



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