July 30, 2015

PawsomeBox July 2015

 Without a doubt this is one of my favourite blog posts to write, they are an amazing company that I support fully. They are so kind and friendly in their emails too which is lovely, I am a huge fan of PawsomeBox. I can confirm my dogs are too, they know that this parcel is for them. We sit on my bed and we open this together and each product I take out the box they go mad for. The toys are the most exciting bit for them, when I photograph the box they steal things and run off with them. They get so excited to try all the treats and play with the toys.
 This is the July box for Summer, we get so excited about the theme each month. It makes it exciting to see what the theme is each time you open the boxes. I love that this one is a Summer theme because we went to the beach yesterday and took the bowl with us, it worked wonders. It fits so snug in your bag and its so handy to have when you go on long walks. 
 In each box you get a booklet talking about all sorts of things, I think its a great addition to the box. It has tips and tricks in to teach your dog and it talks about each product you get in the box. 
 Juniper loved the puppy chew in this months box she was so excited to start playing with it, she cried until I finally let them have the toys after taking the pictures. They really enjoy each box and we use every single product which is amazing for a subscription box. Bella loved the soft toy which she took then ran off downstairs as fast as she could. 
 I love that in each box you get to try different treats for your dogs, it fills up their treat tin for a good few weeks. Juniper is still a puppy so she really enjoyed these chicken bones and they both really like the paste. 
PawsomeBox £19.90*
Overall I think this has been the best box yet, so many things we can use on walks and toys that they really love. They love all the tasty treats too which is a bonus as their treat tin is full, its such a good box and great price too. You get so much more in the box and it helps us to find things they enjoy. Each month has a different theme which is exciting and its lovely to open the box with my dogs to see them get so excited about the products. They tend to pose for the pictures like good girls and all of a sudden try and take the toys. They are too clever for their own good sometimes, such a great experience and box for my dogs.You can adapt the box to the age,size,breed of your dog by just filling out some details. You can try your first box for free here.

What do you think of PawsomeBox?  

July 14, 2015

24/7 Coconut With Vita Coco.

 I am so excited to try out some recipes with Vita coco, they must have know I want to start eating healthier and learning to cook. In this book there are so many dishes I would eat and I am very fussy when it comes to food. Over the past six years I have been gradually starting to cancel meat out of my diet just because I prefer vegetarian food. I tend to enjoy my food more when its vegetarian. I am a big fan of making smoothies too, I love to drink one in the morning. Coconut oil has so many uses and its great for your diet, I had no idea that you could make so many different dishes using coconut. 
 I have used Vita Coco oil on my skin, its great for dry skin and helps to improve the look of my hair. Using it as a face mask, hair mask has worked wonders so I am excited to add it to my food now too. 
 Easy way to look better and feel better has to be my new look on life, trying so hard to feel better so eating well too will help. In this book it has so many great ideas for main courses and deserts. Desert can be better for you with the help of this book, it all looks so tasty.

You start of with the essentials and why coconut oil is good for you, going into breakfast, drinks, sauces and deserts. I love the back of this book because in the last chapter it shows you how to make your own spa products. I may need to try this and show my results on here. I am excited to use coconut oil in my smoothies and to learn to cook tasty healthy food. I love this book, its going to come in handy. You can get this book of Amazon here and check out Vita Cocos website too. 

What do you think of this book?


July 10, 2015

The Perfect Summer Dress From FatFace.

 This has to be my all time favourite summer dress, FatFace were kind enough to send me it to feature on my blog. I have never come across a summer dress that fits me so well, I struggle to find summer dresses that fit nicely around my boobs without feeling exposed. I love the cut of this dress, it is very flattering around my top and middle. I love the length of the dress too, its super light and comfortable to wear in the sun. The pattern of the dress is just incredible, a dress I have totally fallen in love with.

 What initially drew me to this dress was the pineapple print, I love anything with this print on this Summer. It seems to be on everything, from bedding to night wear in shops. I paired the dress with my new Primark bag and my Urban outfitters sunglasses. My new sunglasses have been glued to my head this summer. What I do know about this post though, I need to pile on the fake tan. This was a blog post out of my comfort zone of beauty but I really enjoyed working with FatFace and may do more outfit posts in the future now.
Not sure if I did this dress justice but it is a beautiful summer dress to wear to a festival, Bbq or even to the beach. I am obsessed with this dress, the print really stands out and the cut of the dress fits really well. Thank you to FatFace for such an amazing opportunity to blog about this dress, it has opened my eyes up to the beautiful pieces they have. Today was such a beautiful day, it was nice to have an early morning walk with the dogs taking photos for this post before having to go out to do chores. I know I will be wearing this dress more often this Summer and many more to come. head over to the FatFace website here to see more of the new items and summer Brights. I have one more outfit to show you so keep an eye out for that. 

What do you think of this dress?

July 05, 2015

June Favourites 2015.

 As I type my monthly favourites I always think to myself that I should start YouTube so that I could add more favourites or talk about them more in depth. If I get the confidence this is the year i would like to start my own channel to go with my blog. June is a month I hope for gorgeous weather, we have had a heat wave which lasted a few days. I have been loving wearing my Urban Outfitters sunglasses, they have been glued to my face. Such a gorgeous shape, one that suits me. I find it very hard to find sunglasses that suit me. I have loved the June Pawsomebox, it came with some amazing things inside for my beautiful dogs. Full review here if you fancy a read.  
 June has been the month I got back into reading, I really enjoy getting in bed after a long day to read. I am currently reading The Girl On The Train and is fab, I watched Essie Buttons review on her YouTube and thought this is a book I'd enjoy, she was right. I will do a full review of the book once I have finished it. On a similar theme I have enjoyed watching Gone Girl again, I got it for my birthday in May, I really enjoyed that book too. I have loved reading Tanya Burr's book, Love Tanya over the past few days. I like how its set out in sections from Love, Baking to YouTube. Reading about how she met Jim made me smile, I am also excited to bake some of the cookies. 
 There are a handful of beauty products I have been loving in June. Starting off with two new shampoos, I have to be careful when it comes to hair products. I have a very sensitive scalp, so I have finally found a few more products to suit me. The Garnier lemon and green tea shampoo smells amazing, so soft on my hair leaving it super clean and shiny. The coconut shampoo was on offer in Boots for £6 so I decided to pick one up, I am so pleased I did. What drew me to it was the word weightless, I have no body in my hair if I use heavy products so this is perfect. The scent is gorgeous too, so nice and clean on my hair. leaving hair feeling light and fresh, my scalp loves this one too. I am a bit obsessed with coconut oil at the minute so this works well into my hair care routine. 
The orla Kiely candle has been a huge favourite in our house, Rob loves lemon and has been wanting to light it for so long. The scent is perfect for the Summer months and it looks gorgeous on our fire place. I have yet again been loving products from The Body shop, this time it is the seaweed face mask. I was kindly given a sample at the event a few months ago and decided to buy it, it works so well on my skin. Don't leave it on for too long because it can dry your skin out but leave it on for 10 minutes and it works wonders.

What have you been loving in June?

July 04, 2015

Blogosphere Magazine: issue 6. Marcus Butler.

 This magazine is a guilty pleasure just like my other favourite magazines I read monthly. Blogosphere magazine is not a monthly issue, even though that would be fabulous.I enjoy collecting the issues as they come out, I have every single issue since Essie Button covered the first one. I am a huge fan of this magazine, due to the fact it showcases all levels of blogs, youtubers. They are so kind on Twitter too which is amazing to have, I wish them all the success. In Issue 6 Marcus Butler is the cover star, no surprise due to the fact he is a huge YouTuber but one that is loved by so many. I love to see each time who the cover star is, they hint over on Twitter just before they say which is fun. 
 I love to read the interviews from the cover stars who have made it blogging or on YouTube. It inspires me to blog and to enjoy what I do over on here. I love to find new blogs to read too, which is why I look forward to each issue. I love the quality of the magazine, it feels great and it looks smart. Fresh clean pages filled with great content, that I read from page one. Every single page there is something to read and enjoy, which is rare in magazines. This is what makes this magazine great, it has something for everyone. From beauty bloggers to travel bloggers, there is something to inspire us all. I blog about lifestyle and mainly beauty but when I read travel blogs it truly inspires me to branch out and enjoy more about my blog. I would love to add more content to my blog which is influenced by Blogosphere.  I enjoy reading the pages about bloggers stories such as this one, blogging myself better which is also why I blog. It helps me to stay focused and its something to be proud of. Keeps my mind busy and happy.
 In each issue we see big bloggers who we are inspired by such as What Olivia Did and find new bloggers such as Style Slicker. I really enjoy Olivia's fashion posts, she has style that you can relate to and take something from each look for yourself. It would be a dream to one day be featured in this magazine and we can all dream to be the cover star. Blogging is my passion and I want to further it by starting to add more content.
Blogosphere Magazine £4
You can purchase the magazine as an e book and print, I go for the printed issue so that I can keep them in my office for inspiration. I enjoy reading all about other bloggers and the cover star interviews. This is a great magazine that is inspiring and diverse. Thank you Blogosphere for celebrating all blogs big and small. Get your copy here, you won't regret it.

What do you think of issue 6?

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