July 04, 2015

Blogosphere Magazine: issue 6. Marcus Butler.

 This magazine is a guilty pleasure just like my other favourite magazines I read monthly. Blogosphere magazine is not a monthly issue, even though that would be fabulous.I enjoy collecting the issues as they come out, I have every single issue since Essie Button covered the first one. I am a huge fan of this magazine, due to the fact it showcases all levels of blogs, youtubers. They are so kind on Twitter too which is amazing to have, I wish them all the success. In Issue 6 Marcus Butler is the cover star, no surprise due to the fact he is a huge YouTuber but one that is loved by so many. I love to see each time who the cover star is, they hint over on Twitter just before they say which is fun. 
 I love to read the interviews from the cover stars who have made it blogging or on YouTube. It inspires me to blog and to enjoy what I do over on here. I love to find new blogs to read too, which is why I look forward to each issue. I love the quality of the magazine, it feels great and it looks smart. Fresh clean pages filled with great content, that I read from page one. Every single page there is something to read and enjoy, which is rare in magazines. This is what makes this magazine great, it has something for everyone. From beauty bloggers to travel bloggers, there is something to inspire us all. I blog about lifestyle and mainly beauty but when I read travel blogs it truly inspires me to branch out and enjoy more about my blog. I would love to add more content to my blog which is influenced by Blogosphere.  I enjoy reading the pages about bloggers stories such as this one, blogging myself better which is also why I blog. It helps me to stay focused and its something to be proud of. Keeps my mind busy and happy.
 In each issue we see big bloggers who we are inspired by such as What Olivia Did and find new bloggers such as Style Slicker. I really enjoy Olivia's fashion posts, she has style that you can relate to and take something from each look for yourself. It would be a dream to one day be featured in this magazine and we can all dream to be the cover star. Blogging is my passion and I want to further it by starting to add more content.
Blogosphere Magazine £4
You can purchase the magazine as an e book and print, I go for the printed issue so that I can keep them in my office for inspiration. I enjoy reading all about other bloggers and the cover star interviews. This is a great magazine that is inspiring and diverse. Thank you Blogosphere for celebrating all blogs big and small. Get your copy here, you won't regret it.

What do you think of issue 6?


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