July 30, 2015

PawsomeBox July 2015

 Without a doubt this is one of my favourite blog posts to write, they are an amazing company that I support fully. They are so kind and friendly in their emails too which is lovely, I am a huge fan of PawsomeBox. I can confirm my dogs are too, they know that this parcel is for them. We sit on my bed and we open this together and each product I take out the box they go mad for. The toys are the most exciting bit for them, when I photograph the box they steal things and run off with them. They get so excited to try all the treats and play with the toys.
 This is the July box for Summer, we get so excited about the theme each month. It makes it exciting to see what the theme is each time you open the boxes. I love that this one is a Summer theme because we went to the beach yesterday and took the bowl with us, it worked wonders. It fits so snug in your bag and its so handy to have when you go on long walks. 
 In each box you get a booklet talking about all sorts of things, I think its a great addition to the box. It has tips and tricks in to teach your dog and it talks about each product you get in the box. 
 Juniper loved the puppy chew in this months box she was so excited to start playing with it, she cried until I finally let them have the toys after taking the pictures. They really enjoy each box and we use every single product which is amazing for a subscription box. Bella loved the soft toy which she took then ran off downstairs as fast as she could. 
 I love that in each box you get to try different treats for your dogs, it fills up their treat tin for a good few weeks. Juniper is still a puppy so she really enjoyed these chicken bones and they both really like the paste. 
PawsomeBox £19.90*
Overall I think this has been the best box yet, so many things we can use on walks and toys that they really love. They love all the tasty treats too which is a bonus as their treat tin is full, its such a good box and great price too. You get so much more in the box and it helps us to find things they enjoy. Each month has a different theme which is exciting and its lovely to open the box with my dogs to see them get so excited about the products. They tend to pose for the pictures like good girls and all of a sudden try and take the toys. They are too clever for their own good sometimes, such a great experience and box for my dogs.You can adapt the box to the age,size,breed of your dog by just filling out some details. You can try your first box for free here.

What do you think of PawsomeBox?  

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