August 22, 2015

Pawsomebox August

 as you may be able too tell I am a huge fan of Pawsomebox, each and every box comes with new and exciting things for my dogs. I like that you get to try out different treats for them and the biscuit tin is always full. Juno and Bella really enjoy the soft toys that come in the box too. 
 To start of your subscription all you have to do is sign up filling in your dogs details and choose a plan that would suit you. In each box you get a different theme which is exciting because you never know until you open it. I like to open the box with my dogs to see their reaction to the products and toys. August box has some exciting bits in it and its based around the theme Fun.
 Each box contains 5-6 high quality products, products that cost over the price of what you pay a month too. The sushi treats went down well with both dogs and they soon decided to steal the box off the side and drag it to their bed. I soon saved it and moved the box out of their reach but this shows how much they really enjoy this box.

 Garfield is one of my all time favourite things from my childhood, he was a big part of things I remember about my dad so seeing this in the box made me smile. I thought to myself do I have to give this to my dogs? They soon decided it was theirs so its now in the toy box.

Juniper waiting for the box to be photographed before she could eat or play with the products. She is super beautiful so I do enjoy this treat at the end of the month, the box gets delivered between the 20th and 25th of the month. Each and every box brings something new and exciting. Head over to Pawsomebox to see what they offer.


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