September 26, 2015

Updating Your Work Space.

The last few weeks I have been updating my house with little things to start to make it more homely. I love adding plants into every room, I love adding posters and framing them. I thought I would share with you a few ideas I have to update my work space to get motivated. If you are like me and need a clean, inspiring space to work in then read on. 

Clean: This may sound obvious but a clean space, house helps me to keep a clear mind. I love to keep on top of all the chores the best I can so that after a long day I can come home to a cosy space to relax. This also applies to my work space, I need a clean desk or room to be able to think. So a clean space is my number one advice when you need to stay motivated.

Plants: The one thing I love about having my own house, space is to be able to buy little things to make it my own. I love adding in plants to my house, it makes it feel fresh and open. I think having some plants in your office will make a huge difference.

Prints: I love a good quote to keep me motivated, I love to keep pushing myself to do better and stay strong. So a few reminders in the house in nice white frames would add a touch of inspiration. You can do this with a pin board too by adding pictures of your pets, family and things that inspire you. I need one of these when my office is complete, I have so many things to put onto it. I am going to frame this Miffy print to pop it into my office, it is simple yet effective and reminds me of my childhood. When I have children I can see this being in the baby room.

Stationary: Now this is a huge part of how I blog, make notes. I love to have a cute notepad at hand to write down any ideas I come up with for my blog. I keep some in my work space and I have one in my handbag for when I'm at work. This is a great excuse to buy cute stationary to keep you motivated. It works for me so that I can remember things and keep on top of ideas. update your work space with a few cute bits and you will be motivated to sit and do work/blog. 

Folder: One thing I have done from a very young age is keep a book or folder of inspiration. I cut out or tear out pages from magazines that I find helpful and stick them in my folder in clear sleeves. It helps to come up with ideas and I find it relaxing, I love creating things so this is fun for me. If you try this let me know how you get on?

Storage: This is something I find exciting, finding new bits for my office/ house. I must admit I find most of my things from Ikea because my whole house is white. I love all the storage options you can get from Ikea. label each draw so you know whats in them to keep you organised. Being a beauty blogger, I need storage to keep all my beauty bits safe. I also have a draw of things that I have not yet reviewed. 

You can make your own prints for your wall out of magazine cut outs and framing them. This is something that is on my mind to do very soon, reusing all my old magazines and keeping some for reference all neat on a book shelf. i love updating my work space and I hope this post helps you. Let me know how you update your blog space.


September 25, 2015

20 minute pamper session for clearer skin.

 There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and wanting to have a pamper bath. I love to do a full pamper session at least once a week using all my favourite products, skin care is a huge part of my everyday routine. The days seem to be going to fast, so I thought I would share with you a quick and easy pamper using some great products. 
 I am a huge fan of Witch and The Body shop for skin care products, they always seem to hit the nail on the head with the products. They are easy and quick to use and leave you feeling so much more relaxed and pampered. They are affordable products too which is even better. I have been loving using Witch skin care lately, I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. The blackhead clearing gel is cooling and feels soft on the skin when you apply it, you wake up with a great base to put make up on the next day. Tea tree is another product that I have been using for at least six months now and I am loving it. It can dry out the skin but by using other products such as Drops of youth it works like a dream for me.
 When my skin needs a big lift from a long week, I love to use a really deep cleansing mask just like the Seaweed clay mask from The Body shop. I feel like it really works deep into my skin to help keep my skin at bay. I tend to get spots when I am stressed so having this product to help keep them at bay, leaving my skin soft helps so much. I do love a good clay mask, this one is perfect and I have tried so many. Drops Of Youth was a great purchase, I am so pleased I picked this up. I have been loving using it, it leaves my skin so soft and amazing when I wake up. You can tell when I have used this product, my foundation goes on really smoothly the day after. 
To finish off my pamper session I love to use this elder flower eye gel to sooth under my eyes, its cooling and feels amazing under the eye. I love the scent of this product too, its such a simple product yet one that makes a big difference in my night time skin routine. The Biore pore strips were on offer in Boots a few months ago and I can confirm they work really well, I enjoy using one of these after I have fully removed all my make up. It leaves my nose feeling clean and ready to finish my pamper session. You only have to leave it on for around 5 minutes. You wet your nose before applying it so that it will start to work, I am loving them. I need to go buy some more when I get paid, they are a big part of my pamper session.

What products do you use for a pamper night?

September 24, 2015

Products I am Loving Right Now.

 There are a few products this month so far that I am loving to use, almost on a daily basis. I am a huge fan of using bronzer, blusher with my everyday make up routine, so there are two products I really enjoy using at the moment. One is from Bagsy*, which is a new discovery for me. This brand has stood out to me this month, I have been using a lip product from them and its incredible. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful packaging, the mint coloured bag to keep it in is gorgeous. The formulation of the product is something I have never received from a bronzer before, its the perfect shade for me. It leaves my skin with a subtle but beautiful natural finish and the quote inside is beautiful touch. The blusher from Mac is insane, such a great finish which adds something special to make up.( well Dressed)* Both products are a must have in my make up bag, which I will replace.
 I have been loving using the Naked 3* palette over the last two months, the formulation is my favourite part about it. I love how the colours blend together with ease, they are so worth the hype. Overall the first impressions of this product was the rose gold packaging, its such a high quality product. I have done a full review, swatch post here if you fancy a read. Overall it has been a great two months for my make up collection, my everyday make up routine feels more exciting.
 For hair care I have been loving using the Tresemme Vibrant naturals shampoo and conditioner. I am very fussy when it comes to hair care because my scalp is very sensitive and my hair can go limp if I use heavy products. I usually go for tea tree products but the sound of these made me try them. I love the scent of these products, Aloe Vera and avocado oil. As you can imagine they smell great, light on my hair too which is a bonus. My hair feels softer and cared for since using these two together, I tend to condition a few times a week because I have coloured hair. I have noticed my hair feels lighter and looks fuller rather than limp and dry which no one wants. The scent of the products are a huge bonus to me, They are silicon free which I love, they are an affordable drugstore buy. 

I am loving the Spa of the world range from The Body shop right now. I have been using the oil, scrub and this product nearly after each bath. I am obsessed with this range, its one of my all time favourite products they have released. The scrub is insane, I use it all the time and it has such an awesome scent. Same with this body cream*, it sinks into the skin really well leaving you smelling amazing. You do feel super pampered after using these products, I look forward to a good bath at the end of the day using all my favourite products. I love the texture of this cream, its so super sticky and it sinks in fast. Full review here if you fancy a read. 

What have you been loving?


September 22, 2015

Jord Wood Watches.

A little bit about Jord Watches, they have become a new modern trend. They are super light weight, wooden watches that move with the modern day lifestyle. It is a piece that will start conversations and it looks stunning, with all the beautiful details. They have high quality craftsmanship, you can tell from every single detail gone into the watch and packaging.
As soon as you open the box your breath is taken away by the gorgeous packaging, then you open the wooden box to see a stunning watch. All the details make this the perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays. My boyfriend is a huge fan of collecting watches and he said to me that this is the most special, stunning, watch he has ever seen. The wood detail makes this a very unique, one of a kind piece. You feel like this watch has been made just for you.
The first thing you notice when you open up the box is the pride and hard work gone into the design and overall watch. This is a watch to be proud of when you wear it, Rob has not taken it off since receiving it in the post. It is an eye catching piece that adds to any outfit and makes it extra special. This is something I would have loved to buy for Rob for his birthday so Jord* made both out dreams come true. 
Every detail has pride in it, from the cushion to the embossed logo on the box. You can keep all the pieces that come with this watch and it can have a special place to stay safe for life. This watch is made out of Koa wood, which gives it the unique touch. 

The Koa & Black watch has a stunning sapphire crystal glass that gleams in the light. It is self winding which requires no battery, which makes it feel like a real classic watch. Every single detail has been designed for the modern man, you can wear this watch for any occasion. The use of the wood brings in the element of every watch is uniquely made for you, which is very special.

I have never seen Rob get so excited about a present before, he was so excited to open the parcel when it arrived. I can confirm that Jord watches had a very quick delivery service, which is great because we were so excited to receive this beautiful watch. These watches are so well designed and thought out, you can tell how creative and experienced they are. 

What adds beauty to this watch for me is the mechanical movements at the back of the watch, it is mesmerising how stunning a watch can be. It brings an element of joy when you put on the watch and when you put it away at the end of the day. The fine details gone into the watch are incredible, its a piece of art. Jord size your watch for you before they ship it, this is something that brings to the personal touch and you can wear it as soon as you receive it. They also do womens watches so if you are in need of a gift idea check them out too. I have fallen in love with the Cora purpleheart and mother of pearl design. Honestly cannot thank Jord watches enough for this watch, it has made robs year, life. 

Check out Jord website here. 

Follow the hashtag #jordwatches to see more.

Unique Watches

September 21, 2015

September PawsomeBox 2015.

 each month I have favourite blog posts to write and working with PawsomeBox* has to be one of my all time favourites. Super fast delivery and they are on top of their emails, they always reply. When I get this box in the post my dogs know its for them, Juniper steals the toys and runs downstairs with them. I have to hide the box until I photograph it, which has to be within the next few hours because they keep looking for the box. You get so many new goodies in the box, I always use all the products too.  
 Each month has a theme which is such a fun idea, it keeps each box exciting. In the September box you get some cute treats like this dog friendly chocolate bar and a couple toys. They toys work great for my dogs, you get one soft one and another to chew on. bella likes the soft toys and Juniper loves to chew, so the wood one is great for her. As I type this up she is rolling all over the floor with the Petstages wood chew. I can confirm the dog chocolate is a big hit with both dogs and its a fun idea. 
 Look at this cute me to you toy, as soon as Bella saw this she grabbed it out the box. My dogs have a huge toy box full of things due to my job too so having this treat box is great to mix up their treats. 
 In each box you get between 7-8 products all worth more than the box itself. I love all the treats that come in this box, it keeps our treat tub full for the month and the toys are great. You fill in a profile about your dogs and the box works around you. I have a 9 month old puppy and a 4 year old dog, so the box suits their age well. Petstages is such a great brand too, so getting this in this subscription is worth it. 
 In october you can get 50% off your new box, subscribe to pawsomebox by using this code October2015. You must order yours before the 10th of October for this code to apply. 

I love that we get to bond over opening this parcel, when it arrives we all get so excited to see whats inside. I sit on the floor or my bed and I show the dogs each product that is in the box. They always try and steal something before i have photographed it but that is the fun of it. Juniper loves the treats and Bella enjoys the toys, its such a great box to mix up their toys and treats. The value of the box is great, the products inside cost more if you bought them separate. 

We love PawomeBox!!

September 17, 2015

Appleyard London- Stunning Flowers/ Discount Code.

There is one thing in my house that I love to have to make my home feel just right and that is a bunch of flowers. The flowers light up my living room and make me feel happy, it creates a space i love to be in. With a candle burning and the house smelling amazing, it creates my perfect atmosphere. I was contacted by Appleyard London to do a review on some flowers, I aso have a 33% voucher for my readers at the end of the post. I think getting so flowers in the post can make your day, the whole process of opening the box and putting them on display brings it to life.
When I opened the box I instantly could see how stunning the flowers were, they smell amazing too. I am in love with the pastel colours in the bouquet and it brought my house to life as soon as I put them on show. I sent my mom a photograph and she instantly fell in love with them, which is why I need to get her some for her 50th birthday in December. The packaging adds something special to the package, all wrapped up in a gift box. 

I have never seen anything more pretty than these flowers, they are so fresh and smell incredible. I am in love with this flower delivery,* I cannot find this bunch of flowers on the site at the minute but I know when I order some I want to go for the Autumn range.

I know in the future I will be using Appleyard London to send flowers, they came so beautifully wrapped and fresh. There are so many different arrangements to scroll through and so many amazing colours. The light pink and lilac shades work so well together, I cant stop looking at them when I go into the lounge. 
Use the code BLOG33 to get 33% of your order!
I can confirm that the bouquet came really fast in the post and arrived looking amazing. The packaging added to the experience, which is what I would want when I send flowers to family or friends. i wanted to share with you Appleyard London because I know I will be using them in the future for Christmas and Birthdays. You can order next day flowers if you are last minute on gifts which is fab. I love flowers because they add something special to a room in the house, I may order some for my bedroom because I have changed it all for Autumn. 

Don't forget to use your discount code BLOG33 to get 33% off your next order!


September 16, 2015

My Skincare, New In. FaceB4.

 I have been meaning to try this product for a while now and when Make Up Revolution kindly sent me the face wash and serum to try I was over the moon. I instantly had high hopes for this product because a product like this is what I need in my skin routine. I suffer from a small amount of spots, what I really want is to put my make up on and for it to look smooth rather than bumpy. Read on to see how I got on with the products, I can confirm I am very pleased.
 So lets start with the face wash, it comes with a duel pump that releases a foam face wash. You apply it to wet skin, massage it in with a circular movement. Leave it on the skin for a minute before washing it off with warm water. I love the texture of this product its different and its so gentle to apply. My skin feels clean and fresh once I have used this face wash. I tend to use this after I have taken off my make up, then use this to make sure my skin is extra clean. It does leave my skin feeling tight, clean and fresh but once I apply the serum it feels so soft.
Over on the Make up Revolution website, when you buy the face wash you get the serum for free. It is a great introduction offer to try out both products, I highly recommend using both products for an amazing effect on the skin. The serum applies really well on the skin, it almost feels soothing and calming. I rub it into my skin with an upwards motion until the serum has sunk in to the skin. When I wake up my skin feels new and it has an amazing surface to apply make up to. It has cleared up my skin and has left my skin feeling fresh, the first few days it seemed to bring out a few spots but that was no issue because a few more days later and my skin felt so much clearer. 

I highly recommend you try the products because the results I got were insane. One of the best spot clearing products I have used in a long time, one that works wonders. I am in love with the serum because it feels so cooling on the skin, it truly soothes my skin ready for a good nights sleep. I love going to bed with a clean face, waking up to a decent base to work on for a new day ahead of me. 

have you tried these products?


September 03, 2015

August Favourites 2015

 August was the month I discovered new products that I adore, it was all about the skin care and hair care this month. I decided to pick up the Coconut water shampoo because it was on offer at Boots, it is one of the best shampoos I have used in a very long time. My hair needs products that are light, it is easily weighed down. This shampoo leaves my hair soft, clean and super shiny which is what you want. I have a sensitive scalp too and this shampoo works well for this, its light and smells great. I headed into the Body Shop to pick up a new face mask and ended up with the sea week mask, this such an incredible product. I was given a sample during a Body Shop event a few months ago which made me want to go and get the full size. This mask works great on my combination skin, its best used when I am having a bad skin day or I've had a long week. It leaves my skin soft and it feels like a real treat on the skin, it works deep into my skin which leaves it feeling extra clean.It helps to draw out impurities and refreshes the skin, it is £14.
 This product is an old favourite that I ran out of but decided to try something else which didn't work on my skin. I noticed I was breaking out and my skin was very dry, so when I nipped into Boots on my dinner break I saw this on the side for £1. I had to pick it up because it has been a savior for my skin, a few days later my skin looked less dry and clear. I missed using this product and I must make sure I never run out of it again because I could see a huge difference in my skins texture and look when I stopped using it. This is a small bottle 125ml but when I nip into Superdrug I know I will need to pick up a larger bottle, it is one of the best skin care products I have ever used. The 400ml is now on offer for £3.29 at SuperDrug.
 A few months ago myself and my mom made an Avon order together and we decided to treat ourselves to some new beauty products. My mom is like me, she really enjoys using and trying out beauty products and keeping them all safe and neat in our bathrooms. This nail polish I have been using for the past two months, I love the finish of it and the colour is a beautiful duck egg shade. This is the shade Alaska and it glides onto the nail well due to the large brush for application, leaving you with a smooth gel finish, this is such an amazing formula. I would highly recommend trying some out next time you make an Avon order.
 I dye my hair and sometimes it looks dull and I end up wanting to redye it weeks later. I have come across some amazing hair products this August, fuss free and easy to use on the hair. You apply it to damp hair and dry your hair as usual which is great because I tend to do my hair quickly ready for work. Charles Worthington* have made products that revive your hair colour, they offer more shades too. The mouse lasts 2-3 washes to keep your hair looking shiny and fresh, which is why I dye my hair. You can use the products on non coloured hair for a boost of colour that washes out 2-3 washes later.All you have to do is apply the mouse to damp hair, add 2,3 pumps to your hair in sections and comp through. For the best results blow dry your hair after this step, it leaves my hair shiny with a boost of colour until I dye my hair later in the month. It helps to keep on top of my colour which I love, leaving the hair looking refreshed. 

When I attended The Body Shop event in Manchester a few months ago there was an offer on, if you spend over £25 you get some free products. I treated myself to a few bits that I really wanted to try and I got this eye gel free. At the time I wasn't over excited to try it but as soon as I started using it I fell in love. I have been using this product every single night and I can see results. Its cooling on the eye and it feels great applying it, its soothing and helps to prevent dark circles. I love the elder flower scent to it, subtle yet gorgeous. This has been a huge part of my skin care routine before going to bed, it feels amazing on my skin and I just can't stop using it. I have been using this alongside the Casmara Hydra cream* and my skin feels soft, smooth and clear. I tend to get dry skin on my face which makes applying makeup difficult but this face cream has become my miracle worker. I'm using small amounts to try make it last, it is perfection. 

Lets take a moment to appreciate the packaging of the Naked 3 palette*, its gorgeous. I have been loving using this palette in August, I have used it everyday for work and days out, the texture and pigmentation of the shades are incredible, its perfect. I have a full review here of this palette if you fancy a read. I am in love with this palette, you can create so many looks with this. 


Fleur De Vlog 

I have been loving watching Fleur's vlogs in August, she is my all time favourite blogger/ Youtuber. I have been loving a song in August too which is a cover of Blank Space by Imagine dragons, have a listen here and let me know what you think?

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What have you been loving in August?
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