September 17, 2015

Appleyard London- Stunning Flowers/ Discount Code.

There is one thing in my house that I love to have to make my home feel just right and that is a bunch of flowers. The flowers light up my living room and make me feel happy, it creates a space i love to be in. With a candle burning and the house smelling amazing, it creates my perfect atmosphere. I was contacted by Appleyard London to do a review on some flowers, I aso have a 33% voucher for my readers at the end of the post. I think getting so flowers in the post can make your day, the whole process of opening the box and putting them on display brings it to life.
When I opened the box I instantly could see how stunning the flowers were, they smell amazing too. I am in love with the pastel colours in the bouquet and it brought my house to life as soon as I put them on show. I sent my mom a photograph and she instantly fell in love with them, which is why I need to get her some for her 50th birthday in December. The packaging adds something special to the package, all wrapped up in a gift box. 

I have never seen anything more pretty than these flowers, they are so fresh and smell incredible. I am in love with this flower delivery,* I cannot find this bunch of flowers on the site at the minute but I know when I order some I want to go for the Autumn range.

I know in the future I will be using Appleyard London to send flowers, they came so beautifully wrapped and fresh. There are so many different arrangements to scroll through and so many amazing colours. The light pink and lilac shades work so well together, I cant stop looking at them when I go into the lounge. 
Use the code BLOG33 to get 33% of your order!
I can confirm that the bouquet came really fast in the post and arrived looking amazing. The packaging added to the experience, which is what I would want when I send flowers to family or friends. i wanted to share with you Appleyard London because I know I will be using them in the future for Christmas and Birthdays. You can order next day flowers if you are last minute on gifts which is fab. I love flowers because they add something special to a room in the house, I may order some for my bedroom because I have changed it all for Autumn. 

Don't forget to use your discount code BLOG33 to get 33% off your next order!


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  1. So so beautiful! Definitely instagram worthy! <3


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