September 01, 2015

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015.

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This is just a quick little blog post to say thank you for your continued support for my blog Kemples. Over the past four years it has been a huge part of my life, it has been something that I can call mine, something to feel proud of. It has been a rock in my life, something to keep focused on and to hear my family and friends say they are proud means the world. Cosmopolitan Magazine has been part of my life for years and to be noticed by them would be insane for 2015.

In 2014 I was shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan blog awards and it is something I will never ever forget. It was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. This year they are holding the 2015 Cosmopolitan blog award and I want to ask if you have a moment please could you vote for my blog in the Best beauty category. It would be incredible even to be shortlisted, thank you again for all your support. 

here is the link to the voting page: Cosmopolitan Blog awards 2015.
2014 Blog awards blog post
What I wore to the Cosmopolitan blog awards 2014

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