September 21, 2015

September PawsomeBox 2015.

 each month I have favourite blog posts to write and working with PawsomeBox* has to be one of my all time favourites. Super fast delivery and they are on top of their emails, they always reply. When I get this box in the post my dogs know its for them, Juniper steals the toys and runs downstairs with them. I have to hide the box until I photograph it, which has to be within the next few hours because they keep looking for the box. You get so many new goodies in the box, I always use all the products too.  
 Each month has a theme which is such a fun idea, it keeps each box exciting. In the September box you get some cute treats like this dog friendly chocolate bar and a couple toys. They toys work great for my dogs, you get one soft one and another to chew on. bella likes the soft toys and Juniper loves to chew, so the wood one is great for her. As I type this up she is rolling all over the floor with the Petstages wood chew. I can confirm the dog chocolate is a big hit with both dogs and its a fun idea. 
 Look at this cute me to you toy, as soon as Bella saw this she grabbed it out the box. My dogs have a huge toy box full of things due to my job too so having this treat box is great to mix up their treats. 
 In each box you get between 7-8 products all worth more than the box itself. I love all the treats that come in this box, it keeps our treat tub full for the month and the toys are great. You fill in a profile about your dogs and the box works around you. I have a 9 month old puppy and a 4 year old dog, so the box suits their age well. Petstages is such a great brand too, so getting this in this subscription is worth it. 
 In october you can get 50% off your new box, subscribe to pawsomebox by using this code October2015. You must order yours before the 10th of October for this code to apply. 

I love that we get to bond over opening this parcel, when it arrives we all get so excited to see whats inside. I sit on the floor or my bed and I show the dogs each product that is in the box. They always try and steal something before i have photographed it but that is the fun of it. Juniper loves the treats and Bella enjoys the toys, its such a great box to mix up their toys and treats. The value of the box is great, the products inside cost more if you bought them separate. 

We love PawomeBox!!


  1. I love sending a Pawsomebox home to my dog while I'm away at university - getting the photos from my sister make my day! It's a great way to try out new treats and toys, perfect for a dog who gets through toys very quickly!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  2. This is such a great idea! I do love to spoil my pooch x


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