September 01, 2015

The Body Shop: Spa Of The World.

 I am a huge fan of The Body Shop, their products to me always feel so luxurious and amazing. I am so excited about this new release of the Spa Of The World products, what I noticed first was the packaging. It is so simple yet so effective. They look incredible in my bath room, such a generous size too for the money. 
 How can I start to explain the scent of this massage oil, I am usually not a fan of lavender but this is incredible. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and it relieved my back pain too because it warms up as it is massaged into the skin. It just felt so luxurious and an amazing treat for the skin. It is now part of my relaxing ritual and it leaves me feeling relaxed and ready for bed. It leaves the skin oily but it dries so fast which is what you want. I could still smell it on my skin when I woke up, such an incredible product. One of the best I have used in a very long time and it really felt like you spent a lot on a treatment but it is from the Body Shop for £14* You only need to use a small amount of the product for it to go a long way, so it will last you a few months. 

If you know some of my recent blog posts you may know I am a huge fan of body scrubs, I have so many in my bath room its an addiction. I can assure you this body scrub beats all of my other scrubs by far and that is a huge statement because I love them all so much. It warms up on the skin when you massage it into damp skin and the scent is just insane. They both smell like such luxurious products but available to use in your own bathroom. The body scrub comes in at £18* and the cream at £23* but the amount of product you get will last you for months to come. It is a good thing trust me, I try use these most nights yet I have hardly made a dent in them. I want to use these for months to come, one of the best ranges that have ever come out of the Body Shop in my opinion. 

The hawaiian cream leaves the skin super soft and you wake up feeling great. It dries fast once applied and it is a great product to use most days, the scent stays on the skin too. This cream helps to restore the skins natural suppleness and leaves it feeling soft and glowing. 

I am so excited to use more of these products, I look forward to my baths after a long day at work. It leaves me feeling relaxed and ready to relax before starting a new day. 

what do you think of the Spa Of The World range?



  1. These sound so luxurious, can't wait to pick some of these up!! Hope you're well lovely :) x

    1. you will love it :) hope you are too <3 xx

  2. This range seems amazing - definitely need to pick something up!

    Lucy |

    1. its so lovely, its one of my all time favourites ever xx


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