October 29, 2015

5 Things This Autumn.


Organised: This month is all about cleaning my house, my make up draws, my  car and so on. I love to feel organised and my surroundings to be tidy. A tidy house I find puts you in a better mood, nothing better than clean sheets etc. Winter is the perfect time to get all cosy and light all the candles in the house. I am a huge fan of Christmas but not the cold, Autumn though with its crisp mornings are great. I love to go for walks in my wellies with my dogs in Autumn. So this Autumn I have decided to send some clothes to charity that I never wear and clean all the rooms in my house for it to feel fresh for Winter. Make up draws need a look at again.

Relax: I am all about staying at home with my dogs and Rob and watching movies or going out for a long walk. I am a real home body and that won't change, being at home makes me happy. I need to take time out to relax and to treat myself better, reading before bed and things like that need to happen more.

Change: There will be a lot of change coming soon, we are wanting to move closer to Manchester. Hoping this will happen before Christmas so that we can celebrate in our new house. I am super proud of Rob this year he is doing amazing, so change will be good. I am excited to move, so that it can be a new start and feel fresh, easier for both our jobs too. 

Christmas: I am so excited for Christmas but I am fine with it taking its time still to happen. I want to get all my Christmas shopping done before December so that it can all be done, to focus on a great December. I also want to buy my mom an amazing 50th birthday gift, I need to get some ideas. I also need to stock up on some Lush products, this time of year is my favourite for the products they have.

Focus: I am pleased with how my life is at the minute, houses and things will come but personally I am a lot better. I love my dogs, Rob and my job so those things make me happy. I want to focus on my blog more and to keep moving it forward. Nothing beats sitting down and typing out a blog post. Working with amazing brands and just enjoying it. surrounding yourself with great people help too. I can never see myself without my blog, its part of me now. So for years to come I hope I can document things and still talk about beauty. 

What do you plan to do this Autumn?


October 27, 2015

Freedom priming Water.

Freedom Priming Water £6*

I am pleased to share with you a new product I am loving, something completely new to me too. This product is a priming water, I know there are some out there with different brands but this is the first one I have tried. I can report back that it something I am enjoying using and it works really well. Its a fantastic product to use before and after applying make up, it gives my skin a bit of glow to it when I have applied it to my skin. 

This is a stunning light weight primer, it provides me with the perfect base to work with. I love that its not a weird texture to apply to the skin, I prefer using this water based one. You can apply this after you do your make up for extra highlighting. It easily absorbs into your skin, leaving you with radiant looking skin.

All you have to do is spray the product 8-10 inches away from your face, evenly across your skin. I find this helps keep my skin at bay, no dry patches and my make up stays on for hours at work. This Primer is available at SuperDrug and its new to me but I am obsessed with using it. 

Nothing better than a light weight primer that gives your skin a great glow and is multi use. I have been using this everyday since it arriving in the post. I really would like to see what else Freedom offers.

What do you think?


October 23, 2015

50 Blog Post ideas.

For my blog post today I thought I would share with you some blog post ideas. I love reading posts like this it really gets your mind working, sometimes I end up blank with no ideas at all. I love to browse BlogLovin to read all the inspiring blogs out there, I tend to make notes and note down any blogs I have found incredible. There is nothing better than sitting down to type up a blog post, I have had ten days off work so my mind has been all about my blog. Tomorrow I go back to work after my holiday of relaxing at home, blogging and spending time with my dogs. I thought I would share some ideas I may be doing over the next few months but I would also like to inspire you to blog more. 

1. Instagram Updates.
2. Days out
3. budget beauty.
4. Hauls.
5. Advice posts.
6. Brand focus posts.
7. tutorials.
8. Hair care favourites.
9. New in posts.
10. Day in my life.
11. Night time skin care.
12. Morning routines.
13. Products I have been loving.
14. Daily make up routine.
15. About me posts.
16. Winter products.
17. Autumn favourites.
18. Monthly favourites.
19. Book review.
20. Blog advice.
21. Five things that make me happy.
22. List your favourite bloggers / Youtubers.
23. Interview bloggers.
24. everyday essentials.
25. Make up switch up.
26. Inspired make up looks.
27. Top 5 products.
28. Christmas wish list.
29. home ware wish lists.
30. pamper products.
31. Things I learn from twitter chats.
32. Rotating your make up.
33. Whats in my bag.
34. Whats in my make up bag.
35. Travel product reviews.
36. Giveaways.
37. Nail art.
38. How to wear a red lip.
39. whats on my Iphone.
40. Pay day picks.
41. staple products.
42. Healthy Autumn advice
43. Skin care update.
44. Empties.
45. Tell us why you blog?
46. Room tours.
47. Outfit posts.
48. Brands you love.
49. beauty blogger inspired purchases.
50. Storage ideas.

So that is a list of 50 blog post ideas, let me know if you decide to do any of them. If you have some blog post ideas, please comment them below. I carry a note book around with me in my handbag and I note down things that pop into my head, you can do this on the note section on your phone. Leave your blog link below so that I can find new blogs to read too please. I hope this post helps you to feel more creative with your blog, we all have days that we just need some inspiration
Let me know your blog ideas?

October 22, 2015

Budget Friendly Drugstore Brands To Try This Season.

 There is nothing better than having a mooch around SuperDrug or Boots. I must admit I do this nearly every pay day, which is my treat for the month. That is how I justify it, I only buy a couple things to mix up my beauty or bath routines. I have so many drugstore budget friendly brands/ products that I love and I thought I would share them with you today. 
 So lets start with nails, I am a huge fan of Essie and Barry M. I find they last a long time and there are so many colours to pick. Barry M quick dry are my favourite, they dry fast and the colours are fab. Essie as you will know do a great selection of colours and are a brand you can trust. Witch skin care as you may know are great, you can pick up so many products to create an amazing skin care routine. 
Lets talk about Make Up Revolution, they are one of my all time favourite make up brands from the drugstore. They started out last year and have grown into an amazing company, you can find the products in Superdrug. You can create a full make up bag on a budget with Make Up Rev, the quality of the products you cannot fault. The packaging is sturdy and most items are great for traveling. You can pick up a full eye shadow palette for just £6, look how beautiful they are. I recommend the blush palette, its stunning. Here is a link to all the eye shadow palettes available to buy from Superdrug, there are so many. 

Soap and glory are a great brand to try this time of year, the Christmas gifts are incredible. I love the packaging and the scent, you can pick up some amazing pieces from them. The body products are great for a pamper bath and the make up, well when you see it it will speak for itself. I still have so many things I still want to try from Soap and glory.

Collection are a brand I have loved for years, we all love the lasting perfection concealer but lately I have used some of their other products. The highlighting stick is dreamy, next time you are in a Boots or Superdrug check it out. Its amazing to use to brighten up your make up, I use some of the product in the corner of my eyes to help me look awake and bright.

Rimmel has to be my go to brand for lipsticks, nails and make up. I am in love with the foundations, you cannot fault them. I am currently using the lasting finish foundation, it works into my skin and leaves it looking flawless. I love using this foundation for work too because it lasts all day long, it never moves. It is easy to blend and it works into my skin really well, I tend to use a beauty blender and tap it onto my skin. Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are the bomb, they have an amazing formulation and the colours are spot on.

Zoella and Tanya Burr have released some amazing beauty products, I must admit I would love to try out the new Zoella Christmas range. The packaging and products all look great, I love the colours and details. They have great budget friendly make up to pick up and they look perfect. 

What brands do you love?

October 21, 2015

Switch It Up With Witch Skin Care.

 I have been challenged by Witch Skin Care to switch it up this Winter. In my previous post here you will be able to see the switch it up box they sent me. Inside there were five quote cards, each one we can challenge ourselves with. For my first challenge I have chosen the quote  ' When was the last time you tried something for the first time' I usually post all about beauty and add in lifestyle posts so for this challenge I decided to do a fashion post to switch it up.
Witch kindly sent in this Winter skin care box an Asos voucher which I purchased this scarf with. Its an over sized woven scarf with pastel tweed. I am in need of warmer clothes and this scarf has made a difference to my wardrobe. I love Autumn and feeling all cosy, out walking my dogs with my wellies on. This scarf will help me feel that bit more fashionable this Winter. Its huge, it feels like you can really wrap yourself in it like a blanket. Its super soft and looks great with most things I wear. 
 Stunning detailing, love the colours.
Going back to the challenge, it was fun changing up my blog posts to add in a small fashion styled post. I usually shy away from doing them but this one was fun, it made me rethink about them. I may add in more in the future, what do you think? 

My beautiful Juniper decided to take the lime light, she gave me a cuddle so we decided to take a photograph. Today was fun doing this post, thank you Witch Skin Care for challenging me to switch it up. 

October 20, 2015

Bespoke Handcrafted Dream catcher.

 This is a blog post I have been waiting to write, I've been so excited to share this with you. This is a bespoke handcrafted dream catcher, I have never seen anything like it. I am a huge fan of dream catchers they are a thing of beauty, this one more so. This was designed with me in mind which makes it very special. Nicola asked me a few questions on how I would like it to look, she designed something I could never have imagined. In my bedroom I have a woodland theme and I showed her a photograph on my Instagram, not long after she showed me this beauty. 
 A day later she messaged me saying she had finished my dream catcher, which is amazing. I could never in a million years make something this beautiful, she is very talented. When I saw the photograph of the finished product I was in shock because it just looks stunning. She took an idea, theme of mine and designed this stunning piece for my room.
 The small detailing on the dream catcher draws your eye to it, look at the shapes and colours. This is something I want to keep safe forever, it went up on my wall as soon as I photographed it. It is something so special and I love hand made things, its unique. 

 The colours match my bedroom and even if I changed it back to all white this would still look great. Purple is my favourite colour, the feathers and the leaves just make this dream catcher extra special. I keep looking at it, its stunning. Its a big talking piece and you can get a few more to line up in a row for your lounge if you wanted. She has so many designs on her Instagram, link here. Look at this beautiful design, perfect for a talking piece in your house.
Its the detail of this dream catcher* that I love, the feathers along with the leaves look amazing. I really hope I did this justice because in person this dream catcher takes your breath away, its something extremely special. The fact it was made with me in mind and she took on the brief and smashed it. It is something I never could have imagined owning, I am proud to have it hanging in my house. I will keep her in mind for any Christmas gifts or birthday gifts because there is nothing better than a hand made gift in my eyes. 

So much love and attention to detail has gone into this and I cannot say enough to explain how stunning this is in person. I hope I have done it justice, please head over to her Facebook to see more of her designs. This would make the perfect gift or something special to add to your house. 

Super fast delivery, it came packaged really well and so many added touches that complete this dream catcher. What a wonderful experience this was, thank you again Nicola for this stunning dream catcher. Head over to her Facebook linked below to see more designs and her email address is below too. 

Email: ethereaia@outlook.com
Ethereaia Facebook.
what do you think?

October 18, 2015

Next Home ware Wish List.

One / Two / Three / four / Five / six / Seven.

I am in the mood for re decorating my house, now that it is Autumn. This is one of my favourite times of the year, cosy and warm house with candles burning. I thought I would put together a wish list of some of the things I am wanting to update my house. For our house I think it needs small touches to make it that bit more homely. 

We have a big empty wall in our lounge that I would like to fill with art work and mirrors. I have found a few that I would like to use in my lounge and the hare one in my bedroom. We have a woodland theme in our room at the moment. We also usually have white sheets so adding in woodland features will still look great with white bedding. I would also like this hare cushion to add onto our bed. 

Our house needs some small updates like new candles and new throws for the bed and lounge. I love nothing more than a cosy house that feels relaxed. Going off the theme wood land I would love this beautiful orange tree to go in our bedroom. I love that it has fairy lights in it. I think this would complete our bedroom.

As I have two dogs, nothing goes without thinking of them too. I love this rug that we could put in our porch. We go on long winter walks in our wellies which is great, coming home to drink hot chocolates. 

I am a fan of the Next home ware they have so many items I would love to add into my house. I also like to shop in Home Sense for bits and bobs, I have recently found so many cute things in there. It is a great shop for seasonal items, I love to go in nearer to Christmas. 

I would love to update my house with cushions, lights and candles soon. What would you like to add to your room or house?


October 17, 2015

Witch Skin Care Giveaway!

I have a new giveaway for you to win, Witch is a brand I love and use everyday for an easy but amazing skin care routine. I was a fan in my teens using Witch but now that it is back in my life I am amazed by all the products. They still work on my skin, when I don't use it I can see my skin looks dull and spotty. There is so much choice to create the perfect skin care routine for all year round, I do find it is great to use Witch in the winter though. The witch hazel works really well on my skin, I highly recommend Witch. 

So what can you win?

  • New improved gentle exfoliating face wash.
  • Over night clearing serum.
  • Bursting beads face wash.
  • Cleaning and toning wipes.
  • Blackhead Clearing Gel.
All you have to do to win is follow each option on Rafflecopter below. Good luck and let me know what you think of Witch Skin care. All available online and in Superdrug! Thank you to Witch Skin Care for this giveaway for my readers. This is a UK only giveaway but I will do more international soon. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

October 16, 2015

Neom Pillow Mist.

 Neom is a brand that many love, including me. I was so excited to be able to try out the new pillow mist. I struggle to switch off at night, my mind over works during the night which distracts me from a good nights sleep. lately I have been trying to go to bed relaxed, reading a book and drifting off into a deep sleep. So far so good and I have this product to thank, it smells great. 
 First impressions of this product, the packaging really caught my eye. I am in love with the pastel shades and the quality of the product, something you know you will get from Neom. This is a scent to make you feel good, it has a beautiful light scent that sends you into a deep sleep. It makes the room smell incredible.  

I am a big fan of This Works products and tend to stick to it because I know it works. I can confirm this product has made me rethink this, I still will use This works but this is something special. All you have to do is spritz your pillow with this mist and breath in and out, leaving you feeling relaxed. After a long day there is nothing better than a Lush bath and this spay to help you relax. The packaging looks great on my bedside table and I have reached for this most nights now. Parts of the scent come from Lavender, jasmine oil and chamomile oils, which as you can imagine smells amazing. 

Have you tried this product?


October 14, 2015

Switch To witch- Winter Skin Care Update.

 A big thank you to Witch* for setting me the challenge of updating my skin care for Autumn/Winter. I am a huge fan of the Witch Skin care, I challenge you to try it and not see results. I went a week without using my Witch face wash and I could see the difference it made, I had to pop into Superdrug asap to buy more. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin when I use Witch. I must admit this was my go to brand when I was a teenager but now that I am 24, it still works for me. I am super excited to take on the challenge Witch skin care has set for me, read on to find out more.
 In the box they kindly sent me products to share with my friends and family, I love mini products. The over night serum works wonders, I have used this product before and it made my skin super soft. Mini products to travel with are great too, you can keep up with your skin care away from home. 
 I am excited to try out hair chalk, I may use it when I dress up for Halloween at work. I also would like to update my hair by adding in some colour this Winter. The black head clearing gel is a must product this Winter, I am obsessed with using it. Witch skin care helps you create an amazing skin care routine on a budget. 
 New to my skin care routine is the cleansing lotion which I am so excited to add into my routine. I am in need of a new cleanser, my skin gets dry in the colder months. I use the witch face wipes when I wake up in the morning to start of my morning routine.
 I am working on having a peaceful mind, I worry a lot and the past three months I have seen a huge improvement. I still have my off days but working on my mind has been a challenge, this book is right up my street. This will by my bedside to read before bed, its a cute size too. This will help me this Winter, a cute book to read, hot chocolate to relax after a long day.
 I am going to start on working on my blog posts for the challenges Witch set me, they involve these amazing quotes. I am a big fan of quotes that challenge you to be a better person, to really motivate yourself. 

In this box Witch Skin care introduced me to the new gentle exfoliating face wash. I love using products that are affordable and make a big difference in my skin care. This face wash contains more active micro granules to help unclog pores and remove impurities. I love how this face wash leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth, clean and radiant. It ticks all the boxes for an everyday gentle face wash, I am a huge fan of the improved formula. 

Using Witch skin care it leaves me with a great affordable skin care routine, unclogging pores and it smooths out my skin. Witch skin care is available in Superdrug.

Switch to witch!


October 04, 2015

My Week On Instagram.

Boots Christmas Gifts / Eds Diner / Me / Juniper / Miffy print/
Sunny day off / Quotes / New car / Body shop / Faceb4. 

So this week has flown by too quickly, its been a hectic and fun week full of happy moments. On Wednesday it was robs 24th birthday, so I decided to head to Asda to get a birthday cake and balloons to surprise him for when he got home from a long day at work. I decided to surround my dog Juniper with some balloons and the banner to send him a happy birthday message. I think Juniper did well to sit and look at the camera for a few seconds, it ended up being a very cute picture. 

On Thursday I picked up my new car, she still has no name but what a dream to drive. I decided to upgrade my car this year to the new C1, in white. I have a new air freshener in and its a border collie one. There is more boot space for shopping and more room for my two beautiful dogs. 

On Saturday myself and Rob decided to have a day out together, a much needed one. We headed into town to pick up a few bits and bobs then decided it was time for lunch. We really enjoy Ed's diner, the milkshakes are incredible and my veggie burger tasted good. It was a treat dinner but we really enjoyed chatting and relaxing on a Saturday. Robs salad looked so  good we recreated it for our tea.

i am so excited about all the Christmas gift sets in Boots, Its my favourite time of the year. The Soap and glory sets always stand out to me, they do such a great job. I had a look at all the sets and I know who i can buy some for this year. I had my eye on a few myself, such amazing packaging. 

I have been trying new products this month, Faceb4 and some products from The Body shop. i am obsessed with both products, I use the scrub all the time. The scent of the Spa of the world range is insane. Overall its been a great week, a busy yet productive one.

what have you been up to?

my Instagram: abikempen


October 02, 2015

My Updated Everyday Make Up Look.

 Recently I have added in a few new products to my make up bag, some really amazing products. I have been on the look out for make up that will last all day, products that help me look awake when I am really tired. I have a new foundation, eye shadow palette and bronzer to show you, all of these products I highly recommend. There are a mix of high end and drugstore products in this look. I do still use drugstore foundations, I love to try out new ones all the time. 
 My all day luminous foundation from Nars has been a huge staple in my everyday make up, for the past seven months. I have fallen in love with this foundation, it stays on all day. I have tested it at work and it lasts me a full 9 hour shift. I love the coverage of this foundation, the only downside is when I have a really bad dry skin day it won't hide the fact I am having dry skin. When I have a great skin day, you cannot fault this foundation. I love how it applies onto the skin, it has great coverage. I just need to find a foundation that is a little more dewy for my skin, I always want to try find the next best foundation though. 
 I have been loving products from Bagsy*, as you may be able to tell I have mentioned this bronzer in a few of my posts recently. I am obsessed with my Naked 3 palette, I cannot get enough of using it. You can use this palette for day and night looks. I love the texture and they apply really well, such great pigmentation. My Mac Well Dressed blusher will be a staple in my make up for Winter, it gives my skin a really nice flush of colour. Please ignore my eyebrows then need doing,asap!

When I'm not in work I tend to wear liquid eyeliner, so for this look I decided to add in my Revlon one. It is so easy to apply, I start off my doing the flicks first then joining in the rest. It has a pen tip so it is so easy to apply. I have been using Revlon products for years, it was one of the first brands that got me into make up. The stay matte powder is a product that I always have in my make up bag, I enjoy the Revlon mascaras too. The one I am using right now is the 3D lash effect, it lives up to this because it gives my eye lashes the lift they need. 

One more brand I have used in this make up look is Make Up Revolution, a brand I have loved all year round. On my lips I have the new collection, called Unicorns Unite. There are some beautiful, funky, fun shades in this collection inspired by unicorns. The shade I used in this look was the Pink Myth shade. They glide on to the lips really well, super moisturising and have a great staying power for a drugstore lipstick. They would be great for Autumn to add in some fun to your make up, this shade is one of the ones I will use for most make up looks. You can pick up Make Up Revolution online or in SuperDrug, this lipstick is only £1.

October 01, 2015

September Favourites 2015.

 September has been a month that flew by without even being able to take a minute to breath, it seemed. Its been a weird month this one, so I have not been able to try out many new products. Due to the fact I have been very busy, I have tried to make an effort with my make up, hair and nails to help myself through a busy week. I have been using a few new products to my make up bag this month. September/ October is when I decide to start using Autumnal nail polishes. 
 I have been loving using my Bourjois nail polish this month in the shade Grey to meet you. It glides on well because of the brush it has. It covers the whole nail in one stroke, leaving you with a neat, salon finished look. I have been loving using my Well Dressed blusher from Mac for weeks now and I love the shade, its an amazing update to my make up. Bagsy is a new addition to my make up bag, this bronzer has to be my all time favourite one ever.
 In September Jord wood watches sent me this gorgeous watch for Rob, which was amazing timing as it was his 24th birthday yesterday. I gave it to him at the begining of September and he was over the moon. He was so excited when he saw all the incredible detail gone into the packaging and watch. Stunning craftsmanship, this watch Rob adores. He wears it everyday, I am so pleased he loves it. For my full review on this  click here. 
 In September I purchased one of the best eyebrow products I have ever used and it was an affordable one too. I got mine in the shade medium/ Dark and it suits my eyebrows really well, the perfect shade. Its really easy to use and it finishes off my make up look just right. You gently stroke the pencil onto your eyebrows then glide over the brush. It leaves you with a natural looking eyebrow, nothing too drastic. Barry M have created such an incredible product, one I know I will repurchase. 

September for me has been all about getting my skin to clear up and look less dry. I have been using this product from The body shop all month and it feel cooling on the skin leaving you with a great base to work on when you apply make up. I am in love with the Vitamin C range, it smells great too. I love the cooling effect on the skin, it feels really hydrating on the skin. This is a really lovely product to use after a pamper bath too. I know I will be using this product in the Winter, it gives my skin a boost it needs. 

What have you been loving?

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